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Found 10 results

  1. Congratulation to this Tank of the Quarter winner - Johnson2288 aka Johnson Cheng gorgeous mixed reef tank setup !!! Center View Left Side View Right Side View Brief Introduction of your history of setting up your tank I'm really honored to be nominated the TOTQ winner for this quarter.Would like to take this opportunity to thank SG Reef Club (Larry and Moderator Team) for giving me the chance to share my experience with all the marine kakis out there. Timeline 1998- Decided to purchase a full set of 4.5x2.5x2.5ft tank and equipment. Totally new hobby and was overly-excited,resulting in overstocking of LPS and fishes as my initial setup.As pace was too fast, the tank crashed 2 times within 8 months,leaving me feeling very disappointed as had put in alot of effort. 1999-Converted to a FOWLER tank thinking it was easy.Repeated my mistake again by overcrowding the tank with different fishes( especially big angels) from different shipments without proper quarantine time.My impatience and inappropriateness caused many casualties (the diseases of my angels) 2001-Decom my tank. 2007-After discussion with my CO, we made a pact to learn from our past mistake and start all over again with renewed enthusiasm and positiveness.Proceeded with a 5x2.75x2.75ft tank with better quality and reliable equipments.Went full SPS with LPS and some fishes.This is also my first time challenging the 'Dark Side'.With patience and effort,my reefing journey this time round was really fun and rewarding. It was also during this period of time that I met Aquarium Iwarna people who are really friendly and helpful.Being a reliable LFS, Iwarna also doubles as a gathering place where reefers meet to exchange/share our experiences. My extreme motivation was awaiting/receiving the news of their quality and awesome midnight shipments(corals and fishes) from Walt Smith(Fiji) ,Vanuatu and other parts of the South Pacific. 2012- After enjoying the tank for 5 years(2007-2012), my wife and i shifted to a bigger environment and decom the tank to upgrade to my current tank.In April 2012, we started this new 6ftx3ftx2.5ft glass box project The design and planning were done by Victor (Aquarium Iwarna) and the indent of quality equipments were done by Seet (Reef Depot).Both of them have helped me fix and set up this fabulous tank,making sure that the whole system run in proper order. After 2 months of careful planning, this beloved piece of 'mini ocean' was set up in my new living room.All in all, it took 8 months of patience from learning and stocking up appropriately that lead to this rewarding end results. Tank specifications Size : 6ft X 3 ft x 2.5 ft Salinity:1.025 Temperature:25-26 Degree Celsius Ph:8.2-8.3 Calcium -420ppm Alkalinity–10-11dkh Magnesium –1380ppm Tank: Hardware Tank Size : 6 ft X 3 ft X 2.5 ft Skimmer: Deltec - SC2560 Calcium Reactor: Deltec - PF601 Calcium Reactor Dosing pump: GHL Profilux Dosing 4 Channels. CA,MG & DKH Chiller: Drop in coil with Daikin 1 H/P air-con compressor Biopellet / reactor: Deltec - FR 509 Chemical filtration: Deltec - FR 512 wit Rowaphos. Change every 2 months Main return pump: Venotec Abyzz A400 3M Wave maker:Venotec Abyzz A400 3M Others Equipments : GHL Profilux Aquarium Computer with Profilux View 2 Lighting period : Ecotech Radion XR 30w 5 units -Artinic 1400-2am,14k 1900-2300,Moonlight 2am-6am Addictive used Since day one of my new setup, I have been using Polylab - ReefResh Complete set which I have been seeing with very good result. The ReefResh complete set consist of Fuel/RF-Plus/RF-Genesis/RF-Acid & Reef Roid as foods for my corals really bring out the colors and health of my corals. Live stocks – Corals SPS- Acropora- Echinata,Nobilis,Hoeksemai,Millepora,Loisettae,Gomezi,Tenuis,Yongei,Prostrata Vermiculata,Lokani,Loripies,Chesterfieldensis,Valida,Bonsai,Stylophora,Seriatopora Hystrix Montipora-Sunset,Pink,Red,Blue,Green,Chilli Pepper,Porities,Digitata. LPS - Aust. Scolymia,LoboPhylia,Acanthastrea Lordhowensis,Charlice,Red Gonio etc. Softies- Zoanthid,Paly, Ricordea Florida Rics,Yumas & etc. Live Stocks - Fish: 1 Hooded,1Laboutei,1 Paired Flame & 1 Hoeven Wrasse 1 Achillis,1 Hybrid Powder Blue & 2 Yellow Tangs 4 Coral Sea Ventralis Anthias 1 Paired Helfrichi Fire Fish Goby Some personal Q & A questions 1. How long have you been reefing? Ans: Started 1998-2001 Stopped & Continue 2008 that is when I started Serious Reefing 2. How did you get into this hobby? Ans: Both myself and my wife love to interact with nature with special interest in marine biodiversity. 