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  1. Hi fellas, Decommissioning the old 3ft tank after all these years. Anyway, here are some stuff to let go 1. Bioballs - all 667 of them, i think. Hardly used. SGD 50 2. Additives, test kits & medication - Reef Prime, VitaChem, Reef Iodide(not much left), ParaGuard, PolyOx, Malachite green, CopperSafe, Phosphate test kit, Marine pH Alkalinity test kit. SGD 10 3. American Marine Pinpoint pH monitor (not in use for ages, needs to re-calibrate) SGD 50 4. Deltec MCE600 hangon skimmer - my faithful workhorse, am sad to see him go. SGD 200 5. Eheim 2222 exte
  2. DELTEC MC 500 = SGD 120 DELTEC AP 600 (come with eheim compact 1000 feeder pump) = SGD200 4FT SIRUS LED LIGHT = SGD 120 Whatsapp or sms me @ 96896645
  3. Decided to decomm my 1ft cube tank. So all following is for sale. 1ft cube tank ( with beamwork LED light )(Fan-Able to bring down to 27.5)(a hang on back filter OR diy sump) - $70 BM Nac 3.5 Skimmer - $60 Super Sun coral (8 head-Big&small) (FOC normal sun coral) -$60 FOC suncoral(only if buying Supersun) Maroon Clown with pink anemone (FOC a very small RBTA) - $20 Discount will be given if taking the tank with skimmer (Even more discount if taking all) Location in woodland , Timing need to arrange.(Working shift timing) Please pm, sms
  4. Bros and Sis, looking for a skimmer. Want to upgrade my current skimmer to bigger one must be external one with needle pump. or Octopus 1000 skimmer pump please pm thanks
  5. Want to sell a skimz sm150 protein skimmer. Very new condition as used as backup. Used once was for a week only.. Selling $250
  6. I am selling my Performer Skimmer at $200. I bought it for $800 plus (less than 2 yrs ago). Self collection at CCK. Interested pls call me at 91913473 Mr Chua Skimmer info can refer to this website: http://www.aquamarin...sp?productid=89 Pictures of the skimmer. Currently in use, will clean up once full payment is made :
  7. I have the following to clear: 1. 4 tubes T5 light set. with 4 blue LED (1 LED spoilted). 3 power socket with 3 switches to control 2 tube each and the LED. WYSIWYG. $40 2. Red Sea in-sump protein skimmer. WYSIWYG. $10 3. Dymax protein skimmer. Don't the model. WYSIWYG. $10 4. T8 1ft under water light. $5 Pm me if interested.
  8. Skimz Monzter SM 110 for auction.. Since its SM110, Starting bid - $110. Minimum increment- $10 Buy now price- $300 Location: East side, can be arranged. End date: 6th July 2012, Friday 2359. Details check on link below. http://www.aquamarin...?productid=1160 Have fun!
  9. Gd evening to all. Firstly this is my very first post in here after i finally register myself. I have done a quick read for the past few days but still clueless on certain stuff. FYI, im new to marine aquarium world. Started for like 4 months already. A brief timeline how i started back then when im still staying in JB before moving back to Sgp due to the former house on a full renovation process. 1) My fiancee wanted to keep "Nemo". So we end up at a LFS in Permas area that sell both freshwater & marine. We got a small tank (~14.13 Litres) from them together with a
  10. I still deciding which protein skimmer should I get for my 4 feet tank. I round up the 3 which are skimz,reef octopus and bubble magus... And thought or opinions and review from you guys..?
  11. Hi had a few item for sale 1) Skimz SK201 (8month old) $230 2) Maxspect 110w witout hanging kit (good condition ,age unknow) $230 3) Rio hf 10 (brand new) $38 4) Maxitronic 3 way digital timer (brand New) $30 Collection at TAMPINES, FCFS Thanks
  12. Have the following to selling. All fully functional. 1. TUNZE 6206 Nano Wavebox - $250 2. TUNZE 7095 Multicontroller for Wavemaker - $180 3. TUNZE 9015 COMline DOC Skimmer (in sump version) - $280 Comes with box and all original accessories with TUNZE with extra magnet holder 6080.50. In Sump Skimmer. 4. Deltec MC500 (in sump version)-$200 Collection at Bukit Panjang
  13. Hi reef bros, Any recommended skimmers and chillers for a 4 by 2.5 by 2 feet tank? Approximately 600l for both sump and main tank. Kinda on a budget so please don't recommend high-end ones. Thanks!
  14. Hi Bros, Anyone have a Hang on back Skimmer and/or a Chiller to let go? For 2ft tank about 70-80L..
  15. Hi all new to the site need some help I have a boyu mh400 48lt 10g looking to change the skimmer from the stock wg308 to a dymax xp30 so 1 will this fit in the farst chamber also the hood will be closed I am from the uk so if you can Thank for help up front Andy
  16. Hi Reef Bros, My tank is a 2 by 1 by 1.75. Are there any hang-on skimmers to intro? I do not have a sump. Cheers!
  17. Hi bros, Anybody letting go of your tunze 9002? thanks!
  18. Selling due to upgrade. Skimmer is fully functional. Letting go at $200 Collection at Bukit Panjang.
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