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  1. WTB - sands, live rock and salts to start off a 1 feet tank for marine fish keeping for my son. Anyone has extra to offer for such a small tank, do pm me. Preferred Location : Sengkang. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, giving away, left 1-2kg I think. Collect near admiralty mrt at my place. Gd for fowlr tank setups. Pls pm me if u r keen, thks.
  3. Hi Bros and Sis, NEW-biee here on Marine Tank. It has been a couple of months since I started to have interest on Marine tanks. Looking at pictures, following threads and finally made up my mind to setup one. After visiting AQUARAMA 2015, it infuriated my longing to have like and so I started buying the necessary equipments. It has been a past few days that I ordered my tank, (long weekend) finally it will be delivered tomorrow. I know that I could be guided by experienced reefers out there. I admire the patience and efforts to the marine tank hobbyists. And I hope I could be like one someday. And so my journey starts. Below, my is my setup. Feel free to comment. It will be fully appreciated. Cheers REEFERS! TANK ANS Opti COMBI50 Set w/ Overflow + Sump filter 50 x 45cm Total Dimension : 53 x 46.5 x 136cm Opti Tank w/ Overflow : 50 x 45 x 50cm (10mm thick glass) Black Sit in Cabinet Sump Filter Tank : 45 x 36 x 45cm Tank approximately 112.5 liters ( 28.9 US gallons) Sump: 72.5 liters ( 18.7 US gallons) Return Pump JEBAO DC-6000 DC pump with speed controller DC6000 – from 1800 litre to 6000 litres Skimmer Bubble- Magus C5.5 Pump : ROCK SP2000 Power : 220V/110V ,16W Air intake : 520L/H Size :220*140*520MM Capacity :300L -500L Chiller Resun CL- 650 1/4 HP Wave Maker JEBAO RW-4 Wavemaker 4000l/h Light ODYSSEA EVO Led 18" 27W Skyblue ( LED 10000K and LED Actinic Blue Mix) Filtration Media 1. sock with Matrix by Seachem 2. Blue Wool 3. Activated Charcoal 4. OceanFree Pro Filter series (3M Nuggets) 5. Sinopore intensive bio ring Additives/ Bacteria SeaChem Head Start conditioning pack *Prime- 3ml/ 30 gal *Stability - 14 ml/ 112.5 liter (1st day), 7 mls x 7days, 7mls/monthly *Clarity - 7mls when necessary Substrate CaribSea Arag-Alive 20 lbs Fiji-pink 0.5- 1.5 mm Live Rock OceanSing Cured Live-Rock 15kg
  4. Hi, I've open this thread to look for people that is letting go their beautiful precious giant clam. (20cm+) Please pm me with a picture and pricing. Thank you for reading.
  5. I've tried for a long time to find someone to help me maintain my tank, the price point is just too high. So in great sadness I want to teardown my tank. I'm 5 by 2 by 2. Its got live rock. So I need someone to drain it, take away the live rock. (In pretty good shape), this is worth good money. Remove the sand/media and just leave the glass. My skimmer is still good, chiller with a cleaning I think is ok. I have 2 build-my-leds that are relatively new ( less than 200 hours). If your wanting to do a new tank, live rock, skimmer, and leds is well close to 2K. So make a offer, and help me out.
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm currently looking for LED lighting in for my marine fish, but have no idea where i can purchase them in SG, no keen in buying online as i prefer visual before purchase. Any recommendation of shops or brand? budget around $250 and my tank size is 48"
  7. Hello fellow reefers! I've recently started a 34L nano tank and I'm hoping to pick up a couple of tips from you guys. I was warned about how this hobby was a time and money suck. But one day out of nowhere, I ended up at Iwarna and bought an OF 34L IOS tank from Aunty. Now there's no turning back. I've documented my progress. This is ultimately going to be a zoa tank. DAY 1 - Live rocks (not very exciting). Here's the scape. Very nicely done up by my patient bf. I wanted to let it cycle for about a week before introducing livestock but I'm not as patient as I'd like to be. DAY 3 - Invertebrates, a clown and a wrasse. Wrapped up work and made a trip down to the only marine LFS (that I know of) open after "office hours". Bought a clownfish, a green wrasse, an RBTA, an urchin, cleaner shrimp and a 3-pack of sexy shrimp from Aquamarin. Threw in a starfish and hermit crab (originally from my bf's tank) for good measure too. Here's a sexy shrimp party that the hermit crab crashed. DAY 4 - GSP wall Got myself some GSP and BSI'd it at the back in hopes that it'll bloom into an unstoppable wall of green. Doesn't look very promising here. But I will remain optimistic. DAY 7 - Operation zoa flowerbed I decided it was time to pile in the livestock. Got myself some zoas, palys, acan, pulsing xenia, coco worm, clam, green octo coral and golden clove. Most of them here are from my bf's tank. Also, a trip down to LCK and the Pasir Ris farms can do wonders. I got a royal gramma, a couple of yumas and a one-dollar clown. I'm working towards a zoa-saturated top tier. I'll post more pictures really soon.
