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  1. I always feel tank without sand seems to be more dusty. Probably more particles flying around where else with sand they could settle down somewhere.
  2. U can try and test any presents of kh in the seachem buffer too.
  3. 9797 9910 derrick, he repairs chiller.
  4. I believe the primes are no longer in production. Probably those you can find on shelf are the left overs. Besides, the prime hd isnt too expensive. If you are planning for future upgrades a 26hd maybe a better option. https://reefbuilders.com/2016/06/14/ai-prime-hd/ Iirc, the prime hd have additional led bulbs and 1 or 2 different colour bulbs as well.
  5. Guys, kindly commit to your promise. If you can't then please don't make empty promises. To decom is a tedious job and being mia surely isn't helpful at all.
  6. thanks for warning the community of your bad experience.
  7. you can run rowaphos they remove phosphate and silicate which helps.
  8. can u video the process and show us?
  9. very nice setup! Reef Exquisite delivers their service in a timely and efficient manner with style!
  10. how old is your tank? looks very clean...
  11. very mature tank, nice growth shape bro!
  12. Hi, can you please keep to your existing post instead of creating a new topic to sell the same item. thank you
  13. aiseh.... full of envy man. need to see this in real person. scaping much nicer now. loving this tank journal.
  14. WTS: 4x XR30 G3 Pro 1x XR15 G3 Pro 1x XR15 G4 Pro
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