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  1. Hi all, The Tunze: Osmolator Universal 3155 has been sold to a nice gentleman. Anyone else interested in the BNIB Red Dragon pump, please contact me. Both items was meant for a tank setup which never materialized. Zero usage time. PM me as will be overseas again soon. Thanks for viewing!
  2. Hi all, Would like to sell the following 2 items as a package, both brand new in box with zero usage time. Red Dragon : Red Devil II pump Tunze: Osmolator Universal 3155 Both items for S$1,200/- Please PM me if interested, thanks for viewing.
  3. The full set sold to a nice family. Thanks for viewing!
  4. S$1,800/- or best offer. Thanks megacue for your advice. Only in town for a short moment and prefer to clear all out in one transaction.
  5. I have the following tank and accessories in Singapore for sale previously, but was put on hold as I encountered a fish loving tenant. Now the tenant just moved out and here it goes again: Tank: Length 6 feet x Height 2 feet x Depth 2.5 feet (183cm x 66cm x 76cm) Sump Tank: As I am overseas, the agent did not measure the dimension, but fits nicely in the cabinet below. Cabinet Adhered to tank: Length 6 feet x Height 6.5 feet x Depth 2.6 feet (187cm x 198 cm x 80cm) Additional side cabinet on right hand side: Length 2 feet x Height 6.5 feet x Depth 2.6 feet (63cm x 198 cm x 80
  6. Cuttle fish is very fasinating, use to fish for them. Very smart creature. But feeding them live food will be an issue at times.
  7. feeding is an issue, new borns are hard to take care of as well
  8. Think need to prepare a bigger budget for the feed...
  9. Mussels & clams are a good source of food next to crab..
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