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  1. THX adrian. seems u are one of the nice guy who have taken some of the rocks. enjoy it. mine started to grow coraline fast after I have shifted the leftover chaetos to one side. As I do not like coraline algae covers my rocks, I have to get rid of them fast or re-spread out my chaetos to cover the rocks again.
  2. dry up is dead rock. as i posted live rock.
  3. Still clearing. Still about same amount left.
  4. given 2 pails of size 1 corals to a nice buyer. But I have forgotten that I have 1.5 pails still left in the toilet! corals chips are from my sump which leaked months ago. Took out and never put back so the corals chips had dry up so no bacteria anymore. Pls bring yor own pail for these chips. 1/4 cheato of 5 feet tank left. Live Rock left about 40-50 kgs (60-70% taken).
  5. Live rock with me for any years and no worms or any bad creatures becuase undergone special treatments. I never feed my fishes many years so there must many live food in there. Buyers can have some of my cheato which is cultivated at top layer above the rocks. But depends on kgs of rocks for cheato amount. Selling $3/kg at Jurong West. SMS me 96354369.
  6. I wanna sell Live Rocks S$3/kg. The live rocks have been with me since more than 8 years. When first bought, it was gone under many processes to kill off any worms or living things in the rocks in order to have a clean system. So there are no bad bristle worms or mantis shrimps. I have not been feeding my fishes since 3 years now and they still living OK. Seems these rocks have grown lots of small living things inside. SMS me 91084963 to schedule time. Pls bring your own pail.
  7. huh? 1 ft? I think this bro words are very correct. You can also lift up your lights a lot higher to reduce its intensity.
  8. I suggest to let the nature takes course. They will chase each other at first to tell the others who is the leader. After a few months, they will be in a group. If you quarantine them, they will become more fierce. It happens to lots of my types of fishes but after many yrs/mths, they became good mates in the tank.
  9. My eyes goes beserk after seeing these time tables, LOL. I like your moon lights but I always have no time to install one. Now I gave up, LOL. Isnt moon light is for night and when the sun is down? The light is only 4hrs so it is considered too less. Suggest you to schedule it to 6hrs on/off. 15 mins before main lights off, moon light is turned on and moon light turns off after main lights on for 15mins. I suggest refugium to have 13hrs on or follow the schedule as the main tank. At night, the nature's water chemistry is different so it is better to follow that: maintain all lights in the main tank and refugium to switch on/off at the same time. If you have too much algaes in your tank, better to have some decent flow of water or you can use the skimmer as an aeration help. This is because at night, the bacteria and algaes produces alot of CO2 and consumed O2. I have used my skimmer to boost the O2 level instead of skimming for many many yrs. If no skimmer, perhaps a small air pump? Hopes this helps.
  10. Well, I dont have much experience playing with 2 different lights. I use MH 20k on main tank : 6am-12pm and 6pm-12am. Sometimes my hand itchy, I prolong another half hour on each. Another 3ft tank and 2ft tank were having blue and white lights. Both switches same time. I think it doesnt matter which colour should on first but matter of how much light does your corals need. So just switch both on together at the same time will do.
  11. lots of living creatures lay eggs and sticked to the live rock. When you re-cycle this dead rock, you are also helping to make these eggs alive again. Theory is about the same as brine shrimp eggs.
  12. adding copper will kill all algaes and some living creatures in the live rock. The worse, this live rock will be contaminated with copper forever.
  13. Yes, few in src did raised them. But only max a few weeks, LOL. But still considered good success. If I were them I will kill them in 1-2 weeks, LOL. If anyone success many times to raise them to adulthood, can be a farm owner as a career. Furthermore, success in seahorse means a lot in this marine trade. It is one of the hardest raised fry in marine fishes.
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