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  1. Did a few upgrades in my system thus selling the following items in a "price-to-let-go" 1. ADV Reef Reactor -- $30 (missing coupling for replacement) 2. Skimz FM100 -- $60 3. Skimz Monster E Series SM251 -- $400 (foc waste collector w/o O-ring) 4. Aquatic Systems Design Calcium Reactor -- $250 (welded cracklines but doesn't affect operation and effeciency) 5 ATB Skimmer Med -- $300 (no pump, recommended pump min 1300L/hr, shows crack line internally but doesn't affect operation and efficiency) Open for negotiations
  2. Hi folks, I have a DC protein skimmer for sale. The brand is Skimz Model SV203 cone shape, for up to 1200 ltrs tank. It a good skimmer brought brand new and used for less than 2 years. Asking for $280 fixed and self collect at Yew Tee area. Please pm me with contact number, FCFS. Thanks for reading. Cheers,
  3. I have the following used skimmer set for sale. Skimmer suitable for 75-300 gallon systems. Comes together with Eheim Universal 1264 pump, selling at S$250 (everything). Standalone price: - Skimmer: $100 - Eheim pump: $200 (Ehem Pump 1264, Specification) - Dimension: 218 x 116 x 161mm - Litres/hours: 4500 l/hrs
  4. Anyone need a dymax skimmer. (Pump is running but somewhere got stuck) Maybe can repair or just replace the pump. Size about 60cm tall. $10 only (skimmer and defective pump) (free plastic media ball 1/2 bucket) want to clear fast Self collect at Punggol alan 90716505
  5. Used WEIPRO SA -2011 skimmer for sale $40 without pump interested pls sms or call 96633566 thanks
  6. Used WEIPRO SA -2011 skimmer for sale $40 without pump interested pls sms or call 96633566 thanks
  7. Posting on behalf, please contact seller directly @ 96896l2O Selling at $100 negotiable
  8. Hi reefers, Some equipment lying in store & had tested ok. KH powder(unopen) - $10 Boyu nano skimmer(pump driven, but top cover missing) - $10 Transformer adaptor(step down to 110V) for other region equipment - $10 Timer(not digital) - $8 Magnet cleaner - $6 Ehiem pellets feeder - $28 Ezy filtration sys w/ pump & skimmer(FOC air pump) - $16 1 feet T5(dual tube - blue/white) w/ additional tube - $14 Dymax fan - $12 PAR38 - Full spectrum(white/blue/deep blue/UV/green/red) - $36 LED lightset - 10W white(center), 4 x 3W blue, 2 x 3W UV & 2 x
  9. Dear all, I have the following items for sale: Sanrise Aqua Pro LED (30 cm) without WIFI controller (used for 3 months) - selling @ $260 Hailea HS28A 1/10 hp (used for 5 months) - selling @ $300 Reef Octopus OTP 1000 hang-on-back skimmer (used for 1 year 3 months) - selling @ $170 All items can be self-collected near the old Hougang Plaza, preferably from 8 pm onwards. If you are interested, please PM me. Thanks.
  10. After more then 10 years of hobby, it's time to shut down permanently due to new born child. Live stocks have been given away, only equipment left. Daeilea Fish Cooler DBE-200 OR6500 pump Skimz FR with aquabee pump (need to replace impeller) Tunze 6100 Tunze Multicontroller - moonlite spoilt Tunze Magnet Holder Tunze Coral Fix H&S Protein Skimmer with aquabee pump (need to replace impeller. needle wheel included) Koralin CR Take all for $700 nego.
  11. Hi guys, I have some equipments and test kits to sell off at negotiated price. Reefoctopus reactor 110 ($80) Schuran reactor with aquabee pump ($75) AquaBee pump 2000i ($80) Maxi Jet water pump 1200 I/hr (can adjust flow) ($25) Maxi Jet water pump 1700 I/hr (can adjust flow) ($35) Octopus pump 7000 I/hr used for 23 months ($150) Ehiem Compact 3000 ($100) Tunze nanostream 6055 x2 ($150 Each) Tunze nanostream 6095 used for around 6months ($300) Tunze Multi controller 7095 ($200) H&S skimmer A150 external ($250)
  12. Need to let go this wonderful skimmer as I need space for a refugium. Just replace the needle wheel propeller last month and you can refer to the following link on the specs of the skimmer. Looking at $400. Collection at Fernvale. PM me if you are interested. http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=1620 Cheers!
