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  1. 1. Pulsing Xenia: $15 2. Peach of paradise but turn golden probably due to lighting: $25 3. Orange monti with green polyps: $10 4. Frag encrusting red planet: $40 Interested, please whatsapp or sms 94880692. Collect at Serangoon.
  2. Collection at cck. Students at 20% off. Cofirm today also 20% off. RGB pack digi @60. Green digi mother colony shown below will frag once confirm. Any other price also can msg me to discuss. Frags are at least 2 months and stable except for green digi. Green sps with blue tips @ 15. Take together with digis @ 70 or reasonable offer. Msg me your offer if you find price too high. Mother colony I can be contacted at @ 91576781. Thanks.
  3. Hi experts, I understand SPS require stable parameters, high calcium,and high kH So most hobbyists use automated dosing and reactors. But I also hear those who succeed with none. They change water once every 6-9 weeks, do random manual dosing, and no testing. How come they can succeed too?
  4. Hi have the following for sales Acan 4 pieces. Selling for $170 ( you won't be disappointed with the colours.Priority will be given to who buy all.) Green dragon echinata $60 Orange zoas $60 WYSIWYG Collection at sengkang. Thanks
  5. Selling Red planet frag: $40 (2 available) Red gonio frag: $50 (3 available) You can refer to the mother colony of the gonio. It has been with me for more than a year and stable and growing. Interested please sms/whatsapp 94880692 and collect at Serangoon on weekday nights or weekend mornings.
  6. Just started a new pico SPS tank in the office yesterday. Transferred all my dying / bleached out SPS frags from my home tank after another white slime breakout. This tank will serve as a recovery tank to the frags and the objectives are to get the frags back in good health again. Equipment Filter: HOB filter Wavemaker: Boyu SP101 Light: Green Element Evo 6x3W (Modified 4 Blue / 2 White) I plan to supplement Ca and KH with small amounts of kalkwasser daily. As you can see from the pic, most of the SPS frags are bleached but not dead. Currently I've only switched on
  7. Hi All, I have to sell Pink Birdnet & Green Pocci SPS Mini Colony for 20S$ each. Please take a look at the enclosed photos. Location : Blk106, Bedok Reserviour Road If keen contact me 97550387 for timing to view. FCFS basis.
  8. Interested please SMS/Whatsapp 94880692 for collection at Serangoon garden. Thanks. 1. Pink zoas: $20 2. Yellow zoas: $20 3. Peach paradise: $35 4. SPS: $15
  9. Hi Guys got a red dragon frags for sale, pls pm me if you interested. $35 Thank you Collection place at cck
  10. Hello Guys, Just wanted to share my newly setup marine tank. Its a custom made 2x2x2 size cube with sump. After some suggestion from LFS, i went Triton way even i don't have enough knowledge on it. My sump is designed to have a 20% volume for the refugium, and the flow arrangement is from refugium-->skimmer-->return pump. Here is the picture of the tank with cabinet and sump. Equipment Lists 1. Maxpect Razor 120W 16000K 2. Vertex Omega 130 3. Reef Octopus DC5500 4. Hailea HS-66A 5. Jebao WP-25 6. Jebao WP-10 7. GemSurfs Dosing Pump GSD-3-M 8. AutoAqua Smart ATO 9.
  11. Hi Mates, I have one Radioactive Birdnet SPS Mini Colony to sell. Price : 25$ Location : Blk 106, Bedok Reservoir Road Time : Weekday - After 7pm, Weekend - 11 am to 5pm Contact : 97550387
  12. A: Some wild SPS B: Radioactive birdnest C: Fire digi D: Sunset millie E: Peach paradise zoas Interested please whatsapp 94880692 and collection at Serangoon garden. (prefer weekdays after 8pm) Viewing is only possible over weekends upon arrangement. Thank you.
  13. hi guys i have 5 frags of Green tenuis for sale....Per frag $10 collection serangoon interested call or txt 86119934 thankx
  14. Have the following to Clear: $5 $5 2 Pieces: $20 each $15 $15 4 piece: $10 (4cm) each $15 $20 (Size of a closed adult fist) $30 (9cm in Diameter) Collection at Bukit Panjang. Pm to arrange for collection Happy Easter
  15. Hi have the following for sales. colony size. Stag selling $60 True Optic Fiber, bigger then palm size - selling $180 LPS around 2.5" across- selling $180 Collection at sengkang.