3. Are you a fish guy or a Coral guy? Ans: Coral Guy being a Hardcore fan for Exotic SPS & LPS 4. What is your main concern when looking around for your reefing equipment? Ans: Reliable after sales services and only products from European & US since i believe in quality. 5. What is your favorite past time Ans: Enjoying the tank with my wife & our 3 little doggies in our cozy nest. 6. What is the satisfaction you got from this hobby? Ans: Looking at fishes, corals growing & thriving in the tank. 7. Any advice for newbie in this hobby? Ans: Key Words- Haste makes Waste.Less haste more speed.Be focused and Patience. SG Reef Club serves as a learning platform for newbies to interact and share different reefing perspectives and experiences.Also a good place to meet lots of friendly marine kakis and shifus. Final Acknowledgement and thank you note (If any). Firstly, would like to express a BIG Thanks to my wife (Eileen) who have been patient, encouraging and sharing this hobby with me.It has been my passion to keep a marine tank since childhood. Next, would like to thank Aquarium Iwarna (Victor and team) who have been maintaining my tank without fail every week. A final acknowledgement and thanks to Reef Depot (Seet and his team) for bringing in quality products plus fast and efficient after sales services. More photos of his tank setup can be found on the image Galley HERE
  2. SRC is proud to fatured this quarter TOTQ winner - Kylve beautiful Mixed reef tank. Introduction It all started when my BIL tempted me into this hobby with 1 pair of nemo ( clownfish ) with live rock in a simple 1ft tank. Within 2 weeks, I started to fall in love with this wonderful hobby and got another 2ft tank, keeping zoas . After less than 5 month, found my current tank being too small, and it so happen that a reefer is decommissioning his tank, and wanted to give away his 5 ft tank that landed me into my current 5ft setup. I Started my new tank keeping zoas and pratas with lots of fishes. Unfortunately , Murphy's law always happens when you are not around. My chillier pump spoilt suddenly and it causes the water temperature in the tank to rise which result in all pratas melting off. Shortly after this lesson learn, I Change to a compressor chiller together with a auto temp cut off system install with my MH lighting. In 2009, when i decided to try keeping SPS corals , all the corals was growing well. That is also when I decided to rescape my tank and sold off all my fishes and corals to try out my current system with lesser rock and bioload. I started off my tank again this time round with numerous frags and small bioload of minimum fishes. One fine day, i was poison by a SRC reefer ezman with angels fishes, that i decided to setup another tank for these beauty, so i transfer all my zoas over to another dedicated running system so that i can keep my angelfishes in my main tank. By doing so, this also helps to increase my water volume and enable me to add more fishes which i loved !!! I still love to see my tank fill with corals with many fishes swimming around freely which looks colorful and make my tank lively ! Tank specifications Salinity: 1.026 Temperature: 26 Ph: 8 Calcium - 430 Alkalinity– 9 Magnesium – 1500 Tank: Hardware Skimmer: deltec 851 Dosing pump: Tom Aquatics Aqua-Lifter Dosing Pump with timer Chiller: 1HP compressor drop in coil Biopellet / reactor: Biopellet reactor Main return pump: OR 3500 and eheim 1260 Wave maker: 2 x Vortech MP40W, 1 x Tunze 6250, 1 x Tunze 6850 Others Equipments : JBJ auto top up Lighting period : De-Lighting tube 2 x Blue Plus + 2 x aquablue special (From 11am to 11.30pm) 3 x 250W MH 15K Bulb : aqua lighting(From 3.30pm to 8pm) Addictive used No, i dont use much addictive on my tank as I tend to feed my fishes a lot which i belive in turn will the corals in my tank. Tank maintenance 7 to 10 days change 25L of pre salt mix using DD salt. 4 to 5 days cleaning of skimmer cup and changing of cotton wool. Every 1 week mixing and topping up of cal,mag and alkalinity solution using food grade powder.
