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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, All, Astrea Snail given away. Total 4~5. No more algae for snail to consume. PM me if interest, collection at Bishan MRT after 8pm. Thanks, MT.
  2. Hi, All, Astrea Snail given away. Total 4~5. No more algae for snail to consume. PM me if interest, collection at Bishan MRT after 8pm. Thanks, MT.
  3. Hi all, I am kind of in the need of turbo snails as my tank has some algae on the walls and I want to refrain from putting my hand in there to remove the algae. So does anyone know where to buy turbo snails/any other reef-safe snails at a low price? Low price as in $3 and below.
  4. Having algae problem in your tank? We have the solution! Tested and proven - even for the "IMPOSSIBLE-TO-GET-RID" green bubble algae! Instead of killing algae using chemicals which affects water quality, how about introducing bacteria that consumes the algae?
  5. Dear all, I always buy Caulerpa and it either get split up or going pale in a week. I kept in bottom of tank with low flow. My fishes are not hurting it but still failing. All my corals doing well. Please let me know what to be done. Thanks. Appa
  6. Lowest cost and easiest way to eliminate green hair, bubble, turf and slime algae from your aquarium (hopefully permanently). This new test version of the algae scrubber is much easier to build than the waterfall version (the Mega Powerful one), and is perfect for nano's. This new scrubber has never been posted before May 2012. It works in both freshwater and saltwater. If you are like most aquatic hobbyists, nuisance algae is an ongoing problem. You try to feed your livestock, and the next thing you know, you get algae. You've already tried many fixes; some work but are expensive; s
  7. Hi I just notice that these pods growing on my macroalgae are getting bigger. What are these? turnicates? seasquirt? Or it it pods of the algae that might turn sexual? there are so many of them . O ya please help id the macroalgae as well thanks
  8. As above, selling at $20. Pm me if keen. Thanks.
  9. Hi all, I have been having a rather err... uncommon problem with my current nano set up. "Pest" algae is not growing AT ALL. I have a lawnmower blennie (affectionately known as grumpy fish > ) who needs it a lot. He's suffering from the lack of it and is nearly becoming thin. I have had my last water change 2 months ago(exam period. Chiong study all the way) and I haven't changed the filter cotton in 1 weeks in hopes of increasing algae through increased nitrates. I'm not using test kits but my anemone (only invert in tank) seems fine(it has survived 100ppm tested last time). I also have 1
  10. Hi guys, anyone know where i can get AquaCare Algae Medium in Singapore? i would like to cultivate some nannochloropsis Thanks~
  11. Hello, I have these for sale: (1) Aqua Zonic T5 Aquarium lights x 2 sets Can fit up to 40cm tanks Individual switches 2 x 14W ligh tubes included Very good condition Price - $15 per set (2) Ocean Free Refillable CO2 canister Selling with whatever you see attached to the canister in the pic below Gauge shows CO2 level Price - $40 for all shown in the pic (3) Magnetic algae cleaner x 3 Price - $2.00 each Call/SMS 96886985 View/collect in the east area. Thanks for looking.
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