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  1. Hi reefers, is it necessary to dose bacteria in a mature tank?
  2. keen on xenia frag. Can collect tomorrow? where to deal?
  3. I bought the remaining two cleaner shrimps bro. Thanks for the update.
  4. Hi bro you saw any cleaner shrimp in T95?

  5. Hi reefers, after quarantine fish how you guys transfer the fish back to main display?
  6. Suprem5 have. Saw it today.
  7. Can try aqua marin, but they are closed tomorrow.
  8. Hi reefers, how you guys setup up a quarantine tank? Need to install chiller? And how you maintain it?
  9. Hi bro, I am selling a skimz fluidized reactor with pump and a half can of rowas for $140.

    Reactor size is 11cm by 11cm by 46cm[height]. .

  10. Sealife at indus road have it. Bro
  11. Hi bro, I am keen to have it. can collect on sunday?

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