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  1. The skimmer is still good to use if you get a waveline DC 5000 pump locally. It is 1.5 year old bought from aquarium artist. The DC pump is spoiled, but it sometimes runs too. If you can fix it, it is good for you. Price: one dollar Collection at Serangoon today or tomorrow, else it will be disposed. If interested, please SMS 94880692.
  2. Selling the following spare equipment; 1. RedSea Prizm PRO Skimmer (no surface skimmer) -- $50 2. 2ft x 4 tubes Aquazonic T5 light set -- $50 Items negotiable, collection at Bedok Reservoir View. jon
  3. 18 months Bubble Magus NAC3.5 Skimmer let go at 60.00. The cup cover has a small hair line crack but doesn't affect the performance. 3 days personnel warranty. Collection at Jurong West area. PM me if interested. Spec : - Dimensions: 4.5" x 6.6" x 17.1 " - Capability : 100L-300L(25G-80G) - Pump: atman ph1100 - Pump power: 8W,220V 50Hz /110V 60Hz - Water Level :8"-10"
  4. Hey all, just decomm my current setup. Have the following to let go: 1. Tunze doc nano 9002 skimmer. Modified to use external air inlet for more control and quiet operation. Can revert to original setup. Price: $80 2. Newave wavemaker NWA 1.6 adj 800-1600 l/h. Price: $40 3. BOYU PL light for 1 feet. Price: $10 4. Programmable timer (3 individual timing possible) for wavemaker, lighting. Sockets and plug needs adaptor as its those 3 slanted types (non-EU type). Unused. Price: $15. All items were previously used and are in good working condition. Please PM if keen. I have a nano i
  5. Hi guys, selling the above for $120 Age about 4.5 months old if I am not wrong. Currently it is running in my tank. Selling due to upgrading to bigger tank. Pls pm to deal; collection at central. Cheers!
  6. The air does not reach the impeller and there will be no bubble every time I restart the skimmer after maintenance (cleaning the collection cup). I had to "prime the skimmer" by blowing into the air intake tube for a few seconds before bubbles start to appear. I have been doing this every time I restart the skimmer. I did not have this issue when it was new. Is this normal? Does anyone have the same problem? BTW, I am using Skimz SM121.
  7. More equipment for sale. All items has been wash and cleaned. 1) Skimz skimmer SM201. Excellent workhorse skimmer. Impeller has been changed before at AM for the new improved version. Washed n cleaned ..no coralline. $300 2) Atman at-105 pump - $35 3) Top- up tank with glass cover. black silicon. 35X12X51cm .Come with optional floating flow valve (with mounting bracket) to hook up with rodi. Both for $100. 4) JBJ ATO with new diy replace float sensor $90 5) reef sand for sale. No brand. Sealed in pack. Grade 1X 4 pack and Grade 3 X2 pack. Approx 9-10kg per bag.Take all 6 bags( V
  8. Helping a fellow reefer (chuchu) who is a newbie post, pls contact him directly for faster transactions. Here r the items: 1:(60cm-30cm-36cm)tank 2:(45cm-35cm-32cm)tank ALL TANKS HAVE NO SUMP TANK AND IS suitable for a qt tank 3:BM skimmer Q3 hang-on 4:BM skimmer newQQ 5:2 sets of sicce voyager 1 6:sicce External filter whale 120 7:sicce external filter whale 200 8:2 sets of dymax vortex cooling fan w-8 9:aqua zonic 2ft light with one tube of purple-plus from ATI another tube is a aqua zonic actinic blue tube. ANYONE INTERSETED PLS PM (chuchu) OR WHATSAPP 96180120
  9. Posting on behalf of a friend who has decom his 3ft tank. He has the following equipments for 1st round sale. 3ft T5 light with 2 actinic blue tubes: $80 Lumini Glisten 150R LED light: $250 Hailea HC 500A Chiller: $200 MP10W ES(use for about a year): $290 MP40W ES(use for slightly more then 6 mths): $460 Reef Octopus skimmer(good for 3ft & above): $200 Pls contact him direct at 90024245. Pics are attached within.
  10. Hi all, The reservoir of my beckett skimmer has a slight leak. I will need 2 days to patch it up. Anyone who has a spare skimmer to lend me for 2 days? please contact me at 9740onetwooneeight Thanks!
  11. No takers from my previous thread so I'm breaking up the sale into individual items. Details refer here: Give me your highest offer Red Sea Prizm Skimmer with surface skimmer attachment Water containers x 4 Free Of Charge False percula clown fish x 2 T5 light (2 x 36W but only has 1 x actinic) 2 feet Nisso curved tank Grade C0 sand Lots of Live Rocks Buyers of the skimmer or water containers will be given priority for the FoC items.
  12. Currently, I am running these 2 skimmers and would like to upgrade to 1 bigger skimmer. 1. Red Sea Prizm - $100 Purchased this first hand in April 2013 http://www.redseafish.com/index.aspx?id=4387 2. Bubble Magus NAC - QQ - $30 Purchased this 2nd hand in July 2013 Note: missing sand cover and mount screw. This is how it should look like. Collection at Woodlands. Apologize for the poorly taken pictures.
