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  1. Main tank with 3" Black Oyama sticker at top and bottom edges and blue at the back. (see other image for measurements) $75 (FOC 2nd hand piping, might want to get new ones, mine a bit dirty)
  2. Here's the tank with the measurements, please note the internal measurements are ESTIMATED because of the thickness of the glass.
  3. 8mm glass sump tank, nicely cleaned out (see other image for dimensions) $30
  4. 2ft dual PL light set with stands (normal ballast), bought from Nature Aquarium 20th Sep with new Osram Tubes. $60
  5. 2nd Hand Resun CL450, works fine. $200
  6. DIYed 3 stage DI unit, need to refill DI canister, please ask online who has stock and how much as I have been out of touch. Comes with 1 extra micron filter. $50
  7. Hi guys, Firstly REALLY REALLY sorry to those who have SMSed me and I didn't reply, I was super busy the past week, then accidentally deleted all my SMSes, so I don't know who wants what anymore. So I decided to start it all from scratch and now with clearer pics and a few more items. All items are sold AS IS, meaning what you see is what you get. While I am sure they are working, some of them are in need of a good scrubbing (I already cleaned everything but some stuff can't be taken out so easily). Also, I will not be held responsible if any of the stuff being sold (especially the DIYed stuff) spoil and/or cause damage to life or property, once the item is out of my house I'll wash my hands clean of it. If you are not sure about something PLEASE call me and ask, don't make an appointment to come down and realise something is not suitable for your tank as I'm running a pretty tight schedule. Collection is at Lim Tua Tow Road, along Upper Serangoon Road. If you are taking the heavier items please note that I stay on the 4th floor and there is NO LIFT. So please get a few strong buddies (esp. for the tank and sump). Those interested to buy something or ask something please feel free to call me at 97401381. Here are the items:
  8. Hi guys, If I did not reply your SMSes or PMs please forgive me, been totally tied up that I lost track of who wants what etc etc... Let me clean out the tank this weekend or so and I'll put everything up for sale nicely with the proper pics and all. Thanks! Ervine
  9. managed to sell of all the rocks and cheato, will empty the tank soon and take clearer pics for all to see... Might take some time, really busy nowadays..
  10. the 1st page bottom pics are them bro.. ERv.
  11. hm.. so far some viewings but haven't sold anything yet...
  12. prices neg. but self collect only... upz!
  13. give up for now at least... Here are some pics as requested.
  14. yeah loh... tough decision... oh well, I suppose it's for the better.. got more important things in my life that need my attention (and money)
  15. collection at Lim Tua Tow Road, along Upper Serangoon Road. Please SMS to arrange meet up, 97401381. Thanks!
  16. Oh 1 more thing, Unfortunately I'm NOT selling my stand as my gf and I made that ourselves, so there's some sentimental value to it . Thanks for the interest though. Erv.
  17. Will try to shoot some pics over the weekend, a bit tied down now. T5s have no stand, you need to attach them to somewhere yourself.
  18. Oh yes 1 more item: 3-stage DIY-ed DI unit (DIYed with some other SRC guys a few months ago, might need to change DI resin, comes with 2 extra 5micron filter cartriages) - $60
  19. Hi guys, The original plan was to restart the tank but after much discussion and thought, i decided to just let the whole tank go instead. Here's what I have for sale (in order of sequence, i.e. tank to go last): LR (1 pail full, mainly small sized rocks ranging from opened-hand sized to pebble sized, not sure how many kgs, didn't weigh) - All for $20, foc live sand and cheato if wanted DIYed 250W MH with DIYed AC fan built in (1 x 20k BLV and 1 x 14k BLV both >1yr old, external magnetic ballast in DIYed case) - $180 2ft T5 retrofit (2 x aquaz 10k, 2 x aquaz 2ft atinic (can't remember how old), e-ballast in DIYed casing, 2 x parabolic reflectors with tube holders) - $60 2ft Dual PL lights (magnetic ballast, bought 20th Sep 06 with new PL lights) - $70 Resun CL450 Chiller (1yr old? Cannot remember, but still working perfectly. Newer quieter model bought it new from Aquamarine) - $200 Seio M620 (2yrs old or so, used as wave maker) - $25 Sawn off Maxijet 1200 (2yrs old or so, used as wave maker) - $25 Macro Needle wheel protein skimmer (2yrs old, bought new from Aquamarine, cannot remember model number, 2ft tall 5inch diameter, bubble density seems to be decent only when intake is slightly restricted *shrug*) - $100 2.5ft (L) x 1.5ft (W) x 2ft (H) 10mm normal glass tank with internal overflow - $75 2ft (L) x 1.5ft (W) x 16" (H) 5mm, 4 compartment sump tank - $30 Main tank + Sump together for $90 self collect, self carry, (STAND NOT INCLUDED) Misc Chemicals - FOC with anything >$50 First come first serve, please contact me at 97401381. Thanks! Ervine PS: Sump tank is different from photo, should be bigger
  20. Sorry guys, all LS taken by bro piero... Took us almost 1hr to catch the six line... Take good care of em bro..
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