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  1. Auction 3 items, Bidding will end 18 March 2016 2359hrs, Collection between Kallang to Eunos MRT at night, home delivery additional $10. 1) WTS: H&S skimmer Starting bid: S$150 Minimum increment: S$15 The spec is shown on picture 2) WTS: Skimz Reactor Starting bid: S$25 Minimum increment: S$5 The spec is shown on picture 3) WTS: 800 Pump Starting bid: S$9 Minimum increment: S$1 The spec is shown on picture Thank you
  2. I am looking for a skimmer for 500L capacity. Pls feel free to pm me. regards neutral
  3. Bought this DC skimmer pump 2 weeks ago from AM as I thought my current pump is faulty, end up it is only the power adapter is faulty. Bought at $308 and selling at $220 without the power adapter. You can get the power adapter from AM or Sim Lim Tower. I throw away the receipt but AM have the warranty sticker so it is still covered under warranty. Price is fix as this is a good deal at my lost. Kindly PM me if you are interest and deal at Fernvale LRT station.
  4. Selling used Tunze Nano skimmer at $100 each. Have two pieces for sale.on a first come first serve basis. Interested party please PM me to arrange for viewing and collection in Sengkang. Collection can be arranged at the Sengkang MRT to make it easy for interested party. Thanks.
  5. As above. Selling the following: 1) 5 stage RODI system with booster pump - $350 2) Deltec SC 1350 skimmer - $280 Will upload pictures tonight. PM me if interested. Thank you
  6. Hi, I have a 2x2x2 display tank and 2x2 sump. What size of skimmer do I need? What are the minimum spects it should have? Do I need an additional pump?
  7. Guest

    OF Hydra stream

    The Ocean Free Stream 3 filter uses "Hydro-Pure" technology to ensure your tank has stable water quality while being environmentally friendly. By filtering through a 3-step process, the Hydra will turn your ammonia, nitrate, nitrite and phosphate into biologically clean water. Suitable for tanks under 2,500 litres. Ultra high efficiency Designed for higher water volume capacity Achieve and maintain optimal water quality and enhance your existing water/ filter system with Hydra Technology. Multiple fittings provided for ease of connection (12/16mm & 16/22mm) Stable water quality Environmentally Friendly Chemical-free process Effectively controls nitrite & nitrate by eliminating ammonia with groundbreaking Hydro-Pure technology Compatible with hobby pump and external filter, internal filter, sump tank, top trickle filter and pond applications Not sure anyone heard of this product before, was recommend to buy this product for a filtration system. I've only use this product for my 2 feet tank and thinking to use it for my up coming 5 ft tank. Reading the pros and cons it was known to replace skimmer. Personally as a reefer I would have done many research regarding the equipment and there's an old thread about it which consist only 3 posts http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/120314-review-on-ocean-free-hydra-stream/ I don't wish to revive an old thread asking about his/her experience on it so far on the product. Any one that use this product before please let reply to this thread to let us know does it do what it say it does? Of course myself I would update a review on this base on my 2 feet. >:) Review are very important to allow reefer like us to know what is efficient and what is cost saving. Well i'm pretty sure this product is out there for few years surely some of you bro have try it before. Thanks for reading. Cant find online booklet about its function so for those who want know more about it you can hear this old man talking
  8. Hi, selling the Deltec SC1455 skimmer. Use for 1 year +. Price: $350. Please PM, cheers!
  9. I am selling off my bubble magus Curve 9 for $200. It is used for less than 6 months. Protein skimmer cleaned up. Can put in tank and start straight away. Collection at Punggol.
  10. Hi all, Selling the following: 1) Arctica 1/10 HP chiller - $320 2) Bubble Magus Curve 9 skimmer - $220 3) Maxspect Gyre XF130 - $190 4) Skimz Monzter FM100 Fluidised Reactor - $60 PM me if you are interested. Collection at CCK. Thanks.
