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  1. regarding keep No3 and po4 in check...i use a very huge priority on biological filter. but the danger is to take good care of it cos once it crashes, things will get out of hand. and i just use a weipro skimmer so skimming is not that effective. but employing alot on anaerobic and aerobic bacteria to breakdown no3 and macroalgae to breakdown no2 and no3 regarding feeding, this is not a sales thread so i dun wanna make this thread commerciallised too. to keep the parameters at check and feeding at the same time is my answer to the question. full dot to here. pls dun highlight anything commercial here or my products here becos JUST GIMME A BREAk...:S this is a small corner for me to chill out and reef for leisure only. anything business pls pm me or speak in the other thread... just wanna take a break here.that's why i nv mention anything abt my products here. And the picture is taken before the release of X-factor too. I don't use it in my main tank during the experimental stage of it until it's finally done. that's the most i can explain for that. :> Purigen is wat prevents me from having a breakdown as it's really effective in removing nitrate at a fast rate. DSB and macroalgae with denitrate pellets plus MATRIX are biological filtration which CONTROLS and BALANCE the no3 and po4 level with phosguard... I'm giving denitrate from seachem a try soon. regarding the denitrate pellets...it's a white pellets which is buried into the sandbed.very interesting... and for DSB, u dun have to use it in main tank to enjoy the same effect.it can be anywhere as long as the water is link up to the main tank..it's kinda important to maintain care for DSB cos i did experience a crash before. Experience do help me now. So then i change the sandbed to the super fine grade to allow aeration and water flow thru it. i use to have 6 turbo snails as cleaning crew but sold off 5 to a fellow reefer as i dun have algae for it to chew on...certainly use a sand goby to sift the sand for my refugium too. everything is biological in my system...
  2. aint proper to interupt sales thread so i pm u on that... wah..have XL cleaner ar ? maybe can go take a look. good luck then.
  3. nah....jewel is not that common name for alveopora..it's for goniopora.. it's true abt the no. of tenacles.. but not true for that.. take a look at this. http://www.marinefauna-cebu.com/coralist.html go find "goniopora". and u get the answer. and jewel collected too. good luck for ur last paper. Cheers.
  4. algae... got a friend visited my tank...no algae in tank at all... maybe find him to speak up for me... this picture is quite some time ago de. i think that time did have some algae problem.. maybe i should update the pic...but very lazy and busy also... sorry abt that. okay...forget abt that until i update some photos.. wat i use ar... i dun use a sump...my tank is very experimental so my way for filtration is very funny or weird so u said...i show more photos in the future on that. but literally, i tried to explain... first is that i employ barebottom tank with a very little portion of sand at the bottom for inverts like sandsifting star to survive. two corner each with a powerhead that swept out all debris and dirt to the filter system.. down to my hangon box full of cotton wool for mechanical filter.. down to my 2ft refugium of 7" to 8" DSB of chaeto and red bamboo with lights... biohouse...big tube...4 of them bury into the sand.(see picture) with denitrating pellets bury under the sand..sand is of super fine grade. with powerhead circution to provide good husbandry of DSB and enough aeration or else DSB will crash. inside the tank has another smaller tank. skimmer skim in the water into the smaller tank. smaller tank of cottom wool and coral chips to trap in anything solid. canister draws in water form smaller tank to main tank. and another sponge is fixed to the outlet to main tank. canister using Purigen to remove nitrate. very good but very expensive. with activated carbon and phosguard. Matrix with denitrating pellets to remove nitrite and nitrate. and also with cotton pad at the top of canister. water changes every once per 2 weeks or whenever i am free.
  5. hahaha...right now dun have algae in the tank... and sorry...this picture is taken quite sometime before...so no problem now. becos i using camera phone to take photo so not much photos. just dig one of the photos out for my past gallery... paiseh..and using a flash with brightness -2 (sony erricson's phone) so the background looks dark.maybe that's why it looks like algae to u... hahha... Water parameter is: 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 - 0.25 Nitrate * 0 - 0.25 PO4 * pH 8.3 to 8.5 * kH 12 calcium 380 to 400 * Test kit very hard to read.... so i'm looking for a pH pen now... I hope to get a digital camera or borrow one to take some pictures soon...slowly slowly.. patient.
