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Found 12 results

  1. UFO Chalice $100 each UFO Chalice $80 each Orange Yuma L : $28 Orange Yuma M : $38 Hammer N : $58 Tropic Thunder Monti I : $18 J : $38 K Pink torch : $38 God Of Armour Zoa $15 God Of Armour Zoa $20 (Bottom Left Big Piece) Self Collection Woodlands WA 81380138 Thank you.
  2. Hi, Some Frags for sale. UFO Chalice A : Covering all side of Frag plug $100 B : $70 UC Frags A:$25 B: $35 C: $45 Collection Woodlands WA: 81380138 Thank you
  3. 1 ) GMK - 8 poly (1st pic with the zoas open up and 2nd pic, semi open to see the poly) Selling $500 2 ) UFO chalice - around plam size $380 3 ) branching golden hammer - 1 head $50 4 ) lepto - $20 5 ) purple stag -$15 6 ) red stag $15 Collection at sengkang. Thanks for viewing.
  4. Purple chalice coral about 6 inch diameter Looking for trade with sps. Watsapp for pics. 986867zero6
  5. Hi everyone, I have the following corals for sale. Collection: Fernvale Lane Whatsapp: 9338 5671 1. Chalices. Top two at $50 per frag. Bottom two at $30 per frag. 2. Aussie acans. The left two are from the same colony; the right four are from the same colony. FCFS, no reservation/selection of frags over whatsapp/phone etc. $80 per frag. $150 for the above mini colony. 3. Krakatoa, $90 (One frag only). Priority will be given to those who are able to collect tomorrow (19 Jul) any time before 12pm (lights turn on at 9am) or 4.30pm onwards (lights out at 1030pm). Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I have the following frags for sale: Collection at Fernvale Lane whatsapp at 9338 5671 1. Aussie Rainbow Acans @$80/frag (4 frags available as shown in picture, FCFS the early bird gets to choose). 2. Vitamin C Chalice @$30/frag (2 frags available): 3. Chalice, no ID @$35 (one frag only): Actual Frag Mother Colony: 4. Uncommon Miniature Branch Hammer, three heads for $70: Top view: Side View: Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, I have the following for sale: 1. Aussie Ultra Green Splatter hammer (head and stem both green) One big head @$50 (two frags to choose from): Two small heads @$50 too (one frag only); 2. Water melon chalices (eye is bi-Colour green and yellow): Colony @$60 Another pic to show that the edge has a green rim: More Chalices: 3. Rainbow chalices: @$40 @$30 4. Metallic Green chalices @$20 (two frags to choose from): 5. Bubble yuma @$15 (one frag): Picture of the Mother: 6. Blue sympodium @$20 (medium) , $10 (small), picture of a medium frag as follows: 7. Exotic blue mushroom @$30 (1 frag): 8. Orange yuma @$25 (1 frag): 9. Luminous green star polyp: @$5 left; @$7 right whatsapp @ 9338 5671 collection @ Fernvale Lane, thanks!
  8. Being in reefing years without my own thread, but it is the earliest when I realized it is late. Here we go! Was starting with an 2x1x1 tank for “Mixed” reef, which means I had no idea what I am doing, but shopping at LFS and Mixed everything together. I still recall I followed the golden rules at that time to change water every week, but never checked SG level or big 3 parameter when I use NSW or ready salt mix from LFS…. It only seems to be on track when I started keeping SPS, I invested Chiller, Dosing pump, rodi…. And got a 1.5 cube for SPS only, which were great success with Maxspect G2 light, and Algae scrubber, but whole tank gone after a chiller pump failure, and it became a tank of “hot coral soup”. It was very sad. Meanwhile, I had upgraded to a RSM130 (2x1.5x1.8ft), but, I have no sump tank, but 2 empty canisters used as external pump to feed FR and Chiller. Till today this setup still there and doing great, but soon will be taken down, as my new tanks are up. Just to keep some pic of my previous hero tanks. 1.5ft cube:2 year ago 2ft RSM130: 2 year ago 1 year ago
  9. Hi all time to let go my beloved collection.. All to clear.. PM if interested in anything. Collection at sengkang
  10. Hi have the following for sales.. 1.)$35 2.)$25 3.)$20 4.)$30 5.)$30 6.)$40 7.)$20 8.)1 poly $20 9.)15-20 ploy $20 10.) 20-25 ploy $20 11.) chalice turquoise with orange mouth, around hand size. $50 12.)$30 13.)$10 14.)$10 Collection at sengkang (anchorvale link) FCFS unless I know you
  11. Dear all, I'm letting go the following frag: A) Red Acan - $65 B ) Bi-colour Acan - $45 C) Tri-colour Acan - $50 D) Aussie Chalice - $40 E) King Midas Zoas around 12 polyps - $35 F) Fruit Loop around 11 polyps - $60 G ) Chromis Blue Zoa (around 4-5 polyps) - $60 Interested parties, please pm me for details. Collection place at Tiong Bahru Area. Thanks
  12. Hi all, Letting go the following frags: a) Montipora Setosa Size 1"p plus - $35 b ) Hammer Luminous green tip with 2 heads - $20 c) Aussie Acan Red colour with white stripe around 8-9 heads @ $120 d) Green Stag Size 4" plus with multiple branches @$25 e) Tuq Birdnest size szie 3" plus with multiple branches @$20 f) Purple Valida frag 4" plus with mulitple branches @$30 g) Sunflower Zoas around 5-6 polyps @$20 h) Chalice - red base with golden eyes size 2" plus @ $60 Interested parties, pls pm me for details. Collection at Tiong Bahru Area. Thanks
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