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  1. I'll be harvesting the sea grapes from the refugium and will have some to spare. Collection near Chinatown / Outram area. Cheers
  2. upz for your sales bro! thanks for the very nice piece of uranium bounce that i got from you on thursday =)
  3. Thanks bro for the zoas i got from you earlier this week, they are doing very well cheers for your sales!
  4. Thanks all for your pm and messages. I have gotten/reserved sufficient rics cheers Kindly help to close thread.
  5. Hi I'm looking for rics (any color). Do pm me if you have any frag(s) to let go. Thanks. Warm regards, Zhiwei
  6. Hi, Does anyone have orange rics to let go? Can pm me? Thanks.
  7. Hi, Does anyone has any spare chaeto to give away? Thanks a lot in advance, Zhiwei
  8. Thanks bro for the nice frags (that don't burn a big hole in my wallet). The polyps of your lepto opened up right away in my tank
  9. i've one hailea HX6540...can sell to u for $15 http://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.au/p...h/prod_492.html
  10. hihi bro, i'll like to get ur bubble..thanks..
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