  6. LPS detaching...yes...they can attach and looks like they are surviving to u... but in fact they wun be able to maintain that condition for a long time... that's the first stage and next it will died and rot away... unless u are saying that ur hammer can grow bigger without a skeleton.. or it can stay skeletonless for years ?? check ur water parameters..in this case i dun think it's the diatoms which is causing him the problem most likely to be ur water of ur currect is okay.. diatom not only affect LPS but other corals too. u can see the effect more direct than water parameters problems. check the coral to see if there is diatom. it affects all the corals not just LPS. if u see that there is green and slimy thing growing on the skeleton...u have received the price of high silicate and phosphate... GOOD LUCK then..
  7. u remind me of something terrible which happen a few years back then... how sad to think of it again... really heartpain..damn heartpain.... my tank crack at the botton and the water flow out into my studyroom.. all the fishes and corals died...becos i didn't know abt it only when i reach home... AHHH...pls dun remind me of that again...my angels...my corals...my fishes...my lion... shitty... in the end, they compensate my another tank...SOB SOB SOB.. and when i give away my niger trigger of 4 years... i was like so heartpain...he's too aggressive when i wanna keep shrimps in my tank.. so heartpain..hahaha.. but right now i treasure my shrimps even more..becos they remind me of my niger...hahah..
  8. they will search for uneaten food... i have a electric blue hermit and it feeds on anything...
  9. Story of Jewel. this flowerpot goniopora or the tradename, Jewel, i get from a LFS in feb 2007. Jewel is the local tradename so dun get mixed up. and dun use Jewel in other country, cos ppl wun know wat u toking abt. hahahaha.... okay. when i get it, it's not even opening like now..just very small and fragile. someone it's in a super small nano tank. maybe only 10 inches. the tank is on a table with only one or two nemo fishes around.. it's look damn pathetic.so i decide to get it. that's how everything started. and before i came here in SRC, i always give away my fishes to ppl and LFS. My trigger...lionfishes...blah blah blah...clownfishes...cos everytime when i'm damn busy, i can just dun feed them for one month. that's why i choose to give them away when i'm busy in the past. hahaha... and after a few weeks when i went back to the shop guess wat ???? The tank is gone.... so....in the end i save the coral...so touched...hahaha.. the shop owner will nv guess tat i have been keeping it from them and it's still in a good condition.
  10. Okay...ppl have been asking me abt my tank...so maybe can show some pictures in the forum. that's why created this thread. basically my tank is rather small for now. becos mostly i use it to study and research. got a few spare tanks hang around also.. so the place is kinda messy. after 4 years of marine, get the hang of it so spend more time on studying and observing them.. one of my favour activities is nursing the injured or dumb corals... dumb corals mean those which are not opening or have something wrong with them.. hahaha...to me, my tank is like a hospital now.. hahaha.... one of my favourate coral is gonoipora. cos when they open up, they can be 4 times huger than before. this one is actually just 2 inches big in size but open up to 6 inches... amzing. i promote and encourage fragging of SPS and soft corals but not LPS cos they are too fraglie and many of them died in the process of fragging.. we are supposed to be conserving in this hobby and not throwing away corals.. so i encourage those who have corals or fishes which are not doing well to pass it to ur friends or someone more experienced. and also to promote the use of iodine dip for corals. I used them whether i sell or give away corals, so as not to give any bacterias or pathnogen to other ppl's tank. at the same time, when i received them, i will do iodine dip first. and pls dun be selfish that "hey, that coral will affect the rest later." . i encourage more ppl to do the same as me. once u get used to looking after them, u can rest assured that when something happened to ur corals, u know wat's wrong. IT's a challenge. ain't that easy...
  11. dun recommend u to get doctor fish...which is cleaner wrasse...low survival rate. and u must really know how to take care of them.. try to get cleaner shrimp..
  12. wat happen to it in ur tank ? it doesn't open ? does it look like this when it open ? this is my gonio.. i can only collect it next week if u okay with it, pm me. thanks.
  13. goniopora and jewel are exactly the same. jewel is just the trading name here in singapore when marine trading first started here. it's just a market name for it. both are the same just that some are plate-encrusted and some are round like this one. green are mostly round...blue, purple, pink are mostly encrusted on a plate of LR. how big is it ? might wanna get it from u but dun have time to collect these days... UPZ.
  14. hahaha...i try shark before. they need big tank as they will grow bigger and bigger. that again depends on wat shark u plan to keep.. if u keep bamboo shark, u need fine sand as they are bottom dwellers and their stomach will rub along the surface causing rupture and infections.. for white-tip, u need a really big tank and in captive, they wun grow too big and tends to die young. one good example is the tank at wisma atrium, used to have a few white-tip...WHERE ARE THEY NOW ?? shark-fin soup ?? hahaha...i'm not sure abt ray. but sure u need a big big tank to keep them good and healthy for years...at least a 10ft tank is the best.
  15. yup...that's the case..mine lose it's arm many times causing my boxer love boxing with me.. hahaa...and they will grow back during molting. hey bro, manage to catch it ? if not, u can use a straw...drop food drop the straw slow to attract the shrimps.. once they know that food is coming from it..they will pay tribute to it. hahaha...ur boxer will get attracted to it...haha.. then u can try to catch it once u lure it into the open.if u wan, i can try to take some photos.
  16. hahah...i doubt that's wat he meant... i think wat he meant is that his tank is using seawater now..but he wanna use synthetic salt for water changes.. am i right ? of course u can do that. that's even better considering that u are adding in trace elements at the same time. my experience is that using synthesis is expensive but less problem as they are more purified. seawater is okay too but performance wise is way too different from synthesis. the only problem in using synthesis is the price...using RO/DI water and dechlorinator...plus the cost of salt. if u can afford it, why not ??
  17. i'm okay with anything. just let me know one day beforehand so that i can arrange my time.
  18. just conducting a check on this since limsc suggested tat. why not ? hahaha... the last option is I targetfed it...hahaha...that's just for fun.for those who don't even know anything abt it... cheers. this poll is to discourage ppl from buying cleaner wrasse and to increase public awareness. leave it in the sea...the ocean needs it more than u... pls participate...thanks.
  19. this is a super powerful chiller....super cool. fitted with UV also...can use for up to2000 litres... damn cool.made in ITALY.. hahaha..UPZ for u...maybe u can tell the rest more abt the condition and specs... example like is the UV still functioning ? that will help it ur sales. cool chiller.
  20. hahahaha...all three of us can meet at tampines....tampines so many crabs ar ? hahaha i can meet u tampines too. u can plan ur time to meet three of us to collect three crabs...
  21. i have one really small one...one inch only...cute but dun know if u wan it...
  22. thanks...no prob.will look into that. hahaha...it can last for as long as u keep it frozen...so everytime u feed, u just take a cube or few out. the rest still remain frozen. althought it can be kept for a long time. Like a dead person can be stored in the freeze for a very long time until someone go and claim it...normally they will inject chemicals into the body to perserve it... X-factor doesn't use these chemicals.. luckily i mean..haha. the reason for all these chemicals is that they can pervent bacterias from breaking down the intestines and organs... X-factor is in cube form and plus no intestines and stuffs are used in it so wun have these problems. The only problem with frozen food is that they will lose moisture when store in freezer for long term.that goes for everything...that's why when u see a corpse which is stored for a long period...the corpse face will look abit sunken.. Even that the content wun go spoilt for one year, i dun advice and recommend u to keep it for that long as the freshness and nutrients will all be lost. The recommend time for storage is 2 months. anything longer then that, I suggest that u get a new stock. one nano box can last u for one month if u feed twice daily for a 3 ft tank. but that again depends on ur LS. If u keep only one damsel and one mushroom in one 3ft tank, that will be a diff. story. but i doubt anyone do that.hahaaha... From wat i know, most of my customers can't stop feeding them...using more than one cube per day..some even use one box per week... cos it's really very enjoyable to watch ur LS enjoying the food and going nuts over it... it's a kinda luxury after a hard day of work in the office... some maybe worried abt water parameters. the nano cubes are small compare to the original so u can control that if u fear of NO3 spike due to uneaten food. that's for ppl who have a low budget tank with a normal skimmer... but again...if a reef tank can't handle the bioload of one small cube of food daily or even fortnightly, i seriously think that u should reconstruct ur filtration system. seriously. and compare this to brineshrimp or mysis shrimp cube which u guys normally feed, they are totally nothing if compare to X-factor in terms of nutrients and all the other factors. if ur fishes already eating brine shrimp and mysis, u will see a totally diff. result from X-factor. hopefully i answered all ur questions plus provided with extra knowledge and information. i dun wish to expose too much until the final packaging is been released and only until official opening...sorry for the delay.. i also have other work commitment..that's why..hahaha.. and apologises for using a corpse to describe...hahaha..hopefully u all dun get disgusted..haha. Good day and enjoy reefing as much as possible. CHEERS.
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