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  1. ahahah...can show some pic of it ? cos there are many species of starfishes... some eat corals...some eat algae...some eat this and tat. so need to identify it first then can determine wat it feed on.
  2. at 30 and above. they will grow in absence of nitrate and po4. algaes are very strong and hardy organisms. and there are many species around. u can find them in water. seawater or freshwater. u can find them in the forest, on the pathway....blah blah... they need moist, and temperature..lights... but there are many species around. red slime aglae tends to grow with high temperature even without No3 and PO4. green hair needs No3 and PO4 to grow... there are too many types of algae to describe one by one. i wonder if there is any particular scientific project studying on algaes. haha. good luck.
  3. why u doing that ? haha..since u have a chiller. that will increase ur rate of evapourate and u will need to top up ur water everyday man. unless u plan to hang on the lights then u can do that as long as it doesn't evapourate ur water, or else u will need to top up water to maintain the SG of the water everyday. good luck.
  4. hahaha...u dun have to worry abt that.
  5. haha...actually u dun really need to on the lights...if it's for the algaes, u dun have to worry abt them. algaes are very strong. they dun even need nitrate and po4 to grow, the right temperature and they can grow anywhere. be it macro or micro...hahaha... so u dun have to worry abt that. wavemaker and current maker wat is the diff. ?? unless u telling me u think that current is movement in water and waves are movement at the surface like wat u see in the sea ? no way..hahaha...u not going to create real waves in the tank..for ur fishes to surf ? hehehe...no worries. seio and tunza are used to generate water movement in the tank.
  6. haha... thanks bro. everything is fine. raymond get one box from me, maybe u can ask him for some to try. hehe. bro, nv update u on the stocking of LS becos no corals recently. but if u looking for fishes, then u let me know. good luck for ur sales. UPZ. since everything is marine, maybe u can get a rose anemone then start counting the tenacles. haha...
  7. wavemaker like they say is to create wave. u actually have an external controller which will control the wave in the tank. u can get one form fishtalk in pasar malam. and abt the light, it's not abt the temperature (K). temperature means how many K but it's abt the intensity. like how many watts per gallon. SPS needs strong current. u can keep SPS with T5 but recommend u to get 4 tubes of HO T5 of 20k or 14k.. for 20 and 14k you dun need to have actinic lights to run. but most ppl will recommend MH for SPS. actually the chiller part, it depends. 2 degrees diff. is actually okay if the flow rate is slow which means the temperature will not drop suddenly since u running CL650 on a 2FT TANK. dun need to worry abt that, i believe vincent's chiller is good enough. rest assured abt that. i am using a teco chiller for 6 ft to run 3ft at 24-25degrees. actually the temperature should be around 72 to 78F. which converts to 22 to 25.5degree. but in singapore u will find that most ppl keep them at 26. lower range will allows u to keep seahorses and pipefishes.
  8. i'm refering to the shop in TM...for serangoon i am not very sure cos nv patronise there. nah...if it's bad service and attitude, it's reasonable but some comments are too way off topic. expecting prices to be low without considering the location of the shop... if it's really bad service and stuffs, we can highlight abt that but it's abt the prices. u should read more into the thread. if u looking for the name of the shop in TM, it's in the thread heading. good luck then.since it's already such an old topic, forget abt it then.hahaha. good luck.
  9. Depth of sand bed. if u are just using it for removal of nitrite and ammonia, u dun need a deep seabed but a vast one. one which covers a huge surface area. but if u need it to remove nitrate..u will need to build a deep one. if urs is 3 to 4 feeet, u need to build one at least of 7 inches deep with grade 0 sand. that will allow the air to escape due to the depth of the sandbed. and with proper circulation cos u dun wan the sandbed to crush. other than that, it's just that straightforward. good luck.
  10. hahaa...another lazy reefer. haha the best solution for a good job is turbo snails..but u must get the big ones not the white shell type. really very effective and a few reefers try that too. for long term plan, u should keep ur nitrate and po4 as low as possilbe.. but zero nitrate and po4 can also grow algae if the temperature is there. good luck.
  11. ya lor..i better faster submit the banner. so long le...hahaha...very paiseh also. think must really open by next week. thanks bro.for those who asked abt X-factor. i have discontinued the original size becos i am unable to get enough tray for that size. the nano size i have plenty trays for me to make so that is the official size one. currently only one size is avail. for regular customers who prefer the original size, just let me know. or else no more original size le... so sorry bros. there will be more items coming up like denitrator. I'm using one now and seeing how effective it is. i am looking into it so stay tuned.
  12. hahaha..very good price. upz. those who are setting up tanks can considered abt it.
  13. Wor...nice fish collection there, Earth. a friend of mine is trying to setup a fish-only tank, i think this tank is a gem to him. hahaa. cheers.
  14. 25degree is great but the only problem is that 2 degrees diff. is too great. some fishes may not handle the change. even ur corals also will be affected. normally ppl will program it to kick in when there is 1degree diff.
  15. just called up one of the guys and have it service. dun need to do it urself.
  16. I'm a good citizen here and wun wanna break any rules.heheh. Or u may kindly read the previous posts before jumping to conclusion. thanks. if u still not very sure abt the situation, i have pm u abt it. have a nice day. For those who called i will arrange a time for delivery. and currently doing another project, so for old customers, i will be giving away free samples if u place any orders.
  17. hahaha...bro, relax. i am not breaking any rules here. u will know later. and pls read all the previous posts. dun jump to conclusion.
  18. new batch avail. plus ozone sterilised cheers.
  19. looking for 150watt MH fixture..bulb prefer to be 14 or 20k. thanks. contact me at 81968903.
  20. ....the input is from the sump...if no pump then how ur chiller get the input. chiller cannot suck the water on it's own one. so u need to pump to ur chiller.
  21. okay...first question is abt the skimmer.. around 2200l/hr for that skimmer is enough. for sump...it can be bigger becos depends on wat filtration u wan. if biological, most of them will have a bigger sump which is combination of a refugium. also with FR, skimmer filter medium...u can definitely build a bigger sump. not a prob at all. for sump, if u wan ready-made, u can get from here. just look for those decomming.. i think thairun bro is selling away some sump, u can ask him. sump making is very easy de.freshwater shop also can made for u. u jsut need to check for the quotations. chiller returns to main tank not good ? hahaha...how come ? unless the chiller is leaking chemicals to the main tank, but i doubt so. chiller to main tank is the most efficient way to fire ur chiller. becos it's the last output to main tank. there is no direct heat load to the water returning so chilling will be faster. the theory is very simple, u can try putting ice in ur sump and putting ice in ur main tank. which way will lower the temperature faster ? if u are afraid of this and that, get a better chiller then. get Italy titanium brands instead of china brands.
  22. 270 divide by 9 corals equals 30 each ? haha.
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