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  1. Joesph! Hey! I am good. Things has been rough still abit bumpy now but manageable. Kids are great! Really enjoying the fatherhood journey. decided to try back some hobbies that would involve the family. in the mean time, I am also looking for a place now. moving out to my own place. then i figured that if i have to renovate the whole place why not built the whole place up with a tank at the center of it...
  2. is there like a rule of thumb or a gauge of how much wattage LED = how much wattage MH?
  3. good to see familiar names here... hey guys.. was reading some threads on RC and good to see some of the singapore products still in market... dr_evil too.... anyway.. any tots? why dun ppl put frogfish in SPS tank? bioload of frogfish too heavy for SPS? one fart and they all RTN?
  4. feel like making a come back. this time i am starting from scratch and bottom up. no more hand-me-downs. i am in super preliminary planning stages now. still toying with ideas in my head. these are the words that i have in my head now; rimless, minimalist and zeovit. definitely going for SPS but not sure about the kind of fish that i want inside. deciding between 1 frogfish or the typical mix of fishes. also not sure if i want a centre-piece or something against a wall. alot of considerations here.
  5. houses are cheaper than apartments in other countries....
  6. that is what i meant. HW33. long time no see.
  7. possible to do a SPS tank with a frogfish? from what i remember, it is not... high output from frogfish will probably harm the SPS?
  8. at the old old old e-aquarist place... i saw one that is football size. yes. talking about soccer ball.
  9. alex go postal code! you still in china... miss u from paradise days!! XIAO TONG XUE!!!
  10. I was just shopping at NTUC the other day with my wife and we went by the freezer section. I picked up a packet of frozen chicken fillet and i suddenly wondered why Chicken Breast has no nipples?
  11. the grandmaster also left me long ago... but i still keep in contact with him... gd frens ma... eh.. back to topic... how do we stop our fellow bro from giving up reefing?? actually i am still very interested in going back to reefing... i am dreaming of those 7 to 8 footers L shape tanks.. similar to the one which eaquanature had the other time... with those huge kick ###### refugium...
  12. Yo Jo, long time man.... you mean my arch nemesis 'CHAO EEDIOT' still ard? neber see him suan me again leh... of course meet up soon... that is if u can catch me... heehee... flying off this sunday again... will be back in singapore... only so and so knows when?
  13. just stop buying. throw away and give your lighters away!!! today is my 9th day. working well so far... oh... for nose sniffling... i bought the vapex stick and stick it into my nose. i was a beng with a ciggie. now i am a beng with a vapex stick in my noce...
  14. i think video is post here before... oh well... to each his own... its a different culture lah.... the kwai lohs find us weird for eating a repulsive fruit call Durian... affectionately known to us as Liew Lian... we find African ppl eating cockroaches dirty.... just my thoughts...
  15. yah loh.. my reefing hobby goes... my new golf hobby coming in.... i am not helping u right now, am i? anyway.. it all depends lah. what do u place first? family or hobby? if family one side of the bridge, your hobby the other side... which one u jump in save first? oops... a rather stupid question... fish can swim... so nothing to save... seriously, i think it is a fine act of balancing loh. come to think of it... i was a lucky boy. all my wife complained is i spend too much money on the hobby last time. but i could easily fix that by spending more time, love and abit of money... 'dear, those shoes really look good on you!' if u are asking us for a way to deal with the complaints... all i can offer you is one word: ENDURE. today u buy chiller.. they nag nag nag, remark remark remark and scold scold scold. 2 months later.... if you dun buy anything new, they will not say anything... unless they complaining about the chiller heat... or..... oops. i dun think i am helping much... *zips mouth*
  16. u guys are still looking at this thread?!?
  17. how about calling another 'GrandMaster'?
  18. iCiC.... are u the next grandmaster then?? heehee....
  19. anyway... Boss AT... if u want... u can del this post... for you golfers... feel free to join www.sggolf.com.sg. this is something that i just started for the fun of it. i am looking for more kakis really.... not much activity there yet, but there is still abit... thank you thank you!
  20. hey... i am golfing too.... can jio jio.... heehee....
  21. later kena call grandmaster leh... very scary one...
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