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  1. All items sold to a nice gentlemen. Thanks for viewing. Thread closed
  2. FOC items only for bros who get the tank set.
  3. I have a 2ft Marine setup for sale. its has 60cmx30cmx45cm tank made of tempered glass, 2ft stainless steel stand, 20+kg of marine sand, 10+Kg of live rocks FOC 1 Dymax external filter. 2 clown fish 2 damsel fish The above for sale @ $60. COllection will be in Sengkang. Interested parties kindly contact me @ 96943546. Hope to clear it by this friday 3rd OCt. Note that the tank does not comes with a light as it has blown.
  4. wad do u mean by dangerous stinger to me? thanks
  5. May i know whats the name of this and how do i go about keeping it. tempting to get one. does it house itself on rocks or on sand?
  6. yup, used up all the sand... Do i need to keep some? my name ah,,, its the nick lor, you read from behind. lol
  7. Got the sand last night, having a 8cm thick sand bed now. considered DSB? RX, thanks for the explanations and help...
  8. think i will try and do without sand.
  9. Hi, your sand is grade what one huh? are they enuff to fill up a 2ft tank.
  10. today i went down their neighbour closed. any idea how much next door selling?
  11. i went to ask the price of sand at rainbow, $12 for 2kg.
  12. all gurus, I would like to check with you all, is sand a must for setting up a marine tank? i plan to keep corals and fishes.
  13. Hi, Looking for some sand for a 2 ft start-up. Any bro here giving or selling? prefer to collect somewhere in the north or east. many thanks,
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