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  1. Tank set currently reserved for Adrianlau. Thanks to all those that showed interest
  2. Forgot to mention, the set comes with specially modified PVC pipes to be placed on top of tank for you to hang MH or any pendant type lights.
  3. Hi Guys, I have a Boyu tank (looks like the JBJ 28g tank) grey in colour, a return submersible pump plus a weipro 2011 Skimmer for a token fee of $30. The tank does not come with any cover as it got damaged a few months ago and beyond repair. Therefore simply said, only tank and No cover. The set has not been cleaned and will therefore require the new owner to clean it on his own. Rest assured tank set is is in very good condition with no leak. The catch is the set must be collected by this sat morning before 11 am at jurong. Pls sms me at 97329751 and let me know your nick. thanks:
  4. Hi guys, Any one with a 4 x54W T5HO fixture for a 2 feet tank that comes with a stand instead of pendant type, pls pm me with details like age, price, condition, etc. Thanks so much.
  5. Should I get any sponges or corals for them to eat?
  6. Hi Bros. Need your expert advice. I will be goin overseas for 4 nights and have 5 juvenile angels in my tank. Currently feeding on Dried seaweed and Henry's Food Gourmet. Just wondering what is the best natural live food (corals, sponges,etc) for them I could get from lfs? Could you guys recommend me? I do not want my angels to die of starvation when i am not around. Thanks a million!!!!
  7. Damsels are good for new tank setup. Pls do not try angels or butterflies.
  8. Thanks manz. Appreciate it. Any other ideas from experts?
  9. Hi bro. Thanks for the idea. But may i know what is selcon and where i can purchase it?
  10. Hi Guys. I would like to know what alternatives is there for seahorse food instead of brine shrimp? Is there any prepared or processed food available I can buy from LFS? Can someone recommend? Thanks for all the help
  11. Ah Beng has 3 big peacock mantis
  12. Solid clams especially the squamosas The seahorse is small but healthy farm bred stock. Bought a few and all eating frozen mysis when I brought it home
  13. Which part of LCK? Is it Bach's place at 110??
  14. jsingh, TOLD you not to hijack other people's thread Please be more considerate
  15. Hi Guys. Interested to get seahorses. If you have any, pls sms me price and location at 90091050. Cheers
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