  11. Dear Reefers, I'll be decomming my 4ft x 2ft x 2.5ft FOWLR Tank and convert to turtle tank for lower maintenance due to ongoing poor health which requires medication and treatment. Hence I cannot physically maintain the large tank and will have to decom partially to cut some losses. Fortunately I still have my nano reef tank which is really easy maintenance as compared to this monster. The tank was contracted to The Fish Channel (TFC) and commissioned in Dec 2014. I'm looking to sell the following items: 1: [No Copper] Premium Grade Live Rocks with Coralline Algae Supply from TFC (refer to attach pictures) - more than 50kg, S$500 2: Hailea Chiller 1/2HP HS90A with feed pump and hose (plug and play) - S$350 3: Bubble Magus Curve 9 - S$200 4: Jebao WP25 - S$20 5: Fishes - Most will be FOC with purchase (only available after Live Rocks are sold) 6: Live sand - FOC (Reefers are welcome to scoop after LR and fishes are removed) [there should be 5 super tongan nassarius snail among the live sand] Please pm for contact details. Please bring own pails, containers, plastic bags, etc. Collection at Yishun.
  12. Hi guy just wanna check if colour of the skim from skimmer will tell anything abt your water quality? ?
  13. Dear Reefers, Letting go the following items due to upgrade. All the equipment below used for less than 3 months. PM me your contact to deall via whatsapp or message. 1. Sump tank Dimension: 60cm x 50cm x40cm 3 compartments Price: $100 2. Skimmer Brand and model: Skimz SN143 Reference: http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=1640 Price: $200 3. Biopellet Reactor Brand and model: Skimz BR100 Reference: http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=1646 Price: $100 *Note: Biopellet, pump and fluidized reactor in the picture is not included. Since I will be doing staggered update, the following is the date of the collection of the items: 1. Sump tank - Aug 5, 2015 2. Skimmer and Biopellet Reactor - Aug 2, 2015 Photo of the above items as below. Price above negotiable. Cheers!
  14. Decom sales 1) 2 x Naso Blonde Tang 6" ( $15 each) 2) Unknown tang 6" (black color) ($10) 3) Artificial Liferock and Liferock (see pic for pricing. For sizing purposes,my tank is 6ft) 4) Skimz Monster SM251 + 2 ES5000 needlewheel pump + spares ($200) 5) ATC Refractometer ($35) (Barely used) 6)Hydrometer (salinity,temperature) ($5) 7)Vortech MP40w-ES (Wireless) ($300) 8)Jebao WP40 ($40) 9) Laguna Max Flo 16000 ($200) 10) 50g bluetub ( for mixing water) ($20) 11) ADV Reef Skimmer collection cup (With overflow prevention) ($20) 12) Fluid Reactor ($25) 13) Dual Fluid Reactor ($40) 14) Tropic marin IMMUVIT (Unopened) ($10) 15) Bulk Reef Suppy Biopellets (around 1litre) ($30)
  15. Hey guys, So i just put my Aquatic life internal skimmer in water. It worked for a while and stopped working after 1 min. I put my in water, i get electric shocked!! I remove and dismantle it, and the pump was HOT!! And does work anymore!! What just happend??? Its 115v plug, i used international adapter for it. Same with a small power head too! IT also heat up and doesnt work HELP!!
  16. Hello, Im moving out of singapore and i have some used equipments to sell off. Laguna pump 11000LPH @ 120 H&S 150 External Skimmer @ 150 (we have a few) H&S 110 External Skimmer @ 80 (we have a few) Deltec TC 2060 External @ 550 Waveline DC pump 11000 Brand new @ 200 I'll update the post if I have some other equipments for sale. Interested please PM me for more information. Thanks. =)
  17. Selling Deltec AP 600 Skimmer cheap! Looking at $120 only. Self collect from Telok Kurau. Thanks.
  18. Deltec sc1350- $300 TLF phosban reactor 550- $70 4x24w T5 delightings (6mths) with ati tubes- $200 Collect in jurong west. PM me. Thanks.
