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  1. Innovative Marine tanks are pretty good. Madpetz carries them.
  2. Hi, anyone knows where to get?
  3. Has anyone used Brightwell Koral Recover? How does it differs from Lugol’s iodine?
  4. Looking for the above. If you’re letting go, please pm me price & pic. Thanks.
  5. Any experience with just RO unit? Seems like it also able to achieve 0 TDS.
  6. Seeking opinion on whether is it necessary to get a 5 or 6 stages RO/DI unit as compared to a 4 stages, since our tap water is relatively clean.
  7. As above, preferably in the west. Pm me if you are letting go. Thanks!
  8. Sorry bro, it’s reserved pending collection.
  9. Hi, I’ve a six-line wrasse for adoption. Pm me for details. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the reply bro. I’ve bought the Seachem ParaGuard & uses the 1 hr dips method as stated in their instructions. The white spots are gone & the clownfish is feeding & swimming well.
  11. Hi, I’ve also just added a clownfish to the tank. However, I’ve noticed that it has some white spots on it’s mouth. It’s also dashing around the tank. Any idea is it due to any disease? How can I treat it?
  12. Are these from dryDiver? http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/159172-wts-10-pcs-demi-onyx-clowns/?tab=comments#comment-1349330
  13. Auntie there is very friendly & they have a good variety of fishes.
  14. Any kind reefer in Jurong area can spare some purple coralline algae scrapping to seed my tank?
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