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  1. Hi guys, pm me if you have any purple, blue, red or any rare colors digtata colony for sale.thanks
  2. USD15 is for the trial offer which is only available here in canada or states if not its USD30 x exchange rate + shipping, I dont think is 400% differences if you work that out.
  3. Saw achilles tang from Iwarna at $90.Is that expensive as been out of this hobby for almost years
  4. Selling Rio nano skimmer at $30 which i bought not more than a week ago. It almost brand new as i just use it ones for test run as it is not suitable for my nano tank. Collection will be at kallang mrt,pm me for collection timing if you are interested. The rio nano skimmer dimension: 18.5cm (L) x 11.5(W) x 26cm (H) http://www.marinedepot.com/protein_skimmers_taam_rio_nano_skimmer-ap.html
  5. I was looking at some info on algae turf scrubber... and was wonder my tank length is only 40cm by 30cm width... does anyone diy small algae turf srubber for nano tanks?
  6. Good question... havnt got kh test kit for it..will get it soon..
  7. Though of that too..but don't think I have the space for reverse lighting for chaeto or any macro algae...thks anyway.
  8. Hi,was wondering what can I do to maintain ph of my 6 gallon tank in range after lights off.. During the day when the light are on..my ph range are normal from 8-8.2.. But after I off the light it will drop slowly to 7.39 ..which I think is not very good for a reef tank...what can I do ?
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