  16. 1 package of 5 SPS frags as shown in pic. Collection at Serangoon Garden (weekends only). Viewing is possible over weekend morning or early afternoon. $100 for the package (no separate frag sale). Interested please whatsapp / SMS 94880692.
  17. WTS: Releasing 1 frag of extreme acropora SPS. Mother colony: Intense purple tip & coralites, Luminous Yellow big polyps, Bright Lumi Green body. Pic taken with hp under T5 Blueplus + white tubes. WYSIWYG 2 inch frag (double branch). Pics just taken with hp. Side view: Top view: WYSIWYG Frag for $180. Serious buyer only please. View to see the true colour (hp pic looks very bluish). Contact me at 93874620.
  18. Have 1 frag each of Ice Fire Echinata and Purple Tip Loripes frag for sale. 1. Ice Fire Echinata frag (about 1.5 inch size) $50. Very intense blue tips under 2 wks of ATI Blue plus. Pic just taken using hp with flash, couldn't show the intense blue tips in the pic. View to appreciate. 2. Purple tip Loripes (multi branch 2 inch+ size) $30. Pic of mother colony just taken using hp under white+blue T5. Tip is purplish blue, body is greenish yellow with purple coralites. Again, pic taken with hp doesn't do justice to the true colours. Interested contact me at 93874620. Self c
  19. Very sad to make this decision that I have to decomm my tank due to some family commitments that I hv no time to maintain it properly. I have mostly frags and mini colonies of SPS and some LPS in the tank, most of which are my personal collections, Setosa, chilli pepper, red dragon, green tip red dragon, red planet, etc. The color of some sps is not at its utmost condition, especially green color. I really have no time with the experiments to color them up again. so it will be your task to give them the best care. But I will be able to guarantee you the species so long as I can name it
  20. Have a frag of Ice Fire Echinata Frag for sale @ $68. 1 frag only, FCFS. Size of frag about 2.5inch. Interested pls contact me at 93874620. Pic of mother colony
  21. Finally completed my Rockscape. All thanks to Mr Cool Guy. He did a fanatics job. Front View Side View *** If you lazy or no ideas on how to do a nice rockscape, I strong recommend you to Mr Cool Guy. Amazing & creative guy who can build a beautiful rockscape.
  22. Selling a big colony of Green Acro with Purple Polyps for $50. Size of colony is about hand size with extended fingers. Handphone pic can't capture the colours of the colony & polyps here. Contact me at 93874620 if interested.
  23. Hi All, Cheap Sales again for the leftover Sps from my previous sales. 1. Sunset Milli - Small Colony - 45$ 2. Sunset Milli - frag - 25$ 3. Yellow Tenuis - Small Colony - 45$ 4. Rainbow Paly - 2 polyps - 30$ 5. Yellow Tenuis - frag - 25$ 1. Sunset Milli - Small Colony - 30$ 2. Sunset Milli - frag - 15$ 3. Yellow Tenuis - Small Colony - 30$ 5. Yellow Tenuis - frag - 15$ Only avaliable for today & tomorrow. Thanks
  24. Prices as labelled in photos. Collection at Serangoon Garden. Viewing is only possible over weekend afternoon. Interested please whatsapp / SMS 94880692. S1: It was from Fiji shipment. I bought it when it was pure white with light blue tips. haha.. I don't know what happened. S2: It is Pinkish / a bit neon green. S3: superman monti Z1: peace paradise Z2: lots of rasta and spiderman
  25. hi all, trimming my sps. all frags $10 each. at least 1.5", some with multiple branches. no reserve please unless i know you, FCFS. viewing welcome at pasir ris dr 6. frags are limited. -neon green stag -blue tenuis with teal rim -purple with lumi tip tenuis -green tip with pink body stylo -green pocci some pics of the mother colony. please dont ask me for additional pictures as my mobile cam cannot take any decent pics under my leds. best is you come personally for a viewing. kopi on me. whatsapp or sms 923 zero zero 827 stag blue tenuis w teal
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