  3. SRC is proud to showcase this quarter TOTQ winner ezman aka Paul simple and beautiful nano reef tank. This is just another proof that with proper knowledge and patient, a successful mixed reef tank for a nano tank with bare minimum equipment is deem possible. Ezman Nano Mix Reef Tank I am someone who loves fishes since young and I was a freshwater monsterfish keepers for more than a decade. I have a cousin who was a reefer and used to have a beautiful 6 footer mixed reef. Whenever I goes to his house during CNY, I will get stuck in front of this tank for easily 1-2 hours. After about 4yrs later, I happened to come across this little tank of mine and bought it. That’s how my journey to reefing got started…. My first 4 yrs of reefing was only using a LED lightset + fan + skimmer keeping only fishes and LPS. I have never bother to test my water perimeter and have never understand why do I have to do so until the day when i realize that my beautiful coral is dieding one by one without any apparent reason. That is when i have to learn through the hard way of reefing which i glad that many do not need to embark on this path due to the amount of knowledge that this forum and the internet can offer. Tank Specification Tank Size : 50 x 50 x 70 ( cm ) With Internal Overflow System Salinity: 1.026 Temperature: 26 Degree Ph: 8.0 Calcium - 380 Alkalinity– 8.2 Magnesium – 1380 Tank Hardware Skimmer: SKIMZ HS1 Mechanical filtration: NONE Dosing pump: NONE Chiller: ARCTICA 1/10 Biopellet / reactor: NONE Chemical filtration: NONE Main return pump: CHINA BRAND 3800L Wave maker: MP10WES X 2 Others Equipments : AI HYDRA 26 X 1 Lighting period : 1PM – 10PM
  4. This month, we are featuring our new winner for the Tank of the Quarter !! Mengyang_neo aka Gary has been awarded as the winner. Congratulation to gary for wining , and Kudos to him again for the passion and dedication toward this hobby ! Title : My Dream Tank Brief Introduction of your history of setting up your tank It all started in 2007 when my bro in law decom and pass me his full set of 4x2x2.5ft tank and equipment, as it is a new hobby to me; I paid a lot of fee and earn it the hard way. Starting with a LPS tank, then when I enlisted, I changed it to a FOWLR. It is really very disappointing with so many failures that I decided maybe I should just decom or change a new tank and have a new start. I change to a 5x1.5x2ft tank, going full zoas with LPS and slowly into full SPS, the journey is fun and I know a lot of reefers and close friend in this fruitful journey. Starting of SPS is plain coincident as I am the lucky winner for Dr Cedric lucky draw and I get to try SPS FOC. From the few frag, I manage to hold the colour and start to get more and more SPS. Advice from Cedric and other SPS keeper are very helpfully and I get to keep SPS more successfully. With SPS getting more and more, manual dosing seems impossible and very troublesome. So I get a dosing pump and keeping the parameter constant becomes a lot easier. With all the success, I tried to go Full SPS with angels; I stock up too fast and end up crashing my tank, lost a lot of SPS. Lucky I do trade with other reefer so I get to get back some of my SPS. With all the up and down, I decided to once again get a new tank and do all the basic stuff and keeping everything consistence. Finally this year with a clear idea of what my tank is going to be, I change to my present tank – My Dream Tank Tank details and specification Main Tank size ; 5x2.4x1.6ft Sump tank size ; 4x1.8x1.5ft Types of Glass / thickness ; 12 mm crystal clear glass for 3 side of my main tank Total Water volume of system ; around 600 litres Tank system parameter Calcium - ca ; 400 Alkaline - KH ; 8-8.5 Magnesium – mg ; 1300 Tank system profile ( Equipments list and lighting period ) Skimmer - H&S Skimmer Return Pump - 2 x Eheim 1264 Wavemaker - 2 x tunze 6095 ,and muilt controller 7096 Chiller - Daikin compressor with coil drop in Lighting - 2 x 250w MH- 4hrs and 2 x 80w De-lighting Retrofit -9hrs Reactor - Dosing pump Addictive used I do use a dosing