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    No, it is not possible to train lionfish not to eat smaller fish. It is possible to train it to take frozen food though. If you want to keep lions with other fish, you need to make sure that the lion is smaller than the rest of the fish.
  2. haha, so I guess this thread is now redundant? Anyway, congrats on your decision.
  3. I guess it's really having kakis in this hobby. When I started my first tank there was a whole gang of friends and colleagues doing the same. Even went to LFS during lunch time. And of course, with SRC support, much discussion and knowledge transpired hence keeping the passion alive. Eventually all the kakis left the marine field. Worst still when my chiller stopped working one day, forcing me to off my MH. Then the corals started to die off, then my inverts, then filefish, then my 5 yr old YT. So now left with 2 clowns. sigh... So now contemplating if should decomm or downsize.
  4. I am also thinking of decomm my tank. currently only left with 2 clowns. But with me for 6 years liao. Can bear to decomm them. Sigh. So if you don't want to decomm later, then don't start. Good enough reason?
  5. You can try smaller lions. Many, especially volitans, will take frozen mysis or brine shrimps. Or can feed with shrimps or silver fish from the market. Good luck!
  6. I only dose golden pearls once in a while. I thought there is no need to feed the softies? Afterall, they get food via photosynthesis right?
  7. Hmm, after posting, suddenly can vote liao. Pl disregard my earlier post.
  8. I cannot cast my vote, even after log in, but i can post a thread. How come?
  9. There are some websites that do have mp3 & mp4 on crosstalks. Do a search in Chinese on 相声. So far I have only seen a few, but quality on video and sound is not clear, and loading time is very slow.
  10. So far it has not disturbed my corals or inverts as yet. But I previously had 1 SGF that tried to nip my clam but was injured instead when my clam shut its mouth out of self defence. IMHO, best to get it when it's small, and wean it to accept "issued food" rather than having to develop their own taste.
  11. There seem to have an influx of ###### shrimps recently. I saw some at Pasir Ris areas as well as ML, but they are all pretty small sized.
  12. Try out the seagrass filefish. Works quite readily, unlike copperband. I had mine in the tank for about 2 weeks, and one evening I suddenly realised that most of the aps are either missing or shrunk into the rocks.
  13. Yep, I will need to turn my sump around. My pipes are also already glued, and I think I need to switch my inlet & outlet (from the main tank) so that I need not break the glue. Or it there any way break it and glue back later?
  14. Hi all I am thinking of re-setting my sump to optimise the return flow rate. The current set up is such that water flow from main tank to sump via a straight pipe, while return pipe has turning elbows which slows down flow rate. So I am thinking to switch the 2 pipes such that the over-flow goes thru the elbow-pipings, and the return flow goes straight up into the main tank. Is there anything I should anticipate or note? Any comments or advice please. Thanks in advance.
  15. If it's for sifting your sandbed, you can try the sand-sifting starfish. Not very difficult to keep IMO. BTW, your tank does not look like 2x1.5x1.5. I also can't find any overflow from your pics. Are you running filtration with a skimmer? Nice efforts for a start though.
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