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  1. You might be right. Look like a juvenile blue angel.
  2. Sold to a nice gentlemen. Thank you very much for the fast deal. Hi mod. Please help to close the thread. Thank you.
  3. I'm off loading a 13mths old Arctica 1/3hp chiller at $800. Have upgrade to a compressor unit hence no need it anymore. Please drop me a PM of you are keen. Thanks.
  4. Would like to sell my 3mths old Reef Octopus BioChurn 150int reactor. Bought at $350 after discount from Iwarna. Selling at $200. Come with a packet of 500ml bio spheres pellet. Reason for selling as I have replace with a recirculating bio pellet reactor. Please PM if you are interested. Or whatsapp me if you have my number. Collection at Punggol. https://vimeo.com/124693640
  5. Then better sell my fishing gears before all our shore get ban from fishing.
  6. Goodness. Everywhere also protected. My usual fishing spot opposite Punggol marina also get high fenced and no fish sign display. Sianz.
  7. Pale grey with colourful tiny dot. They said very sweet prawn. My friend say it's call "peh har". Ha ha.
  8. I don't know leh.. we go down from the dam area. They told me behind is army field, but we at the water edge is legal. So I just stay there waiting for seabass to take my bait, while some go cast next for prawn and hook crab. 2hrs later, they back with 3kg of prawn.
  9. No need chest deep lah. My friend cast on the side perpendicular to the dam, on the military field side. If you look at the stone and swallow water on that side with a polaroid glasses, there are so many prawn in the water. No joke, its like 20-30 clinging on a rock.
  10. AI got 20% off at DE-Aquatic.
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