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  1. i am going to phuket for diving ard may. Are uqualified to dive? Or still learning?
  2. Any dogs owners here as well? I own a westie!
  3. Jesper

    Just a Joke

    PROTON Dr M were meeting the other Asean leaders in KL. As the Proton (Wira and Perdana) sales were not going too well, he took the opportunity to do some hard sell to these guys. Dr M:" Pres. Suharto, how many Protons will you be able to buy?" Suh.:" 2000 is not a problem." Dr M (very happy):" Thanks. Pres. Ramos, how about you?" Ramos:" Deliver 5000 to Philipines next week." Dr M:"Thanks for the support." Sultan Bolkiah (determined not to be outdone): "Brunei roads can well afford another 10,000 Protons. Send them over next month." Dr M by now is very pleased that hi
  4. Jesper

    Just a Joke

    POLITICS Son: "Dad, I have to do a special report at school. Can I ask you a question?" Dad: "Sure son, what's the question?" Son: "What is POLITICS?" Dad: "Well, lets take our home for example. I am the wage earner, so let's call me MANAGEMENT. Your mother is the administrator of the money, so we'll call her GOVERNMENT. We take care of you and your needs, so let's call you the PEOPLE. We'll call the maid the WORKING CLASS and your baby brother the FUTURE. Do you understand?" Son: "I'm not really sure Dad, I'll have to think about it."That night the boy was awakened by his
  5. Jesper

    Just a Joke

    A Japanese man was in a hurry to go to the KLIA airport, so he took a Proton taxi. The taxi driver took his sweet time driving within the speed limit but the Jap was getting impatient. The following is their conversation on the way to the airport. A Toyota Camry overtook t he taxi.....zoom.... Jap: Look ...look ...Toyota!! ...very fast!!!.... made in Japan! Proton...no good.... made in Malaysia . Driver: yah.... After a few minutes a Nissan overtook the taxi....zoom. Jap: look.... look.... Nissan!!!..... very good!! very fast! made in Japan! Proton.... no good.... mad
  6. Its ok to look down, but not too nice to let your eyes roam ard. Ppl might get the wrong idea!
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