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  1. Hi.. all Reefer AQUARIUM ARTIST is coming elevent year old. Hmm!... can,t wait for this crystal clear tank to build up and fix with 4 set of Lumenaqua ultra brite. PLAN TO BUILD A BIG TANK? CALL ME AT 96959086
  2. Some pic of sps with Lumenaqua ultra brite and ultra RGB
  3. Lumenaqua Ultra LED have a small electronic broad to control every LED bulb. Power is not direct from power supply, so that all LED is more stable with using the controller.
  4. Hi.. all reefer. Lumenaqua Ultra Brite have 120 pcs 1.5W, 90 lumen osram LED and controller with 5 memories timer. Timer can be recover different lighting requirement at anytime respectively. You can self adjust from 7000K to 20000K by using the controller. To understand more abt lumenaqua LED product feel free to contact me at 96959086.
  5. Hi.. all reefer, Come and check it out how bright is Lumenaqua in the tetra show located at serangoon community centre from 5 march to 7 march. 15% off for all Lumenaqua product on this show. Don,t miss it! Can contact me at 96959086 for more detail abt this tetra show. Price list Ultra RGB S$1405.00 Ultra Brite S$1668.00 Sunshine 2 ft S$635.00 3 ft S$900.00 4 ft S1192.00 Ocean 2 ft S$767.00 3 ft S$979.00 4 ft S$1270.00
  6. Hello.. all reefer.. I set up my LumenAquq ultra brite and ultra RGB LED lighting since one mth ago. Need more info about Lumenaqua LED product please feel free to contact me at 96959086.
  7. hi.. Vincent here .. i custom make tank for my customer.. you can call me at 96959086 from aquarium artist.
  8. Hi.. all reefer good day? Aquarium artist have just complete one big tank re-scape and upgrade to big chiller and some item. Coral and fisher is growing very well in this tank. AQUARIUM ARTIST have expperience in the trade of aquarium design and setup for marine reef tank and fresh water tank for 11 year. Any question for your aquarium problem or setup feel free to contact me at 96959086 we are waiting to answer your question! [FOR MORE PROJECT INFO AND PHOTO DETAIL PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LOG IN MY BLOG AT AQUARIUMARTIST.BLOGSPOT.COM
  9. Hi.. All reefer LumenAqua LED aquarium lighting is on Pre order sale now! For more detail go to sponsor click on AQUARIUM ARTIST, mini demo show is now at Pacific Reef located at L35 Pasir Ris Farmway 2 s,pore 510000 on this 16 sat and 17 sun from 1pm to 7pm.
  10. Hi.. all reefer.. Lumenaqua LED aquarium lighting pre order road show is already set for view at Pacific Reef located at L35 Block D pasir Ris Farmway 2 singapore 510000. Any question abt LumenAqua LED lighting can see me there on 16 sat and 17 sun from 1pm to 7pm.
  11. Hi.. all marine Reefer Good day? This is some of the aquarium i done for my customer. Any enquiries pleases feel free to me at 96959086
  12. Hello.. all reefer good day? The LumenAqua LED Price is out. LumenAqua Sunshine for fresh water aquarium. 2 ft SGD$.00 3 ft SGD$.00 4 ft SGD$.00 LumenAqua Ocean for marine aquarium. 2 ft SGD$.00 3 ft SGD$.00 4 ft SGD$.00 LumenAqua Ultra Brite for marine and fresh aquarium. SGD$.00
  13. The New Lumen Aqua LED Lighting is singapore now. 1. ultra bright 2. Sunshine/Palette 2ft / 3 ft/ 4ft 3. Ocean/Brite 2 ft / 3ft /4ft. I will release the price soon. LED Technology from OSRAM
  14. hello.. anyone here got spoil resun chiller? if have can sms me at 96959086
  15. a iwaki magnet pump MD70 selling at $800.00 interested can call me at 90480689
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