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  1. Hi Solo77, Thanks for the the encouragement and advise. Greatly appreciated! Philip
  2. Need to clarify that I do not selected customers. I did not reply as I could not take on the job. As I have limited manpower, I can only service a certain number of customers at 1 time. That might be the reason why some felt that I am being selective. I will not turn down any business opportunities if its within my means. In business, one will surely experience problems. I might not be able to handle it properly this round but I will surely learn from my mistakes. Pls email to phil@geo-aquatic.com for any feedbacks or enquiries. I will take all the feedbacks & surely make neccessary improvements on my side. Philip
  3. Hi Stanley, I think I have communicated enough with you. I do not make that cut you mention. My carpenter arrange his friend down to tear down the tank, I was quoted much higher than $400 by my carpenter. Before doing the job, I have asked you a few times & given you the costing as I am not sure about the market rate. I stated to you that I had never provide such service before. In your case, I am playing a middle man. I do not know the actual pricing after the guy reveal to me on the day of work too. Philip
  4. Hi Vfong, no worries about your corals as it is still at my customer's place. He is overseas in China coming back soon. No keys cannot take the corals. Sorry for not being able to reply you but got personal stuffs to settle. All in all, its my mistake on my side & I apologise to you sincerely. Pls email or pm me to arrrange for details. My hp having some problems too. Philip
  5. We will remove everything & pack properly. Then we move the LS & tankset together.
  6. 1 unit of 2mths old AquaMedic NR1000 for sale. Reason for sale: Customer upgrading to bigger unit. Unit comes deniballs & deniMax. 10/10 condition like new. Also comes with SP3000 Dosing pump (Brand New in box) All for $600/- Orginal price close to $900/- Price neg. Highest offer will get the deal! Cheers! Philip
  7. Finally post a pic. Nicer looking than viewing from yr HP! Selling???
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