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  1. Please settle such issues offline. Deals in B&S are to be done based on an agreement from both parties and no one is to blame for such incidences. Thread closed.
  2. Ok let us all be nice people and give David a last chance whether he deserves it or not Thread closed till 18th December Vincent, can I ask that you PM me the result of the transaction so that we will finally have closure on this issue
  3. Here's a reminder to all buyers and sellers Do take absolute precaution who you're dealing with especially when the person requests for ridiculous transaction methods (pay by installment, leave at shop, etc). It is everyone's duty to stay vigilant and inform others ASAP once something fishy is going on Good job guys for exposing this person and his misdeeds
  4. This is in reply to this thread Photo of the month contest Just checking how many reefers are in for a photo of the month contest. Please do make sure that you participate if you voted "yes"
  5. Resized for you Next time try to resize to around 640 pixels
  6. Discussions underway for TOTM and TOTY Stay tuned!
  7. Ok I'll feedback to the admin Thanks for the suggestion
  8. Thread closed till further notice
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