  13. Hi, After keeping my super-simple 2 feet marine tank for years, I have to decommision it due to family commitments. I would like to sell as a complete package: 2 feet Nisso tank (curved edge) Red Sea Prizm Skimmer with surface skimmer attachment (original cone-shaped attachment is lost) 2 x T5 lamp (currently has only 1 x T5 actinic installed) Auto on/off power timer for the lamp C0 sand bed (approx. 2 inches) 2 x false percula clown fishes (healthy) A lot of liverocks Price: S$70.00 I also have 4 x blue jerry cans for holding natural sea water. If you're interested, I c
  14. Hi, Has anyone used Resun SK300 skimmer before with good skimate for nano tank (<60L)? I have googled but not much info regards to this skimmer leh so hope there are users here to share. Be it negative or possible comments..please advice ! Btw, this Resun SK300 is having the same spec and size as Italy made nano skimmer, Haquoss Nanoskim (sold in Aquamara 2013). But the only different is the max tank size rated is >95L (Resun SK300) and >120L for NanoSkim. Don't why but perhaps.. maybe due to the different brand of pump used hor.. !
  15. 1. 4 feet tank with cabinet and sump. 3 side crystal glass the tank dimension 48"x 24"x 18"(h) 10 mm glass FOC live rock and live sand less than 6 months @$700 2. BM Curve7 skimmer less than 6 months @$170 3. Biopallet reactor FR30 with eheim compact 1000 feed pump @90 4. SKIMZ FR 30cm hight @$30 5. Reef angel controller basic come with head unit, Relay box, Ph probe and float switch less than 6 months @$350 6. Reef Octopus return pump 8000L/Hr @$120 7. Eheim 1250 pump @$70 8. Eheim 1262 pump @$120 9. Customer made Frag tank 24"x15"x8"(h) @$50 All items are sell collect at woodland
  16. Hello.. I wanna sell a frag of purple xenia and a dymax protein skimmer without the pump.. xenia $15 Skimmer $25 NOTE.. Skimmer doesnt come with pump.. U can buy it cheap for abt below $30..(Dymax 1250) Interested pls contact me at 92313772..
  17. Comes with the original box Foot Print: 210mm x 210xx Diameter: 160mm Height: 596mm Pump: Sicce PSK-2500 (Pinwheel) Skimmer rated for tanks up to 160 gallons! (5' x 2' x 2' is only 149.61 US gallons) $150 (FCFS) Collection at Tampines PM me if interested!
  18. From the album: Some Product Sheets

    The Vertex Omega Skimmer will be available in Europe from next week. Rated up to 500 Liter / 150 Gallon, introductory Price is 379,99 Euro. German Quality, Made by Vertex Aquaristik with Modified Sicce Pumpblock and customized Impeller from Vertex Aquaristik.
  19. Dear All, I have to sell my used BM - NAC 3.5 skimmer with 35$. I bought it from DE since Aug-2011 No cracks on the whole body of skimmer and cup. It would be great if you change new pump. That's my suggestion only to be getting the best result of it. In fact, it is still in good condition. But I've been upgraded to double size skimmer for my tank. That's my reason to sell this guy. I have been cleaned with Vinegar and it is ready to collect now. Collection place at Haig Road. My contact number is 9755 0387. Thanks everybody. linko
  20. Bubble Magus Skimmer Curve 5 for Sale. $130 Less then 1 month ago. Still under 1 Year Warranty. Still come with box n packaging. Needlewheel protein skimmer CURVE 5 Capability : 500L(140G) Pump: ROCK - SP1000 (Better Pump) Pump power: 8W, 220V 50Hz /110V 60Hz ( Low Consumption) Dimensions: 185×180×470mm(7.28" * 7.08" * 18.5") Collection @ Bt Batok. Interested, Can view & Collect On Sunday .
  21. WTS 2 months old (Running for used less then 2 weeks) Still under warranty. Bubble Magus E3 needlewheel protein skimmer (Hang External skimmer ) for $110 Nett. Capability : 100L-300L(25G-80G) Pump:SP1000(needlewheel) Pump power: 8W, 220V 50Hz /110V 60Hz air intake : 300L/H Dimensions:240*130*470mm ( 9.44" * 5.11" * 18.5 ") This Skimmer can hang on NANO OF 34L Setup, JBJ 24G or 28G etc. Kindly PM me to deal. Collection Bt Batok. )
  22. Hi All, Have the following for sale. Been using since August 2012, Selling due to upgrade. Item is cleaned, including the insides of the pump. Item is "what you see is what you get" Slight cracks in the perforated disc attached to the pump, but had been repaired with marine superglue. Some coloration on the air tubing as shown in photo. Other than those, item is in good working condition. Bubble Magus Nac7 Skimmer Specifications Needlewheel Protein Skimmer Model: BM-NAC7 CONE SKIMMER Tank Size: 130-185 Gallons Pump: Atman ph2500 (Made in China) Pump power: 28W
  23. Most people say the skimmer not good.. But i see people post about changing the wood to sander. Correctme if i am wrong. What is a sander? Dun want to be cheated again..
  24. Hello there.. I would like to sell this skimmer that has been used for less then 2 weeks.. If interested do pm me or contact me.. 92313772..
  25. Hi guys! This is my first post and second attempt at a saltwater tank. In need of help:D Basically I just got a 10g nano tank (some china brand RM-031). Its got a filter attached to the back similar to the nano space and dymax iq series, filled with glass rings and porcelain rings for bio filtration. Also it's LED lighting is much brighter than the Dymax IQ5. I plan to keep some corals soon.. For now only have one damsel. Planning to get a clownfish. My damsel seems to be doing fine, I get my saltwater from a lfs and cycled my tank for about one week with love rock. Please kind souls, he
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