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  1. Howdee guys, I read that purple up contains iodine, magnesium and stronium. I was wondering if the corals will also benefit from the dosing of purple up? Cheers.
  2. Howdee Guys, I just purchased a 6 line wrasse, and a few hrs later i saw a white particle on its body. I tot it was ich, and left it because he was not scratching. The next day, it was gone. When i retuned from work that day, i saw a small white dot on it. It is still there. He however is not scratching, very active and eating. I dunno what to make of this. I am afraid it migh be isopods....sigh. My clown however has no white stuff on its body and is doing fine. Can someone pls help me with some advise. I read that the fish normally will not last long if indeed it is an isopod...... no
  3. Hi Alvin Tan, Thank you for the recommendation, actually i just want to cover my screws with silicon, to prevent them from rusting, can i just use a glass silicon sealant from any DIY store? Cheers:
  4. Hi Guys, Anyone can recommend me a Reef Safe Silicone, and where to get one if possible please? Cheers:
  5. Howdee Guys, He is feeding now, Thanks for all your help. Cheers:
  6. Howdee guys, Im getting a bit tired of cleaning my tank glass with a toothbrush, wanna get one of those Mag Float Cleaners. Do you guys know where i can get them? And Also, was wondering....those toothbrushes with those "Fading indicators" Are they safe to be used in the aquariums? Cheers:
  7. Howdee, Mine is a Maroon Gold stripe clown.......i think thats what its called. Where can i get this Henrys Food from? Cheers:
  8. Howdee guys, Thought of feeding my tank buddies some brine shrimp, do LFS sell them? Or can i get them from the supermart? So sorry, will be my first live food feeding Cheers:
  9. Howdee, Thank you so much May&Bruce Cheers:
  10. HI Guys, I urgently need to buy some stainless steel, brass or plastic screws for my tank. All corroding....cant use lights etc till it is found Cheers:
  11. Hi Guys, Anyone knows where i can get stainless steel screws from? Cheers:
  12. Howdee, Thanks all of you for your help and advise. Cheers:
  13. Hi kona scab, My fish had no spots, but i saw him swim against the current, and later scratch himself on the sandbed. So not taking any risk, i removed him to a quarrantine tank.He did not make it. I think all the stress got to him. My first fish casualty Cheers.
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