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  1. Lumi gsp + 100++ pink Zoas + rbta, hand size rock @ 120 red lobo @ $30 golden cloves @ 20 multi-colour carpet anemone, 2pcs, @ $80 Palm size. pm of keen. Thanks
  2. As cny is approaching, pls be patient as I’m quite busy during this period and I get bk to u ASAP. Selling off the following: crocea clam $100dark green monti $5 or free if u buy more. Squamosa $700lumi gsp $10 but depend on how much I can peel off.green Millie fully encrusted, can snip a frag or two from it. $5 some brown frags to be given away for reefers who bought from me for this Decom if they want. brown out secale left half a colony with some brown tips. $10 Red acan free injured green acan $150. orange and green mix monti each $10 Big rock with multiple orange yuma and blue green yuma (more than 10pcs) $100 branch rock tree with green, yellow hammer and yellow tip green torch $300.toxic green frogspawn $100zoas rock (eagle eye, purple monster, utter chaos, and rainbow infusion). $120 Collection located along woodlands ave 6 at my place. Pls bring own pail.
  3. Hihi, selling the following 1. Toadstool $35 about 11cm x 7cm 2. Metallic gsp $15 2cm Open to trade with zoas too Collection at dover, bouna vista.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for green star polyp frags and bubble tip anemones. If you have one thay you would like to sell/trade/giveaway pls do comment here! Budget: $25 BTA colors: preferably red or green, and size of min 5cm. (For a clownfish to hopefully host) Also, I live in Toa Payoh, so if your location is far but you would still like to sell/trade, pls do have a meetup halfway! Thanks
  5. Two types of GSP growing together on the rock, fist size. Selling with $40. Please PM if you are interested.
  6. Green Hair GSP growing on plugs and seashell. $15 2 plugs, 1 seashell and small rock
  7. Hi all, I have the following for sale Collection at 791403, and fcfs or can reserve with deposit (will reserve for a max of 2 weeks) Please Whatsapp at 9338 5671 1. Siporax 15mm @ $18/litres (1-4litres) & $16/litres (5litres and above) 2. Hanna calcium reagent set (both powder and liquid) expiry Oct 2019 @$25/box 3. DVH all-in-one biopellets (reduces both phosphate and nitrates), @$50 4. Reef-roids @$15 5. Aussie ultra leather @$20 6. GSP @$5 Thanks!
  8. 1 - GSP (nos. 1 - 4) $5ea 2 - GSP (no. 5) $2 3 - Duncan $10 4 - Duncan $15 5 - Orange Mille $15 Collection Chai Chee Whatsapp 98212678
  9. 1 - GSP $10 2 - SSC $40 3 - Duncans (20+ Heads) $100 Collection Chai Chee Whatsapp 98212678
  10. Hi,all, The following new frag for sale. A] Red Eagle Eye - $30 B] Red Eagle Eye - $20 C] Red Eagle Eye - $15 D] Sunny D - $30 E] Radioactive Paly - $20 F] Radioactive Paly - $20 H] Luminous GSP - $10 I] Luminous GSP -$10 Watapps: Nine6959371: Happy reefing.
  11. hi selling the below. wysiwyg A: 40 (colony) B: 15 C: 30 (gsp rock - large. bring your own pail and probably tankwater too...) D: 15 E: 10 collection 436919. interested pm or contact me @83284194. Thanks.
  12. Chucks Bride Zoa A - 2 polyp $25 B - 2 polyp $25 C - 4 polyp $50 D - 3 polyp $35 E - 3 polyp $35 Miyagi Tort $48 about 5 cm height GSP $10 Water Melon Milli (table) $58 Collection at woodlands Whats app 81380138 Thanks for viewing.
  13. Chucks Bride Zoa A - 2 polyp $25 B - 2 polyp $25 C - 4 polyp $50 D - 3 polyp $35 E - 3 polyp $35 Miyagi Tort $48 about 5 cm height GSP $10 Water Melon Milli (table) $58 Collection at woodlands Whats app 81380138 Thanks for viewing.
  14. Hi all, is it possible to keep green star polyps or mushroom corals in an aquarium without protein skimmer?
  15. I have a few more livestock left for sale and can be pick up by today or tomorrow. 1. Sailfin Tang (bout 4-5 Inches and no damage) S$40 2. Chromis 6 pcs. This guys are my very first fish. S$20 3. GSP 1 = S$15 4. Pulsing Xenia 4 with Clove S$10 - attached to a medium size rock. WhatsApp : 85223044 Location : Admiralty Drive Sembawang (near Canberra Primary School) Bags will be provided. All livestock are still in the tank. Equipment sale to follow after all livestock are sold. Thanks for the Support. -Richard
  16. Video here. Need to clear space. Size: Half of palm size $10. Collection East. Healthy coral.
  17. Hi; selling the below:- GSP both ($50) Xenia like coral ($30) Thanks.
  18. WTG Ultra GSP. Anyone have frags?
  19. Dear Reefers, I have some rocks that is in my tank for the last 3 months. I would like to sell them for $20 due to decom. I have another pail of dead rocks to give away as part of the sale. You will get some hitchhiker (I feel they are good ones). 1. RBTA - rose bubble tip anemone (attached to the rock) 2. GSP - green star polyps (~ 10) 3. Coraline algae It would be great if you can come today 8pm - 10pm cause I am running lights, chiller, skimmer...etc for the RBTA. ha ha... Please PM me only if you are really keen and can come at the above timing. Thank you.
  20. I thought powder Blue tang is reef safe? I thought something wrong with my GSP with the reductions of polyps until I capture my pbt is eating my gsp... Anyone experience this before?
  21. Hi everybody: Anyone out there has similar experience and how to get ride of them completely ? They are growing everywhere !!! Even onto my Capitata
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