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  1. Pm Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. Open for viewing . well maintain tank for grab. app 93899400
  3. Condition 9/10 please do not pm . +6593899400 crystal glass with bracing from CRA . 2-1-1 with less then 5 inch overflow box, durso piping for silent down flow full rectangular viewing and can be make island view. Integrated back black ground . Use as necessary if you wants back face wall. Low height tank for easy maintenance and top view for zoanid collector as well . Sump fit in all equipments. Top up fresh water tank also available
  4. Ups. Sorry no individual sales of sump . Include Little Fish FR Include new filter sock
  5. Forgot to mention. 2-1 -1 tank. Good for compact space
  6. Tank Make from CRA previously . With full Crystal Glass and bracing . Make 800 from CRA Can be use for Frag Tank or Displace tank. Sump design to fit in Skimmer , chiller pump , FR , and a refugium . Side durso overflow for a full rectangular tank and silent flow Black laminate with modern design . Solid wood. Include Filter sock (new) and blacket for sock . Condition very very New . Letting go at 350 -
  7. Rock scaping is individual preference . However always ensure there is no dead spot for flow. You can easy observe it .
  8. TS , I Suggest you to wash off using salt water. If you happen to change water , can used the water you changed out to rinse whatever bacteria home you house in the overflow filter. But not with fresh tap water. Nice set up !
  9. I think TS Mention 20-11-13 , so guess should be 19-11-13, 2359 hrs. Upz for your bid TS
  10. Sorry for those interested. Was fully reserve moments posted last mid night. Thanks n will frag again for those who text me in vain.
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