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  1. Thank you all for the interest. Item currently reserved.
  2. ehhh...nope it's supposed to be submerged half in water
  3. H&S 110-F2000 Internal Protein Skimmer up to 100g Footprint: 11.5" x 5.15" Height: 20.10" Min Water Level:4" Skimmer Body: 4.33" Pump: Aquabee 2000 Using for about 2+years. Still in good condition. Letting go at $100. Cash n carry. Good for 3ft tank
  4. I was shifting my corals around this morning and I think I accidentally broke my plate coral off at the base. Tried using the Epoxy "bluetack" to stick it together but cant!!! Help!!! Wat to do??
  5. Wah... then any pics to show?? Hehee.... I'm very sianzzz... Think I'm going to change my bulbs n see if got any improvements....
  6. Got rid of the angel already and bought a chiller too. Temp now between 26 to 28 degrees.... Shifted the zoas to the top half of the tank but still seem to be shrinking and losing the colours. Wat should I do now? Water also changed already.... Should I change my lighting setup? Now using Hopar with Aquaz bulbs. (2 blue 2 white).... Sianzz leh.... see other people zoas open up so nicely I very jealous...
  7. yup.... Anyway... price reduced to $25
  8. I'm using it for my 4 x 1.5 x 2 and it's fine
  9. Size is 2 1/2 inches.... If I'm not wrong should be Hawaiian....
  10. Hmmm..... I think i din acclimatised them properly.... Cos subsequently, I bought another batch of zoas and they hv been ok. Tested my parameters and everything's fine. guess it's more like fate that 2 particular pieces refuse to open
  11. Err... i dun think they're supposed to be white.... I had some purple ones that got blown under the LR. 2 months later when I managed to get it out, it's white, like what u described. But after being exposed to the light, the purple pigments gradually came back. So I supposed it's been bleached.
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