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  1. Bro. Next time don't tell ppl u confirm want to do tank. We from west to east to meet u at ur house. Then no reply from u. [emoji35]
  2. Our opening hour Tuesday to Saturday 1.30pm to 8pm close on Sunday and Monday.
  3. Hi. Bro. If u still have SPS Frag for sale next time can let me know. Thanks.
  4. Hi. Any more Frag to sell ? I keen to get some from u.
  5. Hi all reefer our DD promotion is over. Our new price for DD salt is $95 now
  6. Hi guys. Two bottle of seachem kalkwasser for free. Keen call or text me at 96909086. Sell correct at west side
  7. Hi guys. I have a DE HQI 150w with electronic ballast to let go at $40.00 keen can text me at 96959086.
  8. Aquarium Artist new address Eco-tech @ 1 sunview road #08-37 Singapore 627615 we are at level 9.
  9. Hi guys 3 x 2 x 1 tank with external over on side for sale at $80. Just only tank no cabinet and sump. Keen all or text me at 96959086
  10. Hi guys I have this tap water filter replacement cartridge going $30 for 3. Keen contact or text me at 96959086
  11. Hi. Guys This weekend JBL marine fish food going at $8.
  12. Hi guys this weekend this tank set is for sale at $180. 1 . Tank 610mm x 300 x350 mm with 6mm glass 2. Lumen aqua max 200 3. GEX slim filter Come and visit us this weekend.
  13. Hi guys. This week our moving out sale will open on this Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Some of our displays tank is on sale. And equipment are going for good deal price.
  14. Hi guys. Par 30 and par 38 clearance at $45 each. Sent from my iPhone using Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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