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Found 13 results

  1. Around 10cm orange clam to let go at $80. With me a year, very stable and grow.
  2. Selling some corals. Do check back for updates. WYSIWYG 1 clam. 2inchs Wide. @60$ Rainbow Yuma.. @50$ all prices are negotiable. Pm me for details
  3. Hi, selling derasa clam, about 4.5 inches. $100. Please pm, collection at the East. Thanks!
  4. Hi, selling the below. Collection at the East side. Clam about 5.5" ($55) Clam about 3.5" ($35); Green luminous mushies on rock ($20) Yellowish green bubbles ($30) Green leather ($25) Thanks.
  5. Hi, I've open this thread to look for people that is letting go their beautiful precious giant clam. (20cm+) Please pm me with a picture and pricing. Thank you for reading.
  6. Hi, I woke up this morning and found the inside part of the clam has contracted and looks more open than usual... is it bad?
  7. Hi, I could not resist the temptation of buying a clam today when visiting Ah Ben. Do you know what's it's name? So I can find out how to better take care of it?
  8. Hello bros, can help me ID this clam? Looks black black
  9. 1. Red gonio frag, yellow centre with blue tips. $50 2. Clam length is about one palm length. Grow too big for me. $80 Collection at Serangoon garden. Interested please whatsapp or sms 94880692.
  10. $40. Collection at Serangoon Garden. Interested please whatsapp / SMS 94880692.
  11. Selling this large size blue rim squamosa clam at $30 Pls pm if interested. Thanks. When it's opened during daytime When it's closed at night
  12. Hi there, I will probably be disposing all my rocks due to the invasion of unknown pest clove polyps. Thus, I have no choice to let go most of my SPS which are mostly colonies grew up as small frags. SPS price ranges from $20-$200, I will highlight a few which can be named. The pics below may not be able to present the true color of the corals and some may be a bit brownish in my tank due to insufficient light which I am only using 4 tubes for my 4 feet tank and my poor skills of maintaining their real colors. Full tank shot Large blue rim squomosa clam ($40) Palm size superman monti ($50) Palm size poker star monti ($50) Palm size red encrusting monti ($50) mother colony of lime in the sky ($100) mother colony of green staghorn ($70) head size mother colony of birds of paradise ($200) fist size mother colony of green birdnest ($50) fist size mother colony of green stylo ($50) mother colony of false pink lemonade ($150) multiple branches Pink Digitata ($40) Small encrusted pink digitata frag ($15) Large size blue galaxy monti ($50) medium size peppermint monti ($40) medium size chilli pepper monti ($70) multiple branches somewhere over the rainbow milli ($70) Green long polyps blue tenuis (it's an 2'' frag, but color is a bit brownish, $30) Round Monti Confusa (it's brownish, $15) Mother colony of purple tip with green polyps acropora on the left side of the pic ($50) Mother colony of pinkish purple with light green tip acropora in the centre of the pic ($60) 3'' frag of strawberry shortcake (abit brownish $80) 5 Red dragon frags (price to be discussed) A rock of yellow and pink zoa ($30) mother colony of purple death zoa ($80) 4 heads stardust zoa ($30) A rock of acan ($50) A rock of green hairy mushroom ($30) Really lazy to list everything here, a lot SPS, zoas to let go. Pls just pm me if you are interested, viewing can be arranged before committing to buy and FCFS basis Tks
  13. Hi Guys, I want to let go below clam and brain coral. pls PM me to deal if you are intereted. Bali Brain - $25 Crocea Clam with yellow polyps attached - $20
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