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  1. My first pico reef in a Fluval spec 3 AIO tank.
  2. 1 - Forest Fire Monti $5 2 - Red Mille $15 3 - Red Mille (small) $10 Collection Chai Chee Whatsapp 98212678
  3. 1 - GSP $10 2 - SSC $40 3 - Duncans (20+ Heads) $100 Collection Chai Chee Whatsapp 98212678
  4. 1 - Bright Green Acro $10 Collection Chai Chee 98212678
  5. A ) royal blue Milli - around 0.8" -$180 B ) green Milli/ sunset Milli if put under high light. $15 each. C ) sunny D - $20 D ) frogspawn- open up to plan size or bigger abit more - $70 E ) Cynthia around plan size - $50 Collection at sengkang .. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I just started venturing into keeping acros. I saw some tanks online where acro frags were placed very close together, maybe 3-4cm apart. What is a healthy distance I should keep between each acro frag?
  7. Chucks Bride Zoa A - 2 polyp $25 B - 2 polyp $25 C - 4 polyp $50 D - 3 polyp $35 E - 3 polyp $35 Miyagi Tort $48 about 5 cm height GSP $10 Water Melon Milli (table) $58 Collection at woodlands Whats app 81380138 Thanks for viewing.
  8. Hi Bros and Sis, I just restarted this hobby 2 mnths back. Without knowing buying on impulse had stocked up some corals and letting go for space. Sorry for the bad pics. Zoas to share; 1. 6X Eagle eye $2per polyp range $16 - 30 per frag 2. 2X King Midas $3 per polyp range $18 & 40 per frag 3. 2X Lime green $3 per polyp $20each per frag 4. 4X Lumi green penny $2 per polyp range $20 - 30 per frag 5. 8X Blue horizon $3 per polyp range $15 - 30 per frag 6. 10X Purple hearted $2 per polyp range $15 -40 per frag Following Zoas rate at $1 per polyp
  9. Collect in Hougang whatsapp 97606747 to deal Collection before CNY! Green Stag (Lime in the sky) A - $30 B - $15 C - $25 D - $20 Indon Pink Birdnest E - $10 F - $15 G - $10 Fiji green humilis H - $10 Indon Green Tenuis with blue tips I - $15 J - $25 Aussie purple sps K - $30 Unknown Aussie sps L - $20 Unknown Yellow sps M - $30 N - $15 Unknown green sps with blue tips
  10. Hi have the following frags for sales. Wysiwyg A ) Bali slimer - $20 B ) Aussie blue tenius - $30 C ) pink sps - $20 D ) bubblegum milli -$30 E ) spondoges- green base with purple poly - $25 F ) blue tip with bluish green body stag. 1A - $10 1B - $15 1C - $20 G ) orange acan - $90 H ) tequila sunrise zoas - $50 I ) dragon eyes - $30 J ) sunny D - $30 Collection at sengkang ( anchorvale link) Thanks for viewing .
  11. Hi Reefers, UFO Chalice - $150 Atom Bomb Chalice - $350 Pink Zipper - $80 Utter Chaos - $80 Rainbow Infusion -$100 Setosa sps - $38 Round-Tip Birdnest - $20 Interested please PM me, Collection at Keat Hong Link. Thank you
  12. Has anyone been able to keep corals at 29*C around there for long? Or 28*C? If so, what kind of coral? Pls let me know, thanks.
  13. Hi light purplish acro (on the right of mother colony behind purple valida) + forest fire digi (behind milli) avail for swop. U got anything interesting to offer?
  14. Hi reefers. I have assorted frags and mini colonies to clear. Big (colonies): $10 each Small (frags): $5 each (incl ultra lumi hairy mushroom and zoa) Reason for cheap sale: They are substandard, lost colour and polyps after spending one week in holding tank during my upgrade. (Softies are fine though.) They will revive in your tank if conditions are optimal. Take all for $20. (Priority)
  15. Hi folks. As you may have read, vast areas of reefs all over the world are bleaching. Rising temperature is the suspected cause but I believe there are other contributing causes. Anyway I believe bleaching can be reversed, based on what I see in my own tank. A few months ago, my reverse sunset monti started bleaching for no known reason. Then it stopped. And now the coral is starting to re-colonise the dead parts. Really cool.
  16. Hi, WTS - Purple Valida Colony - 120$ Approx. 3-4 inch. Collection at East. Thanks
  17. Good Sunday Everyone ! I have something to say !!! As you all know, sometimes we are sick of Sps ID , especially Designer names aka Market names. I agreed, Designer names are awesome and I loved their names too. But theses sweet names rarely come along with full information for you to take note. It's not always easy to know what species do you have, unless you are experienced reefer or somebody guided you for your new frags Hence, I'm starting this thread to share & learn the Species name of Designer sps from our local markets in our community. Last, I'd like to
  18. Hello fellow reefers, my first tank thread after a few years of reefing. Had a few nano tank set up and a 322 mix reef from 2012 - current. My old 322 mix reef tank 2015- growth over a 10months 322 - Decommed since august 2016 Temporary holding area for 1month! with just a chiller ! Following on... The new tank arrives ! Front panel crystal glass! - My new Tank now made by Aquarium Artist. is an IOS tank. Dimensions roughly 2.5x2.5x1.5. I will be following on with what i did with the 322 reef tank such as manual dosing of additives instead of a
  19. Attention Reefers Especially New To SPS keeping. I remember the time when I first bought my first SPS. I was excited upon collecting. It was a Radioactive BirdNest and it died 2days later. I was a Noob then and i didnt know what i was doing. Sad lor...but I didnt give up. I kept on trying and learning until I found a way to keep a mix reef tank with a simple setup in a small tank. The Following SPSes found at the end of this post is up for sale and they are great for reefers who wants to try to add SPS to their tank, without burning a hole in the pocket. I have a relatively s
  20. The following Red Digi is up for sale. $18Item description: - Multi Branch- Size is 5cm height - Easy to care for - Stable (base encrusted to coral chip) -Size is 5cm height - RedCollection at yishun. Delivery is available to any parts of sg for $10 Whatsapp/msg/call 93869472 Happy Reefing
  21. Rainbow Stylo about 3 golf ball size - $25 Radioactive Birdnest small colony - $10 Collection: Havelock road
  22. Some shots of our recent Walt smith shipment 13/08/16 colours better by the day.... Check them out at Iwarna Aquafarm!
  23. Hi all, Accidentally broke it during wc. Yellow-greenish tone body, pinkish coralites and blue tips, white pe. ~2" frag (only one piece) : $15 and ~1" frags (2pieces available) : $5 each Pls pm me if interested & I'll try to get bk to u asap. Collect at my place near admiralty mrt preferably after 7pm during Wkdays. Thank u.
  24. Hi All, Wanted to sell MontiCap Rock as shown in the attached pictures. Call price - 200$ WYS/WYG Collection at Bedock reservoir road. Only SUNDAY Contact - 97550387 Thanks
  25. Collection at Serangoon garden. Interested please pm. 1. blue polyp $40 2. Monti $30 3. Forest fire digi green tip $20 4. German blue digi $30 5. Pocci $25
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