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Found 12 results

  1. Decommissioning my 5ft tank! Quality items in great condition. - Bubble Magus Insump Skimmer Curve 7 ( 3 mnths old ) | Skims like a champ | $200 - 4Ft Maxspect r420r 300w | Cond 8/10 due to stubborn stand rail. The stand can still be adjusted with a bit of pushing | $300 - Live and dead rocks; mix of large, medium and small pieces. Able to fill up at 5ft tank with plenty of excesses. At least 6 salt bucket worth of rocks. | $100 - Live Sand; Mix of Caribsea Bahamas oolite & Special grade reef sand. Approximately 45kg of it but have not measured. Fills a 5ft to an even 1inch depth | $100 - Live sand + Live/dead rocks | $160 - Refractometer | Well taken care of, cleaned with fresh water after every use | $20 - Instant Ocean Hydrometer | Well taken care of, cleaned with fresh water after every use | $10 * Free Bucket worth of coral chips with any purchase above $100 * * Delivery to your location at my convenience for purchases above $160 * Pm me or please whatsapp me at 9653 8710 if you are interested. Thanks!
  2. I Decom my 5x2.5x2.5 tank i've listed all my equips for sale below. 1. Mars Aqua LED 3 set with free sets of LED for custom mod. Price 400 SGD Comes with Original Box and packaging. Free extra LED for Modding. 2. Hailea HC1000b 1 HP Chiller (Comes with Original Box) . Price 350 SGD 3. Bubble Magus Curve 9. Price 150 SGD 4. Skimz SideA FR (Comes with Small pump) . Price 80 SGD 5. Skimz BR100 Biopellet Reactor. Price 80 SGD 6. Misc Stuff 6a. Reef Kalk (1/2)= 5 SGD 6b. Rowa Plus (1/2) = 10 SGD 6c. Alkalinity Test kit (exp 10/2019) = 10 SGD 6d. Calcium Test Kit (exp 10/2019) = 10 SGD 6e. Reef Roids (Full) = 15 SGD 6f. Dupla EEze (Full) = 15 SGD 6g. Reefmax part F Supplement (3/4) = 10 SGD 6h. Skimz Socks holder = 5 SGD 6i. Refractometer = 10 SGD 6j. TDS Meter = 10 SGD Tank is 5x2.5x2.5 Feet with 12mm glasspanel and euro bracing. Overflow to the sump tank is at the corner. If anyone is interested please whatsapp me for further info. Also have a couple of dry rocks bleach and sun dried and a couple of pounds of sand which ill be posting it soon after i took some photos. If interested please whatsapp me @ 85223044.
  3. Hi all, I have old bm cr for sale. Used for 2 yrs. circulating pump is cranky but still working. Comes with media, rowalith w, 3/4 filled. Letting go at $60. Pls pm me if u r keen, collection near admiralty place at woodlands ave 6.
  4. Bubble Magus BM-T01 dosing pump + pump bracket + tubing holder + dosing solution container, all for $150 Less the dosing pump, everything is this set is new n unused. Bubble magus glass cleaner/algae scraper brand new, unused but box is damaged due to storage. $30 Eheim compact 600 pump, used $20 collection in the east
  5. I am selling off my bubble magus Curve 9 for $200. It is used for less than 6 months. Protein skimmer cleaned up. Can put in tank and start straight away. Collection at Punggol.
  6. I bought the following items (most are with photos) at various times of my freshwater and marine aquarium hobby and feel that I should try to get rid of them now to make space at home and to get back some money to buy new stuff. If any of the buyers want some Chaetomorpha algae, I can give them out in palm size bunches while stocks last. The collection point is most weekdays (Mon-Fri) at Hougang MRT/Hougang Mall after 8 pm. Please pm me if you are keen and we can work out the collection arrangment. Let's start with the second hand items. The original prices are in brackets and the prices I am letting them go are after that. I cannot guarantee that all these items are in 100% perfect condition though and they probably need some soaking to get rid of the coralline algae encrusted on them. (1) Bubble Magus Q3 protein skimmer used for 10 months ($160) - $100 (2) TUNZE DOC skimmer 9004 used for 3 months ($179) - $140 The rest are all new items that I have not used before and are still in their boxes and/or wrappers (some are with their original price tags too). If you take more than 4 items, I am willing to give a 10% discount on the items purchased. (3) Ocean Free Z-1000 Air Pump - $7.80 (4) Ada Submersible Pump WA-700 - $14 (5) Boyu FS-602 Cooling Fan - $24 (6) Sunsun Vibration Pump JVP-101 - $37.80 (7) SEIO M820 (3,200 ltr/hr) Super Flow Pump - $47.60 (8) JBJ Ocean Pulse Duo Wavemaker WM-01 - $48 (9) Hailea HX-6830 Immersible Pump - $48.50 (10) Eden 128 Centrifugal Pump - $59 (11) Cherry Aqua - iNano LED light - $189 Thanks everyone!
  7. Hi reefers, Any1 here experienced 1 of the entire pump head disengaged by itself separate from the shaft during operation. Once tis happen, the entire mixtures inside container will suck till dry. Thus, end up entire mixtures into your sump @ instance. Mine super hi Mg now. Wat cld b the possible cause? Good Day!
  8. Would like to trade Bubble Magus NA 3.5 Protein skimmer with an Tunze 9002 Protein Skimmer (Internal) Basically want to trade this with an Internal Protein Skimmer but prefer the above mentioned model. PM me if you have other suitable Internal Skimmers, i will trade if i like them. FYI: My Setup is 3x2x2 FOWLR Reason for Trade : Bought it wrongly from a reefer bro, i do not have a sump tank. Thank you.
  9. Currently, I am running these 2 skimmers and would like to upgrade to 1 bigger skimmer. 1. Red Sea Prizm - $100 Purchased this first hand in April 2013 http://www.redseafish.com/index.aspx?id=4387 2. Bubble Magus NAC - QQ - $30 Purchased this 2nd hand in July 2013 Note: missing sand cover and mount screw. This is how it should look like. Collection at Woodlands. Apologize for the poorly taken pictures.
  10. WTS 2 months old (Running for used less then 2 weeks) Still under warranty. Bubble Magus E3 needlewheel protein skimmer (Hang External skimmer ) for $110 Nett. Capability : 100L-300L(25G-80G) Pump:SP1000(needlewheel) Pump power: 8W, 220V 50Hz /110V 60Hz air intake : 300L/H Dimensions:240*130*470mm ( 9.44" * 5.11" * 18.5 ") This Skimmer can hang on NANO OF 34L Setup, JBJ 24G or 28G etc. Kindly PM me to deal. Collection Bt Batok. )
  11. letting go my dosing unit (very good condition) - with its original box and accessories - and 1-2kg of calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and magnesium chloride - my dosing bottles if you want $250 collection at tampines, fcfs basis do pm me if interested
  12. main tank: rimless 60 x 30 x 36cm, 3 sided crystal glass with blue oyama background (ada 60p size) cabinet: piano white finish, front door cabinet. sump tank: 18" x 10" x 17" custom glass sump split into 2 compartments drainage to sump: diy twin pipe overflow lights: diy 4 x 24w T5HO fixture, running 2 ATI blue plus, 1 ATI purple plus, and 1 ATI actinic wave movement: vortech mp10 skimmer: reef octopus ext-160 dosing: bubble magus bm-t01 reactors: unknown brand fr running rowa and carbon chiller: arctica 1/15hp return: aquabee 3000 other stuff: test kits, dosing solutions, pest dips etc looking for ~$1500 do let me know if you're interested, thanks
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