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  1. 1. PAR38 $50 (1 month old.) FOC Holder. Color: Blue x 1, Violet x 2, Royal blue x 7, Red x 1, Turquoise x 1 2. LED MAXSPECT G1 $50 (1 LED not fail to light up. & Maybe you need to replace the Fan.) 3. LED $40 (Usage less then 1 month) 4. LED $20 (Usage less than 1 month) *** Take Both 3 & 4 for $50 5. PH Pen $30. (As good as NEW) 6. Trans Instruments Senz PH DUO Pen $80. (Retail $120) PH & Temperature Tester. As good as NEW 7. JBJ Ocean Pulse Duo Wavemaker. NEW! $40 All collection @ Bt Batok. WYSIWYG
  2. Dear Reefers I have following items for Sales 1. H2Ocean 2000 Pump $70.00. 2. H2Ocean Salt (Small) $30.00. 3. Par 38 with holder. $65.00. All Brand New. Never touch. Interested Party Please Kindly PM me to Deal. Collection will be at Jurong West.
  3. Just read that there is this new UFO looking LED lights for the nano and pico tanks up to 1.5 feet. Other than the shimmering effect of LED lights, the most noticeable feature is dimming of its white and blue lights (30 levels) and intensity setting, which allows users to digitally set it from 6,000 to 25,000k and for sunrise and sunset effect. It boasts to include high PAR lighting to grow Acropora corals too. However, at 18W, I have my reservations on its ability to keep sps and suppose it is only suitable for less light demanding corals like lps and softies. But if it's true, it's something worth rejoicing for the pico community. Apparently, it has a small footprint and is easy to mount onto the tanks too. I understand the retail price is around $170 here. Anyway, the website is shown below for your reference. http://cherrylumi.com/board/bbs/board.php?bo_table=eng_product_3
  4. I'm decommissioning my two existing tanks and moving everything to a single, larger 125G tank. So, I need to quickly unload a number of items to make space. 1. Red Sea Max (RSM) 130D $98 Hood was modded to take a Ecoxotic LED Retrofit Light. In order to quickly make space in my apartment, I'm selling it without any lights for a low, low price of $98. The power heads & after market skimmer in the photos are not included. No transport provided. In order to avoid any confusion, this tank does not come with any lighting but of course you are welcome to buy the lights below. The cabinet is included but it is showing signs of wear and tear. Priority will be given to someone who can collect this ASAP with minimal hassles. I don't have time to clean it which is one reason for the low price. Here is a photo right before the decomm: 2. Ecoxotic LED Retrofit Light $109 Fully integrated Ecoxotic LED Retrofit Light. Retail price was approximately $350 (280 USD). I'm selling it for $109. If it is purchased with the RSM 130D, I'll offer a discount. http://www.marinedepot.com/Ecoxotic_Panorama_36_LED_Retrofit_2_LED_Retrofit_Kits_Lights-Ecoxotic-XX08240-FILTRTLE-vi.html This is the version 1 light, which is not dimmable. 3. Shallow 4 Foot Reef Tank (120 x 30 x 30cm). $178 Here is the build thread: All glass is extra clear low iron glass. Drilled with a Silent Herbie Overflow. http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=344892 Comes with top of the line Schedule 80 bulkheads from Bulk Reef Supply and 3 high quality ball valves. (2 x 1" for the overflow and 1 x .75" for the return) http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/bulkhead-schedule-80-slip-x-thread-slip-on-the-flange-head-side-2.html Sump is being used on my new tank and so it's not included. No transport provided. 4. Hailea HC-100A Chiller 1/20 HP $93 This chiller is in great condition. It was only used as a backup chiller and so I doubt it's been run longer 2 weeks over it's entire life span. I bought it 2nd hand but I think that it's about 2 years old. I already have a 2 other chillers and so this one is just taking up valuable space. 5. Boyu GXB-8000 - 8000 LPH Return Pump New price $100. Selling for $68 Excellent value pump. Used only a couple of hours since in the end it didn't fit my requirements. http://www.fish-street.com/boyu_gxb_eco_variable_frequency_pump?category_id=63 6. RSM 130 InTank Media Basket http://shop.mediabaskets.com/Red-Sea-Max-Media-Basket-RSM3V20.htm New $55 (45USD) . Selling for $28
