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    I love to swim, snorkle, blade, sing, chill out, cycle and taking care of my marine livestocks:) So those who wants to know me do add on msn or pm me ya:) chat wit u soon:)

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  1. Haha, this forum seems interesting, from fishes to individual style of peeing. Hmm, well for me, i kinda like looking down while peeing. My reasons, firstly, to make sure i'm targeting the right way so that i won't be squirting the ammonia to my clean, crisp pants. Secondly, i don't want to face the wall (yawn yawn - boring), and i am afraid that by looking elsewhere i might offend some people (they might be thinking i'm eyeing on their brother) And thirdly, i wan't to keep my bother back to it's dungeon safe and sound, away from the terrible, teethy zippy monster hehe.
  2. Fuel, thanks for that:) Alright will update pic of the babies if i'm fortunate enough:)
  3. Hi Orange, the only concern i have for the death of clown fishes are due to many factors. The main factor is high level of Nitrate. Clowns, although can be quite hardy, as many would say, are very intolerable of high level of Nitrate. I'm still in the process of cycling my tank. Please read up on Nitrate as this would help you in the future. Thanks.
  4. Hi Guys, Fuel, what do you mean 'easy in the beginning, hard at the end?' By the way, my shrimps are still carrying their eggs. I'm still wondering till when:) Thanks.
  5. Hi Orange, i have the same problem too. I'm quite sad and curious at the same time. My corals are striving while the clowns died one after another. Recently, my friend bought the test kit. Only then i realised that nitrate level was far to high. Although the crustaceans are having great fun and currently pregnant with lots of eggs, my fishes kept on depleting. Eventually led to only crustaceans-reef tank. Well after the water change, The last clown fish died. I was suspecting the crab at first. Up till now, i'm still wonderin why... Perhaps you would consider testing your tank water like i did. At least it will help you clear some doubt. Cheers:)
  6. Hi bros:) hehe, yup the brine shrimps are definately bigger:0 than the larvae. Anyway bros i wil definately post the pics ( if im lucky enough i.e) Thanks again for replying bros:)
  7. Hi guys, thanks for replying. Other than isolating the pregnant prawn, what should i do? Do i have to place the pregnant prawn and the male prawn together? Also, are the live brine shrimp sufficient enough for the larvae? Thanks.
  8. Hi all, I'm a newbie. i would like to know whether my prawn is definately pregnant. There seems to be greenish kind of thing in her belly somewhat like "wasabi" Hopefully you guys have an anwer to my question. And if it's pregnant what should i do??? i'm lost??? help me...Thanks noor@okeanohaus.com
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