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Found 17 results

  1. Collection @ Woodlands WhatsApp 9eight45eight255 Deltec 1350 = $120 WC pump = $40(New) 2 x elevated rock(magnet) = $50 2 x mp10 adaptor = $6 each 2 x mp10 wet side = $10 each Probe holder = $6 Air lifter = $8 Pest trap = $6
  2. Looking for skimmer for 200G. If you have skimmer that is good for 200G and is selling please whapp me at 90670590 Thank You Sherman
  3. Hi, selling following equipments : Arctica chiller DBM-250 - $550 Deltec skimmer SC1350 - $250 Kessil led A360N - $200 Vortech wavemaker MP10ES - $180 Collection @ Woodlands - Whatapps @ 98458255
  4. Bought on 10-Mar-15, used only for about 6-months, then ended up in storage for very long because its too powerful for my setup. SGD200, self collect at my place in Clementi PM to deal
  5. Hi all, I've a used deltec sc1455, selling at $250. Pls pm me if u r keen. Collected at my at woodlands Ave 6. Thanks. Skimmer still running in my tank.
  6. Skimz Calcium Reactor CM113 DUO - $230 Skimz Recirculating Biopellet Reactor RR113 - $200 Deltec Skimmer SC1456 - $450 1HP Mitsubishi Compressor, includes STC 1000 temperature controller (wired myself), no coil. - $250 Both Skimz reactors are brand new, collected from Aquamarin just today (date of this post). Warranty within, stamped with today's date. Deltec skimmer was in use for 3 or 4 months, still under local warranty. You either buy titanium coil off Fishstreet/ Aliexpress and I'll provide contact to assemble or get Derrick to sell you his blue resined copper coil and his welding
  7. Have Below BRAND NEW items (all still in original box except the calcium reactor) for sale. Interested please contact me at 91116705. Prefer to deal at Boon Lay. Deltec 1455 skimmer - $460 Geo's Reef (US) Calcium Reactor with Eheim 1048 pump - $460 (http://www.geosreef.com/index.php/products/calcium-reactors) Ecotech Marine Vectra M1 - $440 Ecotech marine Vortech MP40 WQD - $460 Ecotech Marine Reef Link - $70
  8. Dear All, It has been a wonderful 10 years keeping marine, but it's truly time to move on. Sequence as follow: live rocks follow by fishes follow by equipments Equipments can be book in advance with deposit Collection at Tanjong Rhu area, opposite Kallang Leisure Park. All fishes are healthy and with me for a year at least. Please bring your own bags. Tank was set up in September 2014, hence most equipments are around 14 months old. Some only 4-5 months old as they were purchase later. Live rocks: 22kg - 24kg. Good sizes, great for 2-3 feet tanks. No pests, no crabs, no coralline algae.
  9. Hi, selling the Deltec SC1455 skimmer. Use for 1 year +. Price: $350. Please PM, cheers!
  10. Selling Deltec AP 600 Skimmer cheap! Looking at $120 only. Self collect from Telok Kurau. Thanks.
  11. Hi Guys! Selling a mint condition, about 1 year old, Deltec SC1455 Protein Skimmer. No defects. Working perfect. Deal in Clementi. Selling at $300 Please contact me at 90087932 First come, first serve.
  12. Have a Deltec SC2560 skimmer for sale. Letting go at $650. http://www.theaquariumsolution.com/deltec-sc-2560-internal Collection at Bukit Panjang.
  13. Dear reefers, Would like to sell the Deltec AP600 protein skimmer at $100 due to decom. Please PM me your contact if you are interested. Thank you.
  14. Hi reefers, Have the following items 2 let go, 2 × 3ft 2 tube gienesman set - 90 each 1 × 3ft 2 tube DE set (w/ new reflector, but nd 2 gt c-clips urself) - 80 FOC xtra 3ft gienesman/DE used T5 tubes 4 those who buy more Deltec MCE300 - 100 RO FR - 60 Dymax EZ filter w/ skimmer(option) & cum w/ air pump as well - 50 2ft Aquazonic 2 T5 tube set w/ xtra tube FOC - 20 Ehiem 1262 - 100 Fabricated acylic 2ft frag station w/ 100 × 1cm holes(nd gt magnet urself) - 30 Gienessman 150W MH pendant w/ DE 3ft stand - 140 Fabricated 2 × 1cm/8mm thick
  15. Hi folks, It's been years since i've been on the forum. Quite surprised to still find my old thread in the members section. Here's the link: Well, the tank doesn't look anything like the last picture . Over the last 5 years, the tank pretty much has turned to a FOWLR due to the easier maintenance. Unfortunately, we have recently sold our place and looking to rent for a bit while we search for our new place. That said, the tank needs to be decommissioned. So i'm looking for a new home for some of my remaining fishes, who've been with me for this whole time (more than 5 years).
  16. Hi fellas, Decommissioning the old 3ft tank after all these years. Anyway, here are some stuff to let go 1. Bioballs - all 667 of them, i think. Hardly used. SGD 50 2. Additives, test kits & medication - Reef Prime, VitaChem, Reef Iodide(not much left), ParaGuard, PolyOx, Malachite green, CopperSafe, Phosphate test kit, Marine pH Alkalinity test kit. SGD 10 3. American Marine Pinpoint pH monitor (not in use for ages, needs to re-calibrate) SGD 50 4. Deltec MCE600 hangon skimmer - my faithful workhorse, am sad to see him go. SGD 200 5. Eheim 2222 exte
  17. Have the following to selling. All fully functional. 1. TUNZE 6206 Nano Wavebox - $250 2. TUNZE 7095 Multicontroller for Wavemaker - $180 3. TUNZE 9015 COMline DOC Skimmer (in sump version) - $280 Comes with box and all original accessories with TUNZE with extra magnet holder 6080.50. In Sump Skimmer. 4. Deltec MC500 (in sump version)-$200 Collection at Bukit Panjang
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