  5. Pls sms me yr brand, model, price, condition and age of set
  6. First forray into reef tanks. Just added some SPS a week ago. Comments and tips welcomed!
  7. Hi, Selling off as topic suggest; Note: Did a major overhaul of my previous design, and gave up half way due to other commitment. Buyer will need to troubleshoot, and solder back to make it work again. 1. Customized Arylic body 3FT (Black body/ Transparaent Bottom) + Black Cover + Accessories - Internal customized Metal Sheet base plate - In good condition (9/10) - - Buyer who purchase the whole set will get FOC 3W LED. (Used and Unused, consisting of WHITE/BLUE/RED) - Buyer will also get FOC cables + 2 LED drivers worth $17 each. - Buyer will also get FOC pastes - My Cost is >$400, Selling off as a set at $150. 2. Brand new unused LED driver (As shown above) - $12 each (8 sets available) - Buyer who takes all LED drivers, bundle price of $80 for 8 LED drivers. Interested buyers please contact me at 912 76735 Collection at my place (Clementi West St 2) Thanks.
  8. Good Day All, Planning to upgrade my lights. Hence, have two sets of Maxspect G2 110 for sale. For more detials on Maxspect 110, please refer to sponsor www.delightings.com website. Selling $180.00 per set or $300.00 for both sets. Also have a set of 4 feet Delightings T5 Retrofit for sale @ $80.00, comes with Korallen Fiji Purple tubes x 2. Viewing at Pasir Ris. Thanks!
  9. I've 2 sets of Maxspect LED for sale. Have used them for around 2 yrs. They are working well and selling as upgrading to Razor. Bidding details and photos below. In your bid pls state name, price per set and qty (e.g. apple123, $150, 1qty) Starting bid: $150 per set Min Increment: $5 Ending Date/Time for bid: 10-Nov 23:59 (forum time)
  10. Hi guys! This is my first post and second attempt at a saltwater tank. In need of help:D Basically I just got a 10g nano tank (some china brand RM-031). Its got a filter attached to the back similar to the nano space and dymax iq series, filled with glass rings and porcelain rings for bio filtration. Also it's LED lighting is much brighter than the Dymax IQ5. I plan to keep some corals soon.. For now only have one damsel. Planning to get a clownfish. My damsel seems to be doing fine, I get my saltwater from a lfs and cycled my tank for about one week with love rock. Please kind souls, help me answer these questions.. 1) do I need a skimmer?(due to the size of the tank, I think the dymax IQ slimmer would do fine..BUT I CABT FIND IT AT ANY LFS ALL OUT OF STOCK:( 2) what kind of corals can I keep( easiest to care for using only LED)? 3) must my LED lights be on 24/7 to keep corals? Thanks
  11. Dear Reefers, Need your advise and views on the following lighting options... Am currently using a 1 x MH250 with 4 x T5 for a 3x2x2 am thinking of adding 2 x Ecoxotic PAR38 Aquarium LED 6-453nm Blue 4-6500K 2-Red... Would that be an overkill of lights? Am keeping a mix reef of Soft, LPS & SPS. Bulbs are due for change next month and am looking at getting the following... Option 1 - 2 x Ecoxotic PAR38 Aquarium LED 6-453nm Blue 4-6500K 2-Red - 2 x ATI Purple Plus T5 - 2 x ATI Blue Plus T5 - 1 x Giesemann Megachrome Blue, SE 21,000K MH Option 2 - 2 x Ecoxotic PAR38 Aquarium LED 6-453nm Blue 4-6500K 2-Red - 2 x ATI Purple Plus T5 - 2 x ATI Blue Plus T5 Option 3 - 2 x ATI Purple Plus T5 - 2 x ATI Blue Plus T5 - 1 x Giesemann Megachrome Blue, SE 21,000K MH Option 4 - 2 x Ecoxotic PAR38 Aquarium LED 6-453nm Blue 4-6500K 2-Red - 2 x ATI Purple Plus T5 - 2 x ATI Blue Plus T5 Advise if grealty appriciated!
