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  1. looking forward to more updates
  2. Paris ris beach, the mangrove river beside wild wild wet.
  3. Used to browse CS everyday till reefing becoming the main hobby.
  4. I considered it a good buy, w delivery and Cree led and lens. The choice is up to you, just sharing my experience on a product.
  5. I had this 48 x 3w Cree for my 2ft cube tank for a month. Sufficient for LPS growth. http://www.eshinesystems.com/aqua/4g-48x3w-cree-simulator-led-aquarium-light.html Happy with the purchase. Had a pleasant online deal with Peter.
  6. More details please. e.g. brand,specifications and pics.
  7. I'm also staying at Strathmore, if wanna to loan out, then neighbour 1st.
  8. is the fish u got looks similar to this?
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