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  1. is this your tank bro? looks familiar..
  2. Selling on behalf.. ATI T5 10x80W 5FT lightset. $400. self pickup at mandai/choa chu kang. light set is very heavy. no hanging kit or stand. trade with AI/radion welcome.
  3. All rsved and collected..Thank you. sorry..too many pm and sms. Couldnt reply all.
  4. Blue Stag Mini Colony. bigger then palm size -$60 Australia Purple Dewalsi SPS Frag Big - $40. small frag - $20 Rose Mili colony hand size - $70 german blue digi frag - $15 thanks.
  5. please dont pm text call fb me for seperate sales. its all or none, thank you!
  6. Hi, looking to decom my tank as a set. tank done by TFC. about 1.5years old. 3.5ft x 3.5ft x 2ft crystal glass. 1x Deltec pump DC. 1x 1HP compressor 1x Deltec CR 601 1x Deltec Kalk reactor 1x Ai sol 4x mp40QD 1x XR15 4x XR30 and whole chunk of livestocks looking to go as a set.. if sales go through, tank set have to go by first week of march. Looking at 10K neg. Cheers! Thank You.
  7. 1 set collected. 1 set available again, pilot by 9852523*
  8. what reef are you having? you need no2 no3 for the start. perhaps look for pre owned ones. maintenance wise, KH,MG,PO4.. that if you have corals.
  9. btw bro still at your old place? now i have someone to go to for acrylic job again
  10. really been a long time my dear friend. let me know what corals you need. anytime
  11. looks like a well planned setup with lots of potential. dont mind me bro, but the light adapter hanging beside the 52, i hope its just temporary?
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