  12. As subject states, this is part of the report which has drawn my attention to the heat concern on LED. It says that as compared to T5, LED's overheating has much concerned. I'm abit confused now as what I heard so far is LED generates much less heat than MH n T5. Any expert can clarify this... Here is the report mentioned n the link: http://lumiversal.net/upload/T5%20v.%20LED.pdf The case study by IEEE also examines the heat dissipation of each lamp and found that the T5 lamp dissipated about 73% of its total lamp power as heat. However, the LED lamp in this study dissipated about 87% - 90% of its input power as heat. This high heat dissipation percentage can greatly increase additional cooling costs in your building, significantly reduce bulb lumen life, and lead to possible bulb failure. LED fixture heat dissipation and overheating is a growing consumer concern. An Illumra Green Systems executive recently discussed this issue in an article entitled “The Biggest Barrier to LED Lighting.” In this article, the author suggests LEDs have the potential to double their temperature after they have been in use for an extended period of time. The resulting increased LED temperature can reduce the lamp’s life hours by more than 50%. The author describes why LEDs are more prone to overheating than fluorescent bulbs by stating, “Most light fixtures have been designed to take light from a (fairly focused) point source, the filament in the bulb, and diffuse it evenly over a space. Putting lots of LEDs at one point concentrates the heat, making it harder to keep the LEDs cool.” To prevent heat concentration in an LED fixture and avoid LED bulb failure, users must provide additional system cooling, resulting in higher HVAC costs and greater energy use.
  13. Hi all, 2 units of 2ft AquaPro LED lighting (Royal Blue) and 1 unit of white for sale, looking at $60 per set, discount given if take 3 of them, interested parties, pls SMS or whatsapp me at 96382799, thanks.
  14. Gd evening to all. Firstly this is my very first post in here after i finally register myself. I have done a quick read for the past few days but still clueless on certain stuff. FYI, im new to marine aquarium world. Started for like 4 months already. A brief timeline how i started back then when im still staying in JB before moving back to Sgp due to the former house on a full renovation process. 1) My fiancee wanted to keep "Nemo". So we end up at a LFS in Permas area that sell both freshwater & marine. We got a small tank (~14.13 Litres) from them together with a small hang on filter. Together with 1 inch deep of crush corals, 1/2 inch "big" grain sand, 1/2" "small" grain sand all layered starting from the crush coral. Both of us were told to purchase a bacteria in small bottle and saltwater from them. The best part is.. They never told us to buy LR, instead offer us to buy an anemone since my fiancee wanted a pair of nemo in the first place. (Blame me because we jump into this hobby w/o getting any info from the net beforehand) 2) Once back home, i help her to set up everything, after few hours running the filter, eventually all the dust & "crap" settle down on the "seabed". 3) Here come the best part: After we look at the water already "crystal clear", we throw both nemo and the anemone str8 in. (Genocide?) 4) We thought we successfully became a "marine hobbyist" that particular night since we saw both fishes swimming around "happily" near/on the anemone. Furthermore our room is air-conditioned 20 hours a day.. 5) Finale: After like almost 10 days, the 3 creatures wipe-out starting from the anemone. Moral of the story: Got back to the shop and ask why, all they said is they "forget" to offer me LR in the first place(but never explain in full details). Never mentioned about tank cycling, Nitrite & nitrate, Ph, Kh & etc. U know.. the basic fundamental/knowledge a reefer should know/possess. After like almost a month we start(1 more dead nemo/lps along the way), overstocking with LS(i totally forget the number and species) we move back to SG(read above). P.S: Im not always around since my work need me to go outstation.) Once back in SG, i surf the net to search for marine shop to purchase saltwater since i managed to bring the tank and LS together. The best part... i came across J.M @ CCK! I know i know.. i just read an old thread bout them in 2010-11 period earlier in the evening. So i decided to drive there to check it out. The first thing i was