pump to dose Ca and Kh and change a pail of water every week. During water change, I will add zeovit Coralsnow and Zeozym, I will add coral vitalizer randomly into my tank when I remember. List of live stocks in your tank I am keeping full SPS with zoas and the following list of fishes Yellow tang Picasso clown pair FlameHawk Mystery Wrasse Yellow Wrasse 4 Chromis Some personal Q & A questions 1. Are you a fish guy or a Coral guy ? Ans ; I am a Coral guy 2. What is your main concern when looking around for your reefing equipment Ans ; I will go for trusted German brand or brand that has good after sale support. This is very important for reefing as a lot of thing can go wrong. 3. What is your favorite past time Ans ; Go LFS shopping and chit chat with my group of reefer friends. 4. What is the satisfaction you got from this hobby ? Ans ; The satisfaction is having small achievement like a brown SPS colour up and to have a slide of ocean in your own living room. 5. Any advice for newbie in this hobby ? Ans ; I feel reefing is not difficult with all the equipment available to help reefer, and there are a lot people sharing different method of keeping a successful tank. The problem is all the method mentioned take time, and when I said time, it is not 1-2 days; rather it is 2-3 weeks or maybe months. So be patient and you will be rewarded, consistent is the key. All the Best. Final Acknowledgement and thanks you note Firstly I will like to thanks my family member for their tolerance and understanding for my passion in this hobby. It really bonded the whole family together as it will be a common topic for the whole family, when thing happen to my tank, sometime they are more nervous than me. Lol Next will be my reef buddies cum close friends, whom shared sleepless night chiong shipment or early in the morning whatsapping reefing stuff, you know who you are. Cheer!!!! Last but not least, I want to thank SRC staff and the reefing community for having this platform so that, we reefer can learn and share our experiences. Video
  5. We are proud to showcase this quarter TOTQ winner - Tofubox beautiful SPS tank setup !! Congratulation .. Good day! My name is Jarrett, but I go commonly by the nick of tofubox. I would like to thank SRC for nominating my tank, and allowing me to share my passion for marine tanks with everyone here. I’ve been reefing for about 5 years now, starting off with Soft corals, LPS, Fowlr, Nano, and finally down to SPS corals in this 125 gallon tank. Throughout this hobby, I’ve went through plenty of ups and downs, both good and frustrating moments, but nonetheless I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. I thank everyone for their support and may we continuously make this hobby a fun and interesting one! Tank specifications Tank size : 48" x30" x20" rimless Volume: 125 gallons Materials: 12mm low iron glass (3 sides) Overflow: External 2/3rds Coast to Coast with Bean Animal 1.5" Overflows (3 pipes). Overflow box is 36”x5”x6” Tank Builder: CRA (Coral Reef Aquarium) System Parameter Salinity: 1.0255 Temperature: 26 - 27 Ph: 8.1 - 8.3 Calcium – 410 Alkalinity– 6.8 – 7.5 Magnesium – 1480 Tank: Hardware equipments Skimmer: Aquamaxx coneS CO-3 Mechanical filtration: 1 x Filter sock Dosing pump: Currently not in use Chiller: Hailea 1/2hp Calcium / reactor: GEO 618 Calcium Reactor with Digital Bubble Counter Chemical filtration: Zeovit System, Seachem Matrix Carbon Main return pump: Reef Octopus HY 10000 w Wave maker: 2 x Jebao rw15, 1 x Jebao wp25 Lighting : ATI Sunpower 8 tube Auto Topup: JBJ ATO, Reactor : Zeovit Reactor Return Pump: Ehiem 1262 Lighting period : 10hrs Two Blue plus, 8hrs 8 Bulb combination (blue+, coral+, Aquablue Special, Purple+) Addictive used Zeovit System: Zeovit stones: 1250ml x 1 x 7 weeks Zeobak: 3 drops x 1 x week Spongepower: 4 drops x 3 x week Zeostart: 0.46 x 2 x daily Coral Snow: 1 capful x 1 x week Biomate: 5 drops x 1 x week Flatworm Stop: 5ml x daily Fauna Marine Colour elements : 5ml x 3 x week
