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  1. New arrivals at Iwarna

    Captive Bred Hippocampus Barbouri Seahorse, Black Ocellaris Clownfish, Premium Picasso Clownfish, Premium Snowflake Clownfish, Percula x Maroon hybrid Picasso pattern, Black Ice Ocellaris. Centropyge multispinnis, Emperor angelfish, Gardineri Butterfly, Mitratus butterfly, XL Longnose butterfly, Golden butterfly, Midas blenny, Smithi Blenny, Purple Firegoby, Tiger Sandshifter goby, Apogon angustus, Blue eye anthias, Dispar Anthias, Powder Blue Tang M to XL, Clown Tangs medium to XL, Mustard Tangs, Tiger Stingray, Anampses lineatus, Rosy Scale Wrasse, Dragon Wrasse, Leopard Wrasse, Cleaner Shrimps, Fire Shrimps, Crimson knob starfish, Nice fromia stars, neon green carpet anemone, fire urchin, sand anemones, yellowhead butterflyfish, miniata grouper, red sea regal angel, Blue line triggerfish.

    Pictures on Facebook: Iwarna Aquafarm

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  2. It's always responsibility of the buyer to quarantine new fishes. There are zero marine fish shops here that hold fish for a full month of quarantine (yes that is how long real quarantine takes) before selling, fish will end up being too expensive for the market here to accept. There also can be the best copper systems, uv systems put in place but if the fish already arrive with diseases from the supplier there is nothing much the importer can do. If you want to be safe, pay for the fish fully and have the shop hold the fish for a week. If there are any signs of whitespot/velvet it will show up by then and it's a measure that could end up saving your entire collection.

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  3. Hawaii shipment tomorrow @ Iwarna 11am.

    Flame angels. lemonpeel angels, goldflake angel (L), barlett anthias (only 5pc), small declives butterflies, Vanderbilt chromis, Achilles tangs, chevron tangs, kole tangs, yellow tangs,  goldenback triggerfish (Xanthichthys caeruleolineatus), geoffroy wrasse (only 1pc), fourline wrasse (Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia), gymnothorax melatremus. 

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  4. Please make sure water volume does not exceed 3L for fish, with a maximum of 30pcs of fish in that 3L. For invertebrates/soft corals not more than 5 palm-sized pcs and not more than 5kg in total. Items on CITES still require CITES permits.

    Anything in excess of the above-stated personal allowance limits you will have to apply for an import permit, customs is very particular about this now. The above-stated allowance cannot be combined, I have clarified with AVA on this.

  5. iwarna retail price is quite pricey. 

    Not pricey at all IMO if you compare regionally. Even in Malaysia and Thailand the same fishes cost higher and consumers are more willing to pay.  Iwarna has been selling too cheap for too many years as it was run more like a hobby. not as a business, as most reefers failed to realise. 生在福中不知福。 

    There are still cheap fishes like $1 chromis and $1 damsels. For other more exotic fishes Iwarna chooses to stick with more expensive and reliable suppliers to ensure fish quality. There will always be customers who will be more appreciative of iwarna's continued efforts to prevent diseased fish from crashing their customers' tanks.

    This opinion is solely my own and does not represent iiwarna's response.




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