  19. Anyone Selling Skimmer For 2ft-3ft Tank? Pm me Brand & Price. Thanks
  20. Hi all, want to sell My Deltec SC2060 skimmer at $500, with me since January 2013, still in very good working condition, suitable for tank up to 6ft. contact me at 96382799, thanks.
  21. Hi all, I have the following equipments to sell: 1) MP40ES x 2 units - use for 3.5 years, still working good at $500 for both. 2) Santa monica Surf 4 Algae Scrubble x 2 units, $500 each - exclude air pump. 3) Bio -pellet FR, can load 1000ml bio pellets at $50 4) Skimz Rowaphostb FR (big size) at $60 5) I-81 protein skimmer ( good for tank up to 5ft), used for few months, $160 6) Tunze 6650 at $60 7) Tunze 6800 at $60 Interested parties, please whatsapp me at 96382799 for pictures, thanks.
  22. Guest

    Vodka / Bio Pellet

    Dear Reefers, Today I have some question in mind that wish some of you can answer for me! Will give my gratitude before asking the question. Thank you 1: How long does it take for a bio pellet to work ( as in melt and start reducing nitrate) 2: Can you dose vodka and run bio pellet at same time? 3: Does the ethanol in vodka evaporate or skim out? 4: When I start vodka dosing, do i need to turn my chiller more cold inorder for more oxygen. (since warmer water deplete oxygen faster) 5: Do i dose in the main tank or in the sump ( Skimmer portion or bio filter portion) Thank you for your time I'm using Absolute vodka 80 Proof 40% alch. For bio pellet I'm using Reef Octopus Bio sphere. Running in Skimz Reactor PS: I still do 10% water change per week.
  23. I bought the following items (most are with photos) at various times of my freshwater and marine aquarium hobby and feel that I should try to get rid of them now to make space at home and to get back some money to buy new stuff. If any of the buyers want some Chaetomorpha algae, I can give them out in palm size bunches while stocks last. The collection point is most weekdays (Mon-Fri) at Hougang MRT/Hougang Mall after 8 pm. Please pm me if you are keen and we can work out the collection arrangment. Let's start with the second hand items. The original prices are in brackets and the prices I am letting them go are after that. I cannot guarantee that all these items are in 100% perfect condition though and they probably need some soaking to get rid of the coralline algae encrusted on them. (1) Bubble Magus Q3 protein skimmer used for 10 months ($160) - $100 (2) TUNZE DOC skimmer 9004 used for 3 months ($179) - $140 The rest are all new items that I have not used before and are still in their boxes and/or wrappers (some are with their original price tags too). If you take more than 4 items, I am willing to give a 10% discount on the items purchased. (3) Ocean Free Z-1000 Air Pump - $7.80 (4) Ada Submersible Pump WA-700 - $14 (5) Boyu FS-602 Cooling Fan - $24 (6) Sunsun Vibration Pump JVP-101 - $37.80 (7) SEIO M820 (3,200 ltr/hr) Super Flow Pump - $47.60 (8) JBJ Ocean Pulse Duo Wavemaker WM-01 - $48 (9) Hailea HX-6830 Immersible Pump - $48.50 (10) Eden 128 Centrifugal Pump - $59 (11) Cherry Aqua - iNano LED light - $189 Thanks everyone!
  24. the photo below show 6 days of skimming. Am i over skimming my tank. basic tank info. 230gal DT bm curve 9 skimmer 9 chromis 2 blue tang 2 tomato 1 maroon on iso box 1 gobby 1 cleaner shrimp few cuc 2 lps 8 soft corals 4 cubes frozen mysis per day few pellets for cuc and gobby phytoplankton twice a week weekly supplement iodine calcium reef traces
  25. Bought for $589 last year. In used for about 1 year 4 months. I would like $380 for it. Kindly message me at 945, double zero, double three, nine.
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