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  1. Hello... wats the colour of the xenias?
  2. hi bros

    1. Terryz_


      Coming back to Marine?

    2. Golden Tooth

      Golden Tooth

      maybe, doing my homework again...

  3. Hi... Howz e condition of e tank set? Including cabinet n sump rite?
  4. Nice bt itz gonna b stressful in there...
  5. Hmm... How can one tell if the cycling process has complete by looking at the skimmer? Possible to complete in few dayz? No more testing for spikes n stabilize? Btw it's true, those air stone type skimmer will clog... While waiting u can look ard for one tat suits ur tank n ur pocket.
  6. Yeah... Nice tank. Do not add any LS or rush the cycling process. Juz enjoy the process.
  7. Fuuyooo.. Lame tak surf sini... Pe kaba bros n sis pat sini... Slamat tahun baru wor... Ape update2 terbaru di sini? uyopong, lu nye avatar bleh buat mask aku cair beb...
  8. Wow... Nice tank bro.. Those babies doing well i see. Can take a shot of my favourite cup plz... Missing it bro..
  9. Hi guyz... Nice to see u guyz still ard. [PrinCesS (",)] got baby liao har... Congrats.
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