  8. Friends, I have 4 pieces of LR to let go.. They have been in my reef tank for 1+ years. Total weight about 8kg. Selling $30. Location: Seletar Hills estate (YCK-AMK Ave 5) Get in touch at 9107 tree tree 27 if you are interested. Thank you.
  9. Alright, recently I started a 70Litre 60cm tank, two of them infact, connected by a fish tunnel. They have both been running for a month together with 2 powerheads and one large overhang filter. So on 15 December I decided to go and buy a cleaner shrimp, ocellaris clownfish, and a cleaner wrasse. My reason for buying the cleaner wrasse was due to me seeing the wrasse eat pellets in the marine fish shop, the auntie demonstrated to me by putting in a pinch of pellets, it ate. When I came back, I dripped the fish and acclimated them to my tank which is at specific gravity 1.026 (I have not done tests regarding nitrate, hardness, nitrite, ammonia, and phosphorous). After releasing them into the tanks, the cleaner shrimp proceeded to hide behind the large piece of rock, occasionally peeking out. Clownfish went to the middle of the tank and started to move in that head-bobbing up and down swimming motion all clownfish seem to do. The cleaner wrasse just decided to swim all around the tank, and when the lights when out, the cleaner wrasse went and slept in the hole under my rock, I have some substrate. Now it has been 3 days and they all seem to be eating well. The cleaner shrimp comes out and takes pellets which flow low enough, and the clownfish eats the pellets that are in the mid-high part of the water column. The cleaner wrasse on the other hand, refuses to take pellets. For 3 days now it has been doing this. It seems like its about to go for the pellets, it swims toward it in an aggressive feeding way, but then, before its mouth comes within about 3 millimetres of the pellet, it turns away and goes for another pellet, it keeps doing this until all the pellets at the bottom, which the shrimp takes away and eats.. So far it has not eaten in 3 days, or as far as what I know. I know, idiotic impulse purchaser. I tried using fresh garlic and soaking the pellets. The clownfish becomes more hyperactive during feeding, but the cleaner wrasse's "eating" behaviour is simply sped up. I've hit a wall, I don't want to kill this little guy. So I called the marine shop, asking if they do fish returns or fish swaps. Nope, they don't, and they say "All fish shops usually never do this." Reason for this is because I frequently see forum topics and people posting things regarding Fish-returns and Fish-swapping. So all I can do now is to give this fish away for free, being that I do not have a tank with a large enough population of livestock to keep this little gem alive. Thanks for reading, if you want the fish just say it in your post or send me a private message. Although I am giving this fish away for free, it would be nice if I could get something that can help me in return, maybe something like a few clean-up crew members. (Sorry if it may not be in the right forum, I'm sort of new.)
  10. Display LWH: 3.0x1.0x1.5 IOS LWH: 0.5x0.5x1.5 Currently skimmerless (no space available yet) Chiller: Resun280 Lights: 2x t5 white + 2x t5 actinic blue + 2x blue LED FR: biopellet FR (in-progress setup) Plan Livestocks: LR,LPS,Softies,Fish Ammonia and Nitrite currently 0, Nitrate around 20~40, hopefully with biopellet FR will reduce soon http://youtu.be/hElyut99LNc http://youtu.be/vf9t9EkT9r8 Any advice let me know....
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