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  1. haha...can..no problem... just let me know when u wanna drop by.
  2. hahaha...i normally get mine from jirh or pasir ris farm... maybe that time something wrong with the water... after leaving the water for alone for sometime(with occasional monitors), the fishes and corals seems healthier and have more coraline on my rocks now. I think moorish idol also depends on ur luck, not every specimen can survive. like there is no standard formulae... haha... Will update with pictures soon.. Hope urs can survive too...i saw my friend keeping his for many years...a real beauty...
  3. hhahaa..yes...the multilayered monti is a sad piece...the centre all gone becos of my chiller...but the sides still have some surviving parts... hope they can grow over the old skeleton...very heartpain... Still reefing but didn't spend so much time on it...hardcore busy. hahaha..how abt u ? u still reefing ?
  4. Hi...sorry late then reply..hope u can still see this...Yes i have an aircon.. My teco break down so i bought a Daeli chiller...nowadays so hot...definitely need one. I find that montipora is much more hardier than other sps...just watch ur carbonate and calcium level. and they grew fast too... Very sad that the centre piece red monti have a great recession due to my aircon breakdown. Cheers
  5. it's the Great salt lake...go a search on it and u will see that no fishes live in that water....
  6. upz. sorry, busy schedule so pls arrange the timing with me.
  7. have a black and white stripe damsel to give. contact me at 90497372. collection in tampines. won't mind a small token or a can of drink. cheers.
  8. 15 inches ? or 15 cm ? if 15inches, really great price for this SIZE. O_O COOL
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