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  1. $100 deal at pasir ris. Sms 96601140. Seldom login. Dont pm
  2. Selling my 6ft tank as I no longer keeping fish. Built by N30, age about 2 yrs. Front panel is crystal glass. 12mm all sides with 15mm base. View at pasir ris st 72. Tank is very wellkept. View to believe. Going for only 2.5k. Interested buyers pls pm me your contact. Have issue uploading pics.
  3. I will remove the lighting next to the skimmer. With lighting that strong, the skimmer n sump will grow algea. That small area will not help much for your tank.
  4. Treatment of ich takes about 4 to 8 weeks depending on your treatment method. If u catch your flame angel out from display tank to treat and put it back to the display tank after treatment, it will get ich again cos your display tank is already infected.
  5. [V]tEc

    DIY overflow

    Do post a pic of your overflow system. Its very strange that 30mm down pipe cant handle 4600l/hr flow. I am using just a single 30mm downpipe and i an using 12k + 5k return pumps. My guess is there could be trapped air inside the downpipe which results in the slow flow.
  6. Dont say bo jio. Tips from the "src advisor"
  7. The trend is to change it once a mth. If it overflow, its ok. Changing a new sock 3 to 5 days is very costly n waste of money.
  8. A queen in a reef tank is always beautiful to look at.
  9. These are the fishes that I kept before from juv to Adult colour, French, Grey, Queen, Townsend, Emperor. French and grey grow damn fast given the right condition. Mine grew from 2inches to about 10 inches in less than a year. Emperor from 3 inches to 8inches. Sold it within 8 mths. Queen and townsend will be slow, 1.5inches to 4inches about 6 mths.
  10. Empty vessels make most noise

  11. What's the point of using a filter if u let it overflow? Might as well dont use filter this way. No wonder sump tank so dirty. LOL
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