impress with their seahorse since i find them very mystical. So i thought they must be very professional in giving me advices. End up when i wanted to pay for a new small "gayish" hang on skimmer, the lady boss told me about their QSS. She knew i was a newbie with lil' info. (I got no time to do research since always away for work, remember i support financially my fiancee for this hobby, end up im the one who got hook into it till today) She told me the hang on skimmer is not for keeping marine system. So to sum it up... she recommend me to buy the smallest QSS in their range which is around 65litres. She told me to grab 2 kg of live sand, 2 jerry can of saltwater. I add up few stuff like turbo snail, harlequin shrimp and small red starfish & their "reefmax" bacteria. The phucking best part!! -> i never ask for a receipt.. the final cost was nearly $500!!! I was surprised since she told me the QSS was around ~$200. I know it is my fault since i never ask the list of price for the items which should be in the receipt. So as a newbie, i brought it back and proudly present it to my fiancee thinking that finally we have the best system around to finally keep her nemo alive.. I know it sound like a big joke. But after we get it, since we are damn newbie, the stuff really impress us. (u know lah, clear water, no more dead fish within 7 days.) After getting that QSS, i got myself some time to read a few info online(surprisingly not from here! ) regarding marine hobby. I was somewhat "enlightened" abit. So i scout around for some stuff like PH, Ammonia, Nitrate tester. That is when i bought myself a LPS, Zoas, seafan, acantha to share with the same tank with fiancee! Hahahaha. Here come the best part: After more reading & searching online, i think the QSS feel so small compared to those system with all the "piping work", refugium, "real" skimmer, & all those "zhim" equipment. I fell in LOVE with the "real system".. but i have ZERO knowledge about those stuff. END OF STORY: Im interested to know where & who should i seek to teach me how to do those kind of stuff? Can i still use the tank i bought from J.M w/o their QSS but instead use all those "proper" gadget with a sump/refugium(remember my 1st smaller tank) and chiller? Since i'll be moving back to JB in few months time so i dont need a bigger tank for now. Maybe once i obtained all the necessary infos and knowledge, i will decided to order a bigger tank in JB & upgrade all the necessary equipment. Im so sorry for this long winded "composition" but i rather be a slow learner compared to being a stuckup arrogant fellow for not asking question. Thanks for reading and i hope all the seasoned player help me out. I really want this marine hobby to last till the end.
  15. Hi, have some items to put on sale...due to work commitment...friend decide to decomm...PM me if you see anything u fancy. 1. 1 x lumenaqua Ultrabrite led with controller - $450 (http://www.aquariumartist.com.sg/products_ultra.html) 2. 1 x Tunze 6045 wavemaker pump - $60 3. 2 x Tunze 6025 wavemaker pump - $50/each 4. 1 x Sander Ozone C50 - $60 5. 2 x Ehiem 1264 pump - $160/each or $300 both 6. 1 x Arctica JbJ Chiller 1/5HP chiller - $500 As my friend will only decomm his tank on 20th June, collection of these items will be from 20th June onwards.
  16. All, Since I have changed to Radion, there are some lightings that I want to sell to clear my spare room space......lol 1. 4x80W ATI T5 (Aluminum housing) + 2 different light plug for you to control your lighting timing...work great for me...if the price is not cut....i will throw in a 3-way programmable timing Plug for you. - Come with additional 2 light tubes (ATI Blue plus & Pink) you can play around with the colour.... - $400 (This is the price that I bought from fellow reefer) 2. Maxspect G1 180w - 4 x 30w White LED & 18 x 3w (blue & White LED) - Comes with the frame to hold onto your tank rim or ceiling mounting kit - $230 3. LED from US - 225 white/blue led bulb 14w (Good for small tank) $50 4. LED from US - 225 blue led blub 14w (totally blue setup) very nice to look at Zoas,,,, $50 4. PL Light (2ft) - $15 I will post picture later. PM me if you want discuss.
  17. Hi guys, just want to check if anyone knows a good electrician who can fix LED lighting. One row of my blue lights is not working, tested the other day by myself, LEDs are fine, so am thinking its wiring problem. Tks in advance.
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