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  1. Let me know if you want them. These are Selene vomer. Captive bred specimens are available. Not cheap though, one specimen will cost few hundreds. The bigger the more expensive.
  2. Shipment tmrw morning at Iwarna 10am. Hawaii shipment 100 yellow tangs 100 flame angels 2 gold flakes (pre-ordered) 10 yellow eye kole tangs 2 chevron tangs 5 lemon peel angels Australia shipment: candycane green, cyanira, chalice, west australia mini-scolymia (debut in Singapore), trachyphyllia, turbinaria, xenia, spider sponge, LENNARDI wrasse, true personifer angel, northern wobbegong, marginalis butterflyfish.
  3. Tomorrow morning 8am @ Iwarna: Australia shipment: Acropora species, Montipora species, yellow assessors, blue assessors, laboutei wrasse, lineatus wrasse, Vanderbilt chromis, starcki damsels. *We will be unpacking around 7am. Customer service may be lacking during that time & we seek understanding from those who wish to turn up early.
  4. Rock flowers left 1pc from what I heard. Red mini-carpets and Red Serpent Star moving fast also.
  5. Some of the Indonesia special select at Iwarna (apologies for poor photo quality): Many others..
  6. Some CNY goodies @ Iwarna later in the morning. Flaming red giant serpent star. ultra grade rock flower anemones. Cleanup crew Carribean astrea snails (Astraea tecta) Carribean gorgonians. Peppermint ahrimps & emerald crabs too.
  7. Stocks available tomorrow morning at Iwarna: Alveopora, fungia, echinophyllia (some ultra pieces), pectinia, acanthastrea, symphyllia, oxypora, mycedium, sympodium, discosomas special, rhodactis, ricordea yuma, nice zoanthids,super red crytodendrum anemones. Astrea snails, nerite snails, peppermint shrimp, emerald crabs, red serpent starfish, swiftia exerta, pterogorgia guadallipensis, leptogorgia spp., diodogorgia nudilifera, st. Thomas mushroom, discosoma carlgreni, rock flower anemones ultra, halichondria sp., sea cucumbers. 3 more shipments below stocklist will be out later. fri morning: cairns marine sps & fish. saturday morming: West australia shipment. sunday morning: hawaii shipment.
  8. Hopefully this week @ Iwarna, dates to be confirmed later: Ultra - super ultra Indonesia LPS, very uncommon red pizza anemones & ultra red bubble tip anemones, Australia SPS & Fish (lineatus, tigris blenny, choati wrasse, yellow assessor, harlequin tuskfish, etc) , Australia Mini-Scolymia + lennardi wrasse + true personifer angelfish (Chaetodontoplus personifer) + northern wobbegong (Orectolobus wardii) http://reefbuilders.com/2011/09/15/mini-scolie-west-australia/ http://reefbuilders.com/2011/01/10/anampses-lennardi-video/
  9. Japan deepwater borbonius anthias coming soon, interested parties PM me. Price is estimated to be around $700-$800. Photo courtesy of the late Peter Timm. Limited pcs only.
  10. Following arrival of rare Berndti moray @ Iwarna, the rare tiger/fangtooth moray (Enchelycore anatina) will be coming as well. Interested parties may contact me. http://youtu.be/CCSlLp4Fnlk
  11. Nice, but still the highlight is the porcupine crab.
  12. Left 5pc, FCFS. Afternoon will have joculator angelfish for those looking for them.
  13. Just in time for CNY @ Iwarna, the anthias with personality. People who have kept them feel they behave more like dogs than fish.
  14. Some fishes that will be available at Iwarna tomorrow onwards: Uncommon Cherry anthias (Sacura margaritacea), snipefish (Macroramphosus scolopax), Pinecone fish (M. japonicus), uncommon Japanese jawfish (Stalix histrio), rare Y bar moray (Gymnothorax berndti), pygmy filefish (Rudarius ercodes), white tail tang (Ctenochaetus flavicauda), etc. http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2010/4/fish http://reefbuilders.com/2011/12/21/octopus-jawfish-mimicry/ http://reefbuilders.com/2009/09/21/skeletor-eel-berndts-eel-raise-bar-rare-beautiful-eels/
  15. New shipmemt arrived at tryssogobius colini, white cap gpby & shrimp pair, abalones, urchins, serpent stars, sand dollars, flamboyant cuttlefish pair, mimic octopus, sea goblins, radiated filefish,broomtail filefish, black ocellaris, picasso perculas, fancy white ocellaris, baby annularis angels, juvenile maze amgelfish.
  16. Many small crocea clams at Iwarna. Also assorted mushrooms and zoanthids.
  17. Stable baby morays at Iwarna: Enchelycore nigricans, Echidna catenata. Rare moray coming soon (Cost more than dragon moray): Gymnothorax berndti 60cm (http://reefbuilders.com/2009/09/21/skeletor-eel-berndts-eel-raise-bar-rare-beautiful-eels/)
  18. Liopropoma abberans. Shipment update for Friday morning 8am at Iwarna: Aussie: Green polyp sarcophyton, green sinularia, xenia, cherry pick acropora, alveopora, elegance corals, duncan, favites, goniopora, lobophyllia, montipora, symphyllia, pseudanthias aurulentus (uncommon), cirrhilabrus laboutei, ecsenius tigris, chaetodon mertensii, etc. U.S: Panamic barnacle blenny, midas blenny, pelicieri perchlet, amphiprion barberi, chrysiptera rollandi, chrysiptera galba (uncommon), indigo dottyback, chain link moray, green banded goby, catalina goby, blue spot jawfish, leopard sea robin (prionotus scitulus), etc. Later in the day: Philippines (pintail wrasses, etc), Red Sea (Purple tangs, asfur, maculosus, 8line flasher, golden butterfly, masked pufferfish, drachi soapfish, etc.) Prices finalized only after shipment arrived.
  19. Australia cherry picked SPS arriving on Friday morning at Iwarna. Friday afternoon also many exciting fishes, will update once more info is available.
  20. Carribean shipment available on Thursday morning @ Iwarna: Rusty goby (Priolepis hipoliti), large french angel, argi angels, medium queen angel, large queen angel, medium rock beauty, royal grammas, parablennius marmoreus, starksia hassi, malacoctenus macropus, malacoctenus triangulatus, emblemmaria pandionis, coryphopterus personatus, purple sea plume (muriceopsis flavida), yellow sea whip (Pterogorgia citrina), Corky sea finger (Briareum asbestium), blue hamlet (hypoplectrus gemma), butter hamlet (hypoplectrus unicolor), spanish hogfish, yellower head jawfish, high hat (Equetus acuminatus), Jack knife (Equetus lanceolatus), chain link moray. Sold items which are available for pre-order: Green moray (Gymnothorax funebris), Viper moray (Enchelycore nigricans), Liopropoma aberrans.
  21. Wow lucky find! How did you manage to hold it? Heard they are very slimy and almost impossible to hold.
  22. It's open upon request only. Door is closed most of the time due to cases of theft. While security cameras have been installed in the room we still prefer to keep the room locked.
  23. Hawaii shipment arriving noon at Iwarna. Achilles Tangs, lemon peel angels, bartlett anthias, kole tangs, yellow tangs.
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