  6. SRC is proud to fatured this quarter TOTQ winner - Raymondteo beautiful SPS reef tank. Brief Introduction of your history of setting up your tank To start off, I would like to thank Singapore Reef Club for the chance to share my passion here, my name is Raymond, I live in Woodlands. My adventure with reef keeping started about 1 year and 10 months ago when I was moving to a new house, its all about childhood dream, therefore; a colorful marine tank has to be featured as part of the interior designs for my new home. And in two months, my first & ever reef tank was in my living room. For the first 12 months of reefing, it was the difficult and crucial moment to me as I’ve spent most of my time and of course $$, just to figure out what kind of hobby I was having? It’s an expensive hobby that needed 100% commitment and passion, lots of hard work to be done everyday. So for all newbie to the hobby, think twice before you get yourself in. Tank specifications Salinity: 1.026 Temperature: 26 ~ 27 Ph: 8 to 8.3 Calcium - 430 to 450 Alkalinity– 8 to 8.3 Magnesium – 1320 to 1350 Test kits: Salifert ranges of test kit Tank: Hardware Tank Size: 66” (L) x 30” (W) x 27” (H) Mechanical Filtration: 7” x 17” Filter Sock Skimmer: Deltec SC2060 Dosing pump: Kamoer 7-Channels Pump 1-3 (SeaChem Adv Ca, SeaChem Adv Mg & Seachem reef buffer) Pump 4-7 (RedSea Color A-D) Chiller: Sanyo 1HP compressor drop-coil Reactor: FR (Bio-Pellet), Skimz FM150 (Rowaphos) Chemical filtration: PURA Activated Carbon & Bacteria King Main return pump: Tesino 8000L x 2 Wave maker: 2 x Vortech MP40W, 1 x Tunze 6650, 1 x Tunze 6800 Others Equipments : ELOS Water Top-up Lighting period : De-Lighting 8 tubes. 2 x Blue Plus + Purple Plus + Pro color (From 9am to 530pm) 2 x Blue Plus + Purple Plus + Actinic (From 1pm to 9pm) 4ft Ecoxotic Led Stunner x 6 strips (From 2pm to 11pm)
  7. We are pleased to share with you this quarter TOTQ winner - Weiloong Tank specifications Salinity: 1.026 Tank Size : 3 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft Temperature: 25.5 Ph: 8 ~8.3 Calcium - 460 Alkalinity– 8 ~ 8.3 Magnesium – 1420 Tank: Hardware Skimmer: Deltec AP600 Mechanical filtration: Filter foam with basket Dosing pump: Bubble Magus Chiller: Arctica 1/4HP Biopellet / reactor: TLF 150 Chemical filtration: Rowaphos , Rowacarbon. Bio pellet Main return pump: Eheim 1264 Wave maker: WP40 and Tunze 6025 Others Equipments : Red starfish Auto top up Lighting period : Photon 32 led set, 4sets of Par38 Addictive used Polyp Lab Reef-resh set Tank maintenance Every 2 week
  8. We are proud to featured this quarter Tank of the Quarter ( TOTQ ) winner . Honkit beautiful SPS dominated reef tank to be be showcase . Congratulation to Hon Kit !!! Theme of your wining tank : Hon Kit’s SPS dominant reef tank Brief Introduction of your history of setting up your tank I am honoured to be choosen as the latest TOTQ winner and it is with joy and thankfulness that I am writing this. My reefing roots sprouted almost a decade ago in 2003 when after watching Finding Nemo the movie, I was inspired to set up a saltwater tank in my home. It was a simple 50 gallon bowfront tank that was converted from an old goldfish tank with no sump. When things turned sour in my tank with livestocks suffering, I decided to pull the hobby plug in 2007. However, little did I know that the reefing poison is permanently ingrained in my nervous system and try as I might, after a four year hiatus, I finally succumbed to temptation and set up a new reef tank in October 2011 which was slightly more than one year after having moved to my new home. Ironically, I initially intended to keep a simple fish only tank with a few interesting invertebrates to keep costs down. However, having tried keeping SPS corals before, the SPS bug bit me deeply and I decided to plunge into it again (although my bank account certainly protested!). With this in mind, I firmly intended to do the best I could for an SPS dominated reef tank and thus I embarked on a few steps which were firsts for me namely: 1) Use RO/DI water exclusively 2) Utilize a probiotic method religiously (I began with Prodibio but