  13. WTS item #1. H&S Skimmer without pump Starting bid: $1 Minimum increment: $1 Good for DIY Height: 20 inch Diameter: 6 inch ---------------------------------------- WTS item #2. Micro Skimmer without pump Starting bid: $1 Minimum increment: $1 Good for DIY Height: 19.75 inch Diameter: 5 inch ---------------------------------------- Important Note: 1) Winning bidder may not the highest price bider. 2) Winning based on this order (a) total price raised (b) the number time for bidding. Consecutive bid after he/her own is invalid. (c
  14. Selling my collection of SKIMZ IBOX NANO TANKS with Build-in Skimmer as following per what you see in the attached pictures: 1. Skimz iBox 20 Nano Tank with build-in Skimmer in White Color at $90 2. Skimz iBox 20 Nano Tank with build-in Skimmer in Black Color at $70 (Skimmer in working condition but has some noise) You can refer to the following links for more info on the Nano Tank and the Skimmer: http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=1551 http://aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=1647 Interested party please PM me with your contact to arrange for viewi
  15. Selling the following : 1. Used Dymax IQ Nano skimmer at $10 each. Have two pieces for sale: 2. New Dymax IQ Nano skimmer at $18 each. Have two pieces for sale: Please PM me if you are interested for viewing and collection in Sengkang on a first come first serve basis. Collection can be arranged at Sengkang MRT station to make it easy for interested parties. Thanks
  16. Auction 3 items, Bidding will end 18 March 2016 2359hrs, Collection between Kallang to Eunos MRT at night, home delivery additional $10. 1) WTS: H&S skimmer Starting bid: S$150 Minimum increment: S$15 The spec is shown on picture 2) WTS: Skimz Reactor Starting bid: S$25 Minimum increment: S$5 The spec is shown on picture 3) WTS: 800 Pump Starting bid: S$9 Minimum increment: S$1 The spec is shown on picture Thank you
  17. I am looking for a skimmer for 500L capacity. Pls feel free to pm me. regards neutral
  18. Bought this DC skimmer pump 2 weeks ago from AM as I thought my current pump is faulty, end up it is only the power adapter is faulty. Bought at $308 and selling at $220 without the power adapter. You can get the power adapter from AM or Sim Lim Tower. I throw away the receipt but AM have the warranty sticker so it is still covered under warranty. Price is fix as this is a good deal at my lost. Kindly PM me if you are interest and deal at Fernvale LRT station.
  19. Selling used Tunze Nano skimmer at $100 each. Have two pieces for sale.on a first come first serve basis. Interested party please PM me to arrange for viewing and collection in Sengkang. Collection can be arranged at the Sengkang MRT to make it easy for interested party. Thanks.
  20. As above. Selling the following: 1) 5 stage RODI system with booster pump - $350 2) Deltec SC 1350 skimmer - $280 Will upload pictures tonight. PM me if interested. Thank you
  21. Hi, I have a 2x2x2 display tank and 2x2 sump. What size of skimmer do I need? What are the minimum spects it should have? Do I need an additional pump?
  22. The Ocean Free Stream 3 filter uses "Hydro-Pure" technology to ensure your tank has stable water quality while being environmentally friendly. By filtering through a 3-step process, the Hydra will turn your ammonia, nitrate, nitrite and phosphate into biologically clean water. Suitable for tanks under 2,500 litres. Ultra high efficiency Designed for higher water volume capacity Achieve and maintain optimal water quality and enhance your existing water/ filter system with Hydra Technology. Multiple fittings provided for ease of connection (12/16mm & 16/22mm) Stable water quality Environme
  23. Hi, selling the Deltec SC1455 skimmer. Use for 1 year +. Price: $350. Please PM, cheers!
  24. I am selling off my bubble magus Curve 9 for $200. It is used for less than 6 months. Protein skimmer cleaned up. Can put in tank and start straight away. Collection at Punggol.
  25. Hi all, Selling the following: 1) Arctica 1/10 HP chiller - $320 2) Bubble Magus Curve 9 skimmer - $220 3) Maxspect Gyre XF130 - $190 4) Skimz Monzter FM100 Fluidised Reactor - $60 PM me if you are interested. Collection at CCK. Thanks.
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