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Found 10 results

  1. Congratulation to this Tank of the Quarter winner - Johnson2288 aka Johnson Cheng gorgeous mixed reef tank setup !!! Center View Left Side View Right Side View Brief Introduction of your history of setting up your tank I'm really honored to be nominated the TOTQ winner for this quarter.Would like to take this opportunity to thank SG Reef Club (Larry and Moderator Team) for giving me the chance to share my experience with all the marine kakis out there. Timeline 1998- Decided to purchase a full set of 4.5x2.5x2.5ft tank and equipment. Tot
  2. SRC is proud to fatured this quarter TOTQ winner - Kylve beautiful Mixed reef tank. Introduction It all started when my BIL tempted me into this hobby with 1 pair of nemo ( clownfish ) with live rock in a simple 1ft tank. Within 2 weeks, I started to fall in love with this wonderful hobby and got another 2ft tank, keeping zoas . After less than 5 month, found my current tank being too small, and it so happen that a reefer is decommissioning his tank, and wanted to give away his 5 ft tank that landed me into my current 5ft setup. I Started my new tank keeping zoas and prata
  3. SRC is proud to showcase this quarter TOTQ winner ezman aka Paul simple and beautiful nano reef tank. This is just another proof that with proper knowledge and patient, a successful mixed reef tank for a nano tank with bare minimum equipment is deem possible. Ezman Nano Mix Reef Tank I am someone who loves fishes since young and I was a freshwater monsterfish keepers for more than a decade. I have a cousin who was a reefer and used to have a beautiful 6 footer mixed reef. Whenever I goes to his house during CNY, I will get stuck in front of this tank for
  4. This month, we are featuring our new winner for the Tank of the Quarter !! Mengyang_neo aka Gary has been awarded as the winner. Congratulation to gary for wining , and Kudos to him again for the passion and dedication toward this hobby ! Title : My Dream Tank Brief Introduction of your history of setting up your tank It all started in 2007 when my bro in law decom and pass me his full set of 4x2x2.5ft tank and equipment, as it is a new hobby to me; I paid a lot of fee and earn it the hard way. Starting with a LPS tank, then when I enlisted, I changed it to a FOWLR. It is really very
  5. We are proud to showcase this quarter TOTQ winner - Tofubox beautiful SPS tank setup !! Congratulation .. Good day! My name is Jarrett, but I go commonly by the nick of tofubox. I would like to thank SRC for nominating my tank, and allowing me to share my passion for marine tanks with everyone here. I’ve been reefing for about 5 years now, starting off with Soft corals, LPS, Fowlr, Nano, and finally down to SPS corals in this 125 gallon tank. Throughout this hobby, I’ve went through plenty of ups and downs, both good and frustrating moments, but nonetheless I’ve enjoyed every mom
  6. SRC is proud to fatured this quarter TOTQ winner - Raymondteo beautiful SPS reef tank. Brief Introduction of your history of setting up your tank To start off, I would like to thank Singapore Reef Club for the chance to share my passion here, my name is Raymond, I live in Woodlands. My adventure with reef keeping started about 1 year and 10 months ago when I was moving to a new house, its all about childhood dream, therefore; a colorful marine tank has to be featured as part of the interior designs for my new home. And in two months, my first & ever reef tank
  7. We are pleased to share with you this quarter TOTQ winner - Weiloong Tank specifications Salinity: 1.026 Tank Size : 3 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft Temperature: 25.5 Ph: 8 ~8.3 Calcium - 460 Alkalinity– 8 ~ 8.3 Magnesium – 1420 Tank: Hardware Skimmer: Deltec AP600 Mechanical filtration: Filter foam with basket Dosing pump: Bubble Magus Chiller: Arctica 1/4HP Biopellet / reactor: TLF 150 Chemical filtration: Rowaphos , Rowacarbon. Bio pellet Main return pump: Eheim 1264 Wave maker: WP40 and Tunze 6025 Others Equipments : Red starfis
  8. We are proud to featured this quarter Tank of the Quarter ( TOTQ ) winner . Honkit beautiful SPS dominated reef tank to be be showcase . Congratulation to Hon Kit !!! Theme of your wining tank : Hon Kit’s SPS dominant reef tank Brief Introduction of your history of setting up your tank I am honoured to be choosen as the latest TOTQ winner and it is with joy and thankfulness that I am writing this. My reefing roots sprouted almost a decade ago in 2003 when after watching Finding Nemo the movie, I was inspired to set up a saltwater tank in my home. It w
  9. We are proud to featured this quarter Tank of the Quarter ( TOTQ ) winner . Wilson aka (wilsontantw) beautiful SPS dominated reef tank to be be showcase . We had a hard time on the selection for this quarter since there is so many beautiful tank on sight recently, but we hope to be able to featured all of these member tank one by one. Congratulation again to Wilson ! Theme of your wining tank - The 5ive Brief Introduction of your history of setting up your tank Evolution of The 5ive My reefing experience began in 2003 with the typical 2-feet “Luo Han” tank with overhead filter (OHF).
  10. Get a chance to win yourself one set of the latest Reef Angel Controller ( Basic package ) Worth $ 498.00 !! The winner of the next SRC TOTQ ( Tank Of The Quarter ) for the period of Sept ~ Nov 2012 will be awarded this latest gadget proudly sponsored by Reef Angel Singapore . So start updating your tank thread now . Contest Period : 01th Aug 2012 till 31th Aug 2012 Thanks again to Reef Angel Singapore for the support ! ** Winning prizes will be delivered by RA Singapore, which include setting up .
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