eventually switched to the Fauna Marin Ultralith system) 3) Slow stocking of fishes (one fish every 2-3 weeks) and enforcing a limit on the number of fishes I intended to keep in my tank 4) Use dead rock for rock scaping as live rocks are filled with pests and unwanted algae It’s been almost 15 months since my tank was up and running and I am glad that things have been relatively smooth with the occasional algae break-out notwithstanding. Tank specifications Salinity: 1.025 Temperature: 25-27 degrees celcius Ph: Unknown Calcium – 400 Alkalinity– 7.5-8.0 Magnesium – Unknown Tank: Hardware Skimmer: Skimz SM251 Mechanical filtration: Filter sock Dosing pump: Kamoer Chiller: Drop-in titanium coil with 1 HP Daikin air-con compressor Biopellet / reactor: None Chemical filtration: Activated Carbon Main return pump: Eheim 1262 Wave maker: Tunze Turbulle 6125, Tunze Turbulle 6155, Vortech MP40wES Others Equipments : ATI Sunpower 6X39W + DE retrofit T5 2X39W Lighting period : 4 bulbs on for 9.5 hours, 4 bulbs on for 4.5 hours
  9. We are proud to featured this quarter Tank of the Quarter ( TOTQ ) winner . Wilson aka (wilsontantw) beautiful SPS dominated reef tank to be be showcase . We had a hard time on the selection for this quarter since there is so many beautiful tank on sight recently, but we hope to be able to featured all of these member tank one by one. Congratulation again to Wilson ! Theme of your wining tank - The 5ive Brief Introduction of your history of setting up your tank Evolution of The 5ive My reefing experience began in 2003 with the typical 2-feet “Luo Han” tank with overhead filter (OHF). Without sufficient knowledge nor the ability to invest in the right equipment from this first foray, the tank didn’t do too well, so I took a sabbatical from reefing. Fast Forward to 2008, my passion was reignited when I found a very new (nine months old) resale 30”x24”x24” tank from the Forum’s Pasar Malam section (Bro SunnyMau). Soon, the addiction grew stronger and stronger, and before I knew it, I was running 2x 2feet tanks side by side, both fully stocked with SPS. Finally in Aug 2011, my application for a new tank to my ‘Home Affairs Minister’ was approved, and after two months of preparation and production, The 5ive was delivered on 24 October 2011. With advice from the reefing gurus and help from fellow reefers in scaping and coral selections, The 5ive began to take shape very quickly; coralline algae can be seen from second month. It is now about a year old and livestock have settled down and growing without many new additions for the past six months. You can find out more about the setup The 5ive - tank specifications The Main Display Tank measures 60”x24”x22” (LxBXH), customised with 2 panels of Clear Crystal Glass. It also comes with an External Over Flow (EOF) box. Main tank water overflows to the under-tank sump via two over-sized 40mm PVC downpipes that come with 40mm union valves to handle 10,000L/hr water turnover. The overall volume of Main and sump tanks is around 196Gallons, or slightly over 740Litres of water. The Cabinet is also customised to ensure sufficient workspace and access area to accommodate a dedicated electrical ‘panel’. This allows me to DIY a neat and systematic wiring of all the countless equipment required to “automate” the operations of the tank. On the reverse side of the same panel, I got some ‘hangars’ from Daiso and this optimises the storage area for quick access to frequently used tools/equipment, such as scissors/torch light.
  10. Get a chance to win yourself one set of the latest Reef Angel Controller ( Basic package ) Worth $ 498.00 !! The winner of the next SRC TOTQ ( Tank Of The Quarter ) for the period of Sept ~ Nov 2012 will be awarded this latest gadget proudly sponsored by Reef Angel Singapore . So start updating your tank thread now . Contest Period : 01th Aug 2012 till 31th Aug 2012 Thanks again to Reef Angel Singapore for the support ! ** Winning prizes will be delivered by RA Singapore, which include setting up .
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