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  1. Brand new is $1188. I still have the starter kit except for the salt. Tank comes with a few extras worth about $200 if there is interested buyer. Price is still neg.
  2. Hi Bro, I have a black RSM for sale. Bought in Dec 07 from AM. Willing to let go at $750 (neg). Pic below.
  3. 5" Maxima for sale @ $100. Been in my tank for 2 years. Hopefully can be sold by this sunday. Dave 96804474.
  4. Will do it tonight I guess. Don't have the latest pic to post.
  5. Black RSM comes with 1/5 artica chiller for sale @ $1200. Includes ehiem 1000 chiller pump, hydor K1 wavemaker and a small APC UPS for wavemaker backup during power failure.
  6. Bro, you think the glass can withstand the weight of the lightset? I am tempted to change the lights on my RSM as well as I feel it is too weak and alot of my corals are showing color loss..... My only worry is the 8mm glass might not be able to support the weight and crack under pressure.
  7. Put in a bag of activated carbon and your yellowish water will clear up within 24 hours.
  8. Received quite a few PMs. Tank currently reserved. Thank you all for your time.
  9. Hi, I have a 3x2x2 tank to give away. Comes with sump and iron stand. Glass is 10" thick. Please arrange for movers. Collection in the west. I reserve the right to give to whoever I deem fit.
  10. How about a 3x2x2 with sump and iron stand?
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