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  1. left wat equpt bro.. can do an update? looking @ ur LRs and light.
  2. last year doesnt mean it sold mah.. lol .. there is still a chance. anyway i am looking for a skimmer cheap and good.
  3. got a couple of frens interested to take open water. how do you charge under PADI certification?
  4. how much for the cabinet, sump, tank and hood ? any equipment for sales?
  5. Hi ladies & gentlemen, all m looking for a blue tub. did call one LFS .. the fix size PVC blue tub.. largest size = 5.5ft length x 3.5ft width x 2ft depth. smallest size = 3ft length x 2 ft width x 1ft depth hence i am looking @ these 2 tubs.. size close to them. anyone selling or knows where i can get them? pls pm me Dan
  6. just went hantu last sunday. Bad vis... No fishes. lotsa duno what creatures.. cant see them but sting me all over. cuz i wearing shorty... Lose a dive torch there summore. so anyone who finds it.. and its looks brand new and have a 'DAN" written on it.. its mine.. haha... onli see lotsa sea urchins and soft corals.. huge leather, cup corals, Sea fan.. and bloody hell SEA WEEDS... looks like a forest there. went to pulau semakaw too.. dive @ a wreck sumwhere off there. beautiful sun corals there.. but vis is still bad..and current was rough... spend only 10mins there and have to give the thumbs up sign. couldn't find any treasures thou...
  7. me... i went alone for my 1st dive trip. no frens no khakis.. but made lotsa divers frens there. no worries abt not having any frens there bro. IMO, Pulau dayang is by far still the best site .. great place to dive. but the diving packages are all so expensive now. i learnt during the lowest peak period. i oni paid $350 for everything. hahaha..
  8. i have the following for sales 1 x hardly used, VX2000 camera housing only, for sales. VX2000 Sea&Sea Camera Housing 2 x Brand new ScubaPro Full Face Mask also for sales.ScubaPro Full Face Mask, All black Prices are neg.. interested pls pm me. the masks are ready for collection anytime.
  9. guess u have to buy those postal box, squeeze everything in then send it via speed post? come with pump bo? haa..
  10. actualli i am looking for PVC blue tubs too i have call LFS to ask.. the size they have is abt 5.5ft x 3.5ft, depth is abt 2ft.. tts the largest they sell.
  11. interested in both LR and skimmer. pm me..
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