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  1. collection in bedok. Only some days available in jurong Where do you stay?
  2. Selling the above Milwaukee pH600 meter for $25 contact me at 93822589 Does not come with calibration solution
  3. Miwaukee pH600 pH pen. Contact me at 93822589.
  4. Redsea prizm skimmer Selling separately at $70 skimmer and $20 surface attachment or $85 full set.
  5. Used for less than a year. Comes with box and instructions. Surface attachment doesn't have the box. Selling for 90 Contact me at 93822589
  6. Selling for $90 together. Used for less than a year. Contact me at 93822589. Preferably sms.
  7. Not very sure if mine is doing ok. Some of the tentacles looks like the sharp heads gone. does it looks ok?
  8. just shifted the anemone. rotated the rock to face the front. my maroon clown hosting on it.. but its snatching food from it instead of sharing food with it. anyway, the clown gets extremely hostile when it has a anemone home. mine is the only fish in the tank.. but he is attacking the hermit crab when ever he see it now
  9. ya. mine is there for a week already. but it stretched all the way to the front and sides sometimes.. not sure if i want to move the rock cos afraid to stress it.
  10. if its on the sandbed i supposed you should scoop it up with the bit of sand on its foot and place it on the rocks.. it will reattach to the rocks aft that if on the rock i supposed should use powerhead to make it relocate im also newbie in this.. so not very sure.. ha
  11. there is a shop called nature's aquarium which sells it.. forget where is it already. can ask ard and try..
  12. the anemone shrinks in the day and with its mouth open. Than it gets puff up a few hours later again. is it normal?
  13. thanks a lot? how to see whether it has taken rooting? also, will clown hosting in it cause it to be less stress and stay put?
  14. will the tube anemone move ard stay put at the position it finds best?
  15. Just bought a normal BTA yesterday. Moved around for half a day, got a few tentacles ripped off by the filter which i forget to cover. Now its has been siiting at the same position for nearly a day already ever since my maroon decides to make it home. Is it stable already? The position isnt exactly one with the most light and flow. instead nearly the lowest light and flow in the tank.
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