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  1. selling off my wonderpus $150 interested can pm me thanks
  2. maybe u wanna state the model of the reel , comdition , bla bla bla ?
  3. k0na_scab


    theres a cheaper one after searching but its based in US. 1" Uniseal U100 PRICE: $1.78 (usd) still trying to look for aussie based agent , no luck... BTW what size are u guys looking for ? i have frds in Aussie and states , but only be back ard Oct-Nov i intend to order online & send to their address den no need to pay for freight.
  4. tired of buyin those 5pieces of SW , where can i get those bigger bags of SW ?
  5. k0na_scab


    they look like that , still looking for them
  6. dude , the pic u posted is True Percula , Amphiprion percula terryz selling is Black Ocellaris, Amphiprion Ocellaris a black version of the 'false percula' get it ? and they are tank raised ! aquacultured !
  7. yeh dude , hardtails all the way ! goin for carbon, ti , cromoly ? voodoo ti commin in but not sure when , checked out any bike shops yet ?
  8. eh theres one at geylang , cant rem the name Yi Xiu Factory Building
  9. clowns normally have clownfish disease does it look like the pic below ?
  10. k0na_scab


    hi peeps, where can i find uniseals ? does the norm. hardware stores have them ? thanks
  11. We would like to advise that the individuals who post advertisements to sell fish on your forum page may be committing an offence under Section 48 of the Animals and Birds Act 2002 which states that no person shall keep in captivity for sale, export or exhibition any animal or bird in any place that has not been licensed. “The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) would like to inform the public that the commercial breeding of animals can only be carried out on farms licensed by AVA. Pet owners who regularly breed and advertise to sell pets